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Wreck This Mess / Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

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21 April 2008 // 17.00-19.00
the poor man comes and he can’t get a shout
the rich man comes in his brand new car
bought on credit from a leasing house
the con men come and try to have us over
selling us shares that we already own
accountants came and juggled with the numbers
that’s how they became two thieves and a liar
* Gary Clail
Two Thieves and a Liar > Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System [1]
In the Lobby / Stagflation > Red Shadow [2]
Happy Shopper > Audio Active [3]
Commodity Fetishism > Red Shadow [2]
Privatise the Air 1 > Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System [1]
Palmares > Filastine [4]
Hunger > Red Shadow [2]
Know Your Rights > Clash [5]
What We All Want > Gang of 4 [6]
Free Market Election Day > Red Shadow [2]
The Election Pt. 2 > Andy Fairley [7]
Splinter Faction Delight > Filastine [4]
Bullets for Ballots > Marcos Fernandes [8]
Capital It Fails Us Now > Gang of 4 [6]
Money Jungle > Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington & Max Roach [9]
Dark are the Days > Marxman [10]
Understanding Marx > Red Shadow [2]
Judas Goat > Filastine [4]
High Ideals Live > Mark Stewart & the Maffia [11]
Final Enclosure > Hakim Bey [12]
Lucre / The Last Redoubt > Filastine [4]
Listen to the Words > Red Shadow [2]
Daddy, You’ve Been Played > Red Shadow [2]
Rem Blues > Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington & Max Roach [9]
Ten Commandments > The Fugs [13]
Crescent Occupation > Filastine [4]
Labor is Value > Red Shadow [2]
Autology > Filastine [4]
Caca Rock > The Fugs [13]
He’d Send in the Army > Gang of 4 [13]
5:45 > Gang of 4 [14]
Boca de Ouro > Filastine [4]
No Money No Love > The Mighty Sparrow w/ Byron Lee & the Dragonaires [15]          
o Just some kick-ass semi-annual political anger foisted into the collective audio unconscious. Getting angry in a creative way is just an alternate yoga sometimes. “This Land is Your Land” ended up in the Top 10 all-time American heritage songs. Does that mean people just like the tune and ignore the Socialist lyrics or that they actually believe in the sentiments? Are people merely proud of it because it is such a worldwide famous song? Do Americans understand the message? Do they realize it speaks to the very things they have come to ignore – robber barons and middle class victimsŠ and still they vote against their best interests and vote Republican [or Democrat] and find 3rd party candidates annoying, confusing, upsetting the applecartŠ Stay tuned. As more and more of the world’s airwaves are bought up by Murdoch and Clear Channel and digital radio is owned mostly by 2 or 3 giants and more and more of our visual horizons are blocked by billboards controlled by 2 [US] companies and some 75% of the films shown in Europe are Hollywood fare we notice that Gary Clail was right – the airwaves all around are controlled by big money. Gang of 4: do they still sound as incredible as when I saw them live in 1982? Not really but some of their songs still instill a notion that song can affect our future. Red Shadow is like Jerry Rubin doing hiphop with Spinal TapŠ Filastine is a kind of sly and agile update of the Mark Stewart noise-dub-sample as social critique strategy. The Fugs rule, down with rulers.

o As Tuli Kupferberg said: Don’t vote, it only encourages them. The sentiment’s importance has not changed as McCain is right about only one thing: Obama is no savior. And to extrapolate: a nation that looks to a savior to solve its problems [preferably painlessly, without sacrifice, let’s say magically] is in deep dung indeed. Obama = pro-death penalty, pro restriction of abortion rights, pro-business AND he is trying to torpedo all Bush impeachment efforts by Kucinich and others. The list could go on altho there are many bright points in the Obama stand on various issues, it should be made clear that his sympathies lie with the status quo, do not rock the boat, decorum and when that is the case you have politics as usual… And the only critique on Obama [as this year’s lib model] is overwhelmingly from the right and for all the wrong things. And, as always, the straight media shuts out misgivings of the left [except moderate paul krugman and media-designated fringe-left loon Kucinich. Painted as crazy so you can with full justification and impugnity ignore him [and others]].


Meanwhile, Nader altho still accurate is just an old bitter egomaniacal ex-candidate and MCCAIN DOESN’T KNOW HOW MANY HOMES HE OWNS. Seven apparently.

o I am really sorry I did not get to see this great documentary called “The Fight”, which documents the boxing match between Max Schmeling [as supposed embodiment of Nazi prowess and the superiority of the Aryan race] and Joe Louis [American, fighting for a nation that ironically considered him just as inferior as the Nazis. But he was American or at least somewhat]. Joe Louis beat Schmeling in 2 minutes in Yankee Stadium. Some see that as the beginning of WWII. It was considered the most politically charged match of all-time: a Nazi vs a Black man. But the documentary, or so the article in the VPRO Gids notes, that Schmelling was not at all a Nazi and Schmeling was not really considered an American. Jews were already being rounded up, Austria had already been annexed. Meanwhile Schmeling rose from German champ to European to world champ in the 1930s. He was strongly encouraged to join the Nazi party and fire his Jewish-American manager. They wanted him to divorce his beautiful Czech filmstar wife whom  they considered an inferior Slav. Schmeling politely ignored all of these pleas. Schmeling defeated Louis in 1936 to defend his title and went unwittingly some way toward proving Nazi racial theories correct. Nazis called it a victory for the Aryan race. By 1938 Louis was champ and Schmeling challenged him to a rematch. FDR said: “Joe, America needs your muscles to defeat Germany. Louis, as 2nd-class citizen had no problem with Schmeling. Schmeling later said he was glad he lost, saying: “If I’d won, the Nazis would have given me a gold medal.” That same year, Schmeling offered shelter to the 2 sons of a Jewish friend. After the war, Schmeling was a successful businessman and became good friends with Louis who had fallen upon hard financial times. Schmeling offered him financial assistanceŠ This story is important not only for its human interest but also for what the media preferred to tell us about both of the fighters – inaccuracies in the name of the bigger picture. Anyway, when I was young I liked to wander around alone through fields and along railroad tracks and at night I would dream about precisely these types of dramatic and heroic situations with me in the lead role. Over and over I dreamed of these kinds of Nazi vs allied situations where I would do something honorable and heroic and only later be recognized for my actions. This was the haunting feeling I had when I read the above story: like history had dreamed up a dream that fed my dreams…

[1] End of the Century Party on On-U Sound.
[2] Red Shadow, The Economics Rock & Roll Band on Physical World. Marx fronts Spinal Tap.
[3] Pay It All Back on On-U Sound.
[4] Burn It on Jarring Effects.
[5] Combat Rock on Epic. “You have the right to free speech / As long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try…”
[6] Another Day / Another Dollar on Warner Brothers. “Could I be happy with something else / I need something to fill my time…”
[7] System Vertigo on On-U Sound.
[8] Frontier Life on Accretions.
[9] Money Jungle on Blue Note.
[10] 33 Revolutions per Minute on Talkin’ Loud.
[11] Learning to Cope with Cowardice on On-U Sound.
[12] Word Dub Manifesto on Jarring Effects.
[13] Solid Gold on Warner Brothers.
[14] Entertainment on Warner Brothers. “Were they born to lie in state / Defend the ever stagnant great?”
[15] Sparrow Meets the Dragon on SpaLee/Trojan vinyl.

o Why do some school killings or mass murders or serial killers receive more media coverage than others. Kent State got probably 100 times as much coverage as Jackson State, when cops killed students on both campuses during anti-Vietnam War protests. Why has Columbine received so much more coverage than similar incidents? More eventually on that.



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