WTM: #1018: Dubious Closet Yodel Aerobics

Wreck This Mess / Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam ~ 
26 mei 2008 // 17.00-19.00
“Every worker should feel like a servant collectively, but like a king individually.”
• Tomas Baťa, controversial founder of Bata shoes, and idealist-pragmatist socialist-capitalist worker towns
“We on the left, those who should be out there fighting for universal health care and total and immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, sit like lap dogs on the short leashes of our Democratic (read corporate) masters. We yap now and then, but we have forgotten how to snarl and bite. We have been domesticated. And until we punish the two main parties the way big corporations do, by withdrawing support and funding when our issues are ignored, we will remain irrelevant and impotent. I detest Bill O’Reilly, but he is right on one thing—we liberals are a spineless lot.”
• Chris Hedges Curb Your Enthusiasm for Obama


Ke Pris > Trio Burgler – Rickenbacher [1]
This Bloke Came Up To Me > Derek & Clive [2]
William Tell Overture 1 > Pierino Gamba & The London Symphony Orchestra [3]
Dr Pieper > Schwyzerorgelduo Iten-Grab [1]
William Tell Overture 2 > Pierino Gamba & The London Symphony Orchestra [3]
Le Patre > Andreany [4]
Luschtig Gahts im Adler-Stubi > Trio Burgler [1]
The Long Slow Slide > Randy Erwin [5]
In the Alps act 1 > Richard Ayres, Barbara Hannigan & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble [6]
Wij Komen van de Bergen > De Migras [7]
Cambodian Yodel > Sinn Sisamouth [8]
Bergli im Trueb > Doppelbock + Christine Lauterburg [9]
In the Alps Interlude & Act 2 > Richard Ayres, Barbara Hannigan & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble [6]
Cuckoo Waltz > Harry Torrani [10]
The Yodeling Whistler > Ronnie Ronalde [11]
Echo Alpenlied > Olga Lowina [12]
Le Cou Cou de ma Grand Mere > Andreany [4]
Dudelsackjodler > Bairisch Diatonischern Jodel-Wahnsinn [13]
In the Alps Act 2a > Richard Ayres, Barbara Hannigan & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble [6]
Malle Vent, Ja > Toby Rix [14]
Jodelende Fluiter > Bobbejaan Schoepen [15]
In the Alps Interlude 2 Act 3 > Richard Ayres, Barbara Hannigan & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble [6]
Postillon Jodler > Maria Hellwig [16]
Living in the Mountains > Frank Marvin [17]
Swiss Washerwoman > Edelweiss Stars [18]
Rosemarie > Toby Rix [14]
Das Kufsteiner Lied > Gwangju Enzian Jodel Club [19]
Java Tyrolienne > Andreany [4]
This Bloke Came Up To Me > Derek & Clive [2]
Schnaps Bonus > Edelweiss [20]
[1] Traktor III on CSR / Schwing.
[2] So fuggin hilarious that you fugging laugh yourself till you shed your itchy fuggin skin so that your fuggin bones rattle like a fuggin drummer ensemble in a 1977 Chevy Vega.
[3] William Tell Overture on Decca 45.
[4] Le Roi de la Tyrolienne on trianon vinyl. Thanks for the insanity and amazing French yodeling 10-in Sifichi!
[5] Brilliant Czech-Tex yodeler. Collaborated with Brave Combo, was the yodeling voice of Alameda Slim in Disney’s Home on the Range and also yodeled in the David Byrne film True Stories.
[6] In the Alps, Richard Ayres comical opera dedicated to Alpine culture and all of its cliches, featuring the yodeling of Canadian soprano Barbara Hannigan who manages to encapsulate the entire history of the evolution of vocalization/yodeling in her coming of age/awareness yodel that ranges from animalistic utterances to scat to plain out yodeling. Debuted in the Netherlands in 2008.
[7] In Kufstein Daar heb ik het Jodelen Geleerd on Telstar 45.
[8] Thanks Daisy Montana. Check her yodel blog at http://wordpress.com/tag/yodel/ >
[9] Obio! On Narreschiff
[10] Yodelling To You on Cattle. Brilliant unfairly obscure eccentric British yodeler. The Klaus Nomi of his day?
[11] Renowned British-Aussie bird-whistler and yodeler.
[12] Hoog op de Alpen on Karussell.
[13] Aus tiefster Brust on Lawine.
[14] Is Toby Rix the Soupy Sales or the Spike Jones of the Netherlands?
[15] Bobbejaan Schoepen on dureco vinyl.
[16] Tiroler Avond on Telstar double vinyl.
[17] The Golden Age of Frank Marvin on Cattle.
[18] The Edelweiss Stars on Cuca vinyl.
[19] Korea’s Best Yodel on Heidiland.
[20] Edelweiss: A Sound Attack Straight From the Alps on GiG vinyl.
The world of music is not going well although it is going incredibly well. More people than ever are making music and putting out music. The problem is the multi-divide between producers and distributors, musicians and listeners, musicians and record companies, time/energy/desire to listen. I hate to say it there are just too many people putting out music via easier and easier and more democratic channels like YouTube. YouTube is great BUT it also lets down one less filter of the not-worth-listening to. More and more the proliferation of sound is feeling like harassment like inundation like a burden. More and more friends I know have stopped listening to new music altogether. This may be a function of age, of lack of time and the fact that hormones change how we feel music, how we relate to it as self-identifying exploration.
I know others who now just listen to ‘dead’ music, music that is no longer threatening to expand its oeuvre thus comprehensible, let’s say post war jazz into the 1970s. Others have become chauvinists who claim that music was better in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s. That people were more real, direct, engaged, real, genuine… But for every time I agree I have to also disagree.
There is plenty of great music out there but the Tower of Babel that is the internet does not offer easy ways to make sense of it. Despite what we like to pretend we DO like to name genres and categorize music and that has become increasingly difficult with music crossing over [stealing/pilfering from other genres?].
Another strange phenomenon is the fact that there are more and more KINDS of music, mixed-hybrid genres, pure old style genres and yet the top 40[s] have become increasingly narrow and blind and ghettoized. So the phenomenon you had in the 60s [the heyday of top 40s] you could be exposed to ramsey lewis [jazz], hugh msekela, james brown, bubblegum, instrumental, easy listening, pop rock, long hair heavy rock, metal, hippie psychedelic and this meant discussion, dialogue with styles and people representing these styles and tastes. Today each of these and many more has their own chart and if you want you never have to come into contact with dreaded other musics.
I hear so much great music in my radiomaking experiences that the older grumplestiltskins just need to be corrected but just as much the young need to be taught a thing or 2 about context, history [not that this should confine, restrict their own discoveries] so that they don’t go around deluding themselves [puffery] that they have reinvented the wheel or the wawah or the vocorder sound or dance music or … There is just too much money to be made [and lost] and too many hearts that are being broken in this game for anybody to really care.
MTV doesn’t even show music videos anymore in Europe. It is all low-brow reality shows — some of which are indeed interesting peeks into modern [American] lifestyles of the young. The prognosis [maybe not of young musicians] for the young is not good. The music that mtv used to show is taken up here by TMF, the competitor that mtv bought several years ago. At least that shows some local videos periodically but again all within the pattern of new soul, hiphop, top 40 boys bands, surfacy dance, bad fake longhair pop rock. If it falls outside that it mostly has no place on air. So the youth-consumer mafia has pretty much taken over so that jazz, classical, new electronica, dub, electro dub, difficult noise, but even goth, old ska, punk, old rock and roll is not being shown anywhere on tv and so actually YouTube [and others] is an excellent low-ad-exposure, way to see interesting music.
This I have taken to doing with my daughter. It is literally a rhizomic, search-tree, dérive through musical history. My daughter Paloma is 8 and into High School Musical. And upon seeing/hearing the movie I was struck by how much certain songs reminded me of other music especially Michael Jackson. But via HSM we discovered MJ but also James Brown, but also girls just wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper and Walk Like an Egyptian and others that I thought she might like based on what she was listening to in HSM and elsewhere. And altho I am very wrong sometimes: she doesn’t like the Slits… I am right often and now she gets to YouTube and we talk about the connections between searches, a musicological wandering in other words.
More later on this subject once I straighten out my thoughts so they come across clear in a bullet-list fashion.
More links and stuff as I get the hang of this.

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