WTM #1016: That Melting Conundrum

Wreck This Mess / Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam ~ 
21 April 2008 // 17.00-19.00 <http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>
“The overseer had the right to get ill / And if you fought back, the overseer had the right to kill / the officer has the right to arrest / And if you fight back they put a hole in your chest”
o KRS-One, Sound of the Police
“Democracy is supposed to give you the feeling of choice, like Painkiller X and Painkiller Y.
But they’re both just aspirin.”
o Gore Vidal
Provo 2 > Arklight [1]
+ The USA > Alistair Cooke [2]
Popcorn Poppin Mama > Frank Marvin [3]
Provo 3 > Arklight [1]
Ourobooros > Kyron [4]
Sun of Mud > 3 Johns [5]
Rifleman > Death Comet Crew [6]
Rota > Kyron [4]
America > Death Comet Crew [6]
Tympani > Kyron [4]
Merry At Their Toil (Class War) > 3 Johns [5]
Assiss > Kyron [4]
Oklahoma,  Land of the Sunny West > Frank Marvin [3]
Second Class Sleeper > Filastine [7]
Dreams from Wounded Mouth > Filastine [7]
Liquor > Lizzy Mercier Descloux [8]
Florence > Tan Guay Depart [9]
Kleine Jodeljongen > Manke Nelis [10]
Sandokai > Simon Wickham Smith [9]
+ Alcatraz > Alistair Cooke [2]
Je Suis ne au Milieu de la Mer > Alan Stivell [11]
Antiphony > Kenneth Gaburo [12]
Crystals > David van Tieghem [13]
Utomljonnoje > OMFO [14]
Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus > Late Night Lowry [15]
Confidente de la Nuit > Lizzy Mercier Descloux [8]
I’m Gonna Yodel My Way to heaven > Frank Marvin [3]   
[1] Provo on Liquor Store & Lab. Looking more like classmates of Dino, Desi, and Billy, they are actually more a genetic experiment of what happens when you produce a Sonic Youth [emphasis on youth AND sonic] record in an Ex style [and have listened to lots of no wave punk funk] with the dubious offspring of Albert Ayler behind the sound board.
[2] Talk About America on Pye vinyl.
[3] The Golden Age of Frank Marvin on Cattle.
[4] Sonic Mandalas on Black Note.
[5] Atom Drum Bop: Rock n’ roll versus Thaatchiism on Abstract vinyl.
[6] This is Riphop on Troublemanunlimited. Punk meets hiphop in a historical playground.
[7] Burn It on Jarring Effects.
[8] Zulu Rock on Ze.
[9] The Kin Kindness of Beforehand on Pogus.
[10] Manke Nelis on Twaalf Provincien. Manke means lame or injured and he doesn’t yodel either.
[11] Reflets on Fontana.
[12] Lingua II on Pogus.
[13] Safety in Numbers on Private Music.
[14] We Are The Shepherds on Essay. Great stuff from German Popov, Our Man in Odessa.
[15] The Midnight Blue on Polydor vinyl.
o I lost one of my most loyal and ardent reader/listeners with my last post because of my criticism or suspicions of Obama. She had cvlearly decided he was the answer and did not need any bloody facts to mess up the dream. That’s ok to have that dream [I have a dream and all that] BUT when one realizes how self-conscious and how hyper-aware one is of actually “falling” for the hope out of a sense of hopelessness, well, then we instantly head into territory where honest analysis is replaced by belief. o I note that whenever there is a cartoonish president there arises a massive amount of satirical creative material [songs, illustrations, stand-up satire] devoted to lampooning an ever easily lampoonable head of state. So prevalent are the satires and cynical songs that you begin to suspect them as just being trendy pieces of anti-war antiwhatever piffle. This happened during the reign of Reagan. He was a cartoon, a parody of himself thus a huge broadsideable target for all sorts of great and less-great songs devoted to bashing Reagan. Then came the ever-more complex Bush Sr. and then the Democrat [as soon as yr a demo your somewhat immune from lampoons (except of course if you get a blow-job from a mallrat in the ovary office)] Clinton meant a paucity of lampoons and parodies and critique from musicians and punk bands that only arose again with the immensely lampoonable Bush Jr. Ridiculousness leading to easy and safe critique – he’s a buffoon, an idiot and let me show you why. But if Obama gets elected there will again be an unspoken ban on him as a target of critique because 1. He’s a demopublican as opposed to republicrat; 2. He’s articulate and fairly intelligent; 3. He’s black, which will mean any criticism will have to pass thru the racism card litmus test. That he will earn a grace period is only just but that he will basically be immune from criticism from the liberal side is pretty much a given. The hard left will have to show its true colors by not shying away from criticism when style befogs the general populace away from substance.  
o I came to radio in the latter years of the reign of Reagan [remember, Americans voted him among the top 3 presidents of ALL TIME!! So is the electorate trustworthy. I doubt it.]    o Another issue that will be addressed in the future is the one that deals with the general populace and their culpability in the election of criminals, rascals, et al. You hear no end to the whining of the ordinary citizen about the politicians. In a way, people get the leaders they deserve: 1, because they vote for them; 2. They are a reflection of society’s morality; 3. Politicians are rewarded for their crimes by the electorate; 4. At least some politicians are idealistic and their corruptibility is at least somewhat attributable to the human spirit and that they are often no more corrupt than their constituents is seldom addressed by a populist-based media who depend on advertising / profits on appearing populist and with the voters. Dumb-downisms are all the rage in the push for profits. More later.    

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