WTM #1019: Seized by Sonic Misreadings

Wreck This Mess / Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam ~ 
2 juni 2008 // 17.00-19.00
“where else can you go grab some ammo, pick up a Ruger 10/22 for less than $120, a Leupold scope for less than $200, a six pack of Guinness, get your oil changed, grab a pack of underwear, sample snacks, get a fishing license, have your pictures developed in less than an hour, review popular brands of HDTV flatscreens, get tax software, and grab a pack of Chiclets?”
• Satisfied Wal-Mart Shopper
The Sallie House 1 > Michael Esposito + FM Einheit [1]
Rebel Rouser [Hazelwood] > Sam Horn & Orchestra
The Sallie House 2 > Michael Esposito + FM Einheit [1]
Cheval Vapeur > Lena & the Floating Roots Orchestra [3]
Stars on 45 > Stars on 45 [4]
Ghost Wax > Lena & the Floating Roots Orchestra [3]
Walz 2 > Gregory Buettner [5]
Mr. Sandman > Les Paul & Mary Ford [6]
Walz 3 > Gregory Buettner [5]
Signs 1 > Ton Bruynel & Arditto Quartet [6a]
+ Engels / English Lesson [intrusions] > Sunderland
Out of Sync > Lena & the Floating Roots Orchestra [3]
Suite des Montagnes > Alan Stivell [7]
Crossroad > Lena & the Floating Roots Orchestra [3]
Mission Impossible > Randy’s All-Stars [8]
La Plinthe 6 > Mathias Delplanque [9]
+ To Continue > Jean Derome et les Dangerex Zhoms [10]
La Plinthe 7 > Mathias Delplanque [9]
Corcovado > Late Night Lowry [11]
Saragosse > Mathias Delplanque [12]
Rord > Marja-leena Sillanpaa [13]
Signs 2 > Ton Bruynel & Arditto Quartet [6a]
Eller Hur > Marja-leena Sillanpaa [13]
Seems Like It’s Always Like This > Mathias Delplanque [12]
Sla / Ensam > Marja-leena Sillanpaa [13]
Ecrase Sous Les Pieres > Mathias Delplanque [12]
A Dear John Letter > Jean Shepherd [14]
Outhardiig > Marja-leena Sillanpaa [13]
Le Corridor > Mathias Delplanque [12]
Buona Sera > Louis Prima [14]
Jag ar Framme > Marja-leena Sillanpaa [13]
Timtal > Marja-leena Sillanpaa [13]
Inte > Marja-leena Sillanpaa [13]
Le Pont Mirabeau > Apollinaire [15]
Trains dans le Banlieu Ouest [Queneau] > Les Poemiens [16]
Paloma > La Perfecta [17]
 [1] The Sallie House on Firework Editions. Voices from the beyond emerge from a psychotropic séance of open minds and a goop of electronic divining.
[2] Backed with Stupid Cupid on 45 on Bell records. Great cover.
[3] Lost Wax on Plush
[4] Single on CNR, Dutch production. The world of late 60s pop inside a frenetic jumping bean. In an ADHD stylee.
[5] Walze 1-8 on Firework Editions.
[6] Magical timeless light pop ditty on some Best of album.
[6a] Signs for Windquintet & Two Soundtracks. Self-produced and realized in an oversized book/folio form that presents a visualization of the music in abstract and representational collage format to go beyond standard notated music.
[7] Reflets on Fontana vinyl. He is male and he plays harp.
[8] 17 North Parade on Pressure Sounds vinyl.
[9] La Plinthe on Optical Sound.
[10] To Continue on Ambiances Magnetiques.
[11] The Midnight Blue on Polydor vinyl. Queasy listening.
[12] Le Pavilion Temoin on
[13] H&H O&A N&N on Firework Editions.
[14] 40 Million Sellers on Capitol vinyl.
[15] Alcools 1912.
[16] Les Poemiens.
[17] Paloma on Perfect vinyl.

Investigations of the paranormal in an American house, combined with trans-genre electro dub with speculative tails and trails, a soup of hyper-amphetaminated pop, strange non-waltzes, the harp beckoning sprites and forgotten misgivings, early London dub, underwhelming sounds that swell into mnemosis, counter-jazz, subtle ditties that lead nowhere, comedy from another world, surrealism as orated by Apollinaire himself, Louis Prima, the hipster cool poesie trio from the early 60s, les Poemiens and a weird piece of Paloma vinyl.

“You know, to me Wal-Mart is a lot like George W. Bush. It’s not that I’m that big a fan in the abstract, really, it’s just that the viciousness and stupidity revealed in its enemies tends to make me view it more favorably than I otherwise would. I shop there on occasion and it’s because they have cheap ammo and I don’t have to carry a dumb little card to get the best price. Actually, the card isn’t to get the best price, it’s just to get a competitive price. And where else can you go grab some ammo, pick up a Ruger 10/22 for less than $120, a Leupold scope for less than $200, a six pack of Guinness, get your oil changed, grab a pack of underwear, sample snacks, get a fishing license, have your pictures developed in less than an hour, review popular brands of HDTV flatscreens, get tax software, and grab a pack of Chiclets?”

• Glenn Reynolds on <http://www.saysuncle.com/archives/2006/01/27/wal-mart_quotes/&gt;

I have been holding onto this newspaper clipping for 6 months Volkkrant 27 March 2008, page 7 “Lidl weet precies hoe vaak de caissiere plast’] now thinking i could incorporate it into one of my playlists. In NL there is a chain of German supermarkets with super low prices [although the dress-down, cans displayed on the top of cardboard boxes and a feeling of reverse luxury may give one the impression that you are saving tons by coming here when in fact the differences are not so great]. This supermarket chain is owned by one brother and the Aldi discount supers is owned by another brother. They don’t like each other and both are low life white collar scum. They sell whatever to whomever: tey have questionable producers or food products from questionable regions using questionable additives made under questionable work conditions. this is what i try to tell people we know who shop there. They prefer the savings to consciousness although none are evil or cheap or that poor. There is something else at work here bt I am not sure it is describable.

It reminds me of my father. Just before he died we used to have these discussions about shopping at Wal-Mart. He was of the basic [simplistic] belief that one almost had a duty to shop there to make everyone else’s prices more honest and affordable. We won’t go into Wal-Mart here but the crazy thing was he was willing to drive 30 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart to save a couple of dollars. Figure what your time is worth, gasoline use, wear and tear on your car, environmental damage and your savings are pretty much negated by the costs of getting there. Somthing similar happens in our Amsterdam case. We have several friends who take a [borrowed] car to do a week’s bargain food shopping at the Lidl. Which not only takes time, gas, its a bit out of the way, the products themselves are not as healthy and thus the few cents savings are lost in the loss of nutrition or whatever. There’s an equation in there somewhere.

All this aside: they pay thei workers the worst wages of any super market chain in NL and – as noted in this article – the employers and managers keep tabs on their employees [mirroring Wal-Mart gestapo slave labor tactcs] – they are being watched and listened, they are under constant surveillance, the outcome and fruition of years of geeral employer surveillance science to maximize profits. The German weekly STERN notes that they even gather dossiers on their employees in what they call “the theft of workers’ rights.”

The dossiers nclude details on how long and often employees go to the bathroom, what they talk about with fellow workers and how they treat customers. They are also interested in love affairs between fellow employees and how this might have a negative impact on their performance.

This is not the first time Lidl [and Aldi] have been cited for bad working conditions. Three years ago there were enough stories to put together in a thick black book of complaints. It seems they engage and promote slash-and-burn agriculture in efforts to bring lower prices, overtime wasn’t being paid, bathroom visits were considered earned privileges that were fought over on a daily level by the employees. It has since changed many of its ways in a social awareness publicity drive: they sell some fair trade and bio products, sell Greenpeace magazine. Lidl employs 80,000 people with stores in almost EVERY European country.


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