WTM 1021: This Bloke Came Up To Me

Wreck This Mess / Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam ~


16 juni 2008 // 17.00-19.00
The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity – much less dissent.
They’d privatize your assholes if they could get away with it!
• Ed Sanders, 2007
Malcolm X correctly referred to these Republicans and Democrats as “wolves and foxes.” Indeed, they are the joined-at-the-hip “Republicrats,” the corporate/military surrogates of the 21st Century.
• Larry Pinckney
This Bloke Came Up To Me > Derek & Clive [1]
Lost Luggage > Deadbeat [2]
La Plinthe 1 > Mathias Delplanque [3]
Evil Dub > TrentMoller [4]
Gutted > Burial [5]
Piijptsjilling1 > Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra [6]
Terrapin > Bonobo [7]
O&a > Marja-leena Sillapää & Helena Öhman-McCardle [8]
Piijptsjilling2 > Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra [6]
N&n > Marja-leena Sillapää & Patrik Boman [8]
Fred is Dead > Tone Deaf Junkies [9]
Vibration Ruling the Nation > Liquid Stranger [10]
Guns in the Ghetto > Broadway [11]
Piijptsjilling3 > Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra [6]
Confusion > Liquid Stranger [10]
Piijptsjilling4 > Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra [6]
Dub Vapor > Empire Sound [12]
Piijptsjilling5 > Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra [6]
Track > Armour [13]
Lucre & The Last Redoubt > Filastine [14]
Trash Talkers > Ben Sharpe + rato [9]
Pirate Days > Culture [15]
Night Lights > Broadway [11]
Reggae Sounds > Linton Kwesi Johnson [15a]
Trans-Europe Express > Senor Coconut [16]
Donkey Rattle > Felix Laband [9]
Piijptsjilling5 > Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra [6]
Pini Pini > Arto.Neto [17]
Jihad on the Dance Floor > Markus Wormstorm [9]
This Bloke Came Up To Me > Derek & Clive [1]
[1] Live,  Island Masters, 1976 came with a WARNING: THIS DISC CONTAINS LANGUAGE OF AN EXPLICIT NATURE THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE & SHOULD NOT BE PLAYED IN THE PRESENCE OF MINORS. “Their method is basically a stream of unconsciousness, a mixture of Dylan Thomas and Mae West, with overtones of Goethe. At a time when British influence is declining throughout the world, Derek and Clive represent welcome evidence of what this great country could be. They are a ray of hope on a darkening horizon. Their philosophy is both an inspiration to youth and hope for the senile.”
DEREK: I’ll tell you, the other day some bloke came up to me and …..
CLIVE: What, Tony Newley?
DEREK: No, no, I don’t know who it was, and he said, “You cunt”.
CLIVE: Yeah.
DEREK: I said, “What?” He said, “You cunt”.
CLIVE: Yeah. And you replied, “You fucking cunt”.
DEREK: I said-, I-, no, well, not straight away, I said, “You cunt”.
CLIVE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, …..
DEREK: And then he said …..
CLIVE:  ….. what’d he come back with?
DEREK: He come back. He says-, he said, “You fucking cunt”. I said, “You calling me ….. ”
CLIVE: You’re joking! He said, “You fucking cunt”?
DEREK: He-, yeah, he said, “You call me a cunt, you fucking c-?” I said, “You f-“, I said, “You fucking cunt”.
CLIVE: I should hope so, “you fucking cunt”.
DEREK: I s-, I said, “You fucking cunt”, I said, “You fucking come here and call me a fucking cunt”.
CLIVE: I should say so.
DEREK: I said, “You f-“, I said, “You cunt”. I said, “You fucking cunt”. I said, “Who you fucking calling ‘cunt’, cunt?”
CLIVE: Yeah, what did he say, cunt?
DEREK: He said, “You fucking cunt!”
CLIVE: Well, you fucking cunt, who are you to say to him that he was a fucking cunt?
DEREK: Well, what d’you fu-, what d’you fucking think, mate, I fucking de-, defending my fucking self, weren’t I?
CLIVE: Well, no, he come up to you, call you “cunt”, …..
DEREK: Yeah!
CLIVE: ….. that’s fair enough, what he said, “you fucking cunt”, and you said back to him, “you fucking fucking cunt”.
DEREK: I sa-, well, …..
CLIVE: Well, what do you expect him to say back apart from, “You fucking stupid fucking cunt!”
DEREK: Well, I don’t-, I don’t expect nothing, do I?
DEREK: But the f-, the cunt come back with, “you fucking cunt”, cunt.
CLIVE: Well, Christ, …..
DEREK: I said, “You cunt?” I said, “You calling me a fucking cunt …..
CLIVE: Yeah.
DEREK: ….. You fucking-“, I said, “You fucking cunt”.
CLIVE: Jesus Christ, yeah.
DEREK: I said, “You-“, I said, “You, you fucking cunt”.
CLIVE: Yeah, what-
DEREK: I said, like that.
CLIVE: You said it like that, did you, …..
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: ….. to him, …..
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: ….. or was he gone by then?
DEREK: No, he fucking hit me. Fu-
CLIVE: Hit you, did he?
DEREK: Yeah, fucking cunt.
CLIVE: Killed you dead, did he?
DEREK: Nah, he-, he fucking hit me. I said, I said, …..
CLIVE: Yeah, well, you can’t blame him, can you?
DEREK: I said, “You, you rotter”.
CLIVE: Yeah.
DEREK: And he-, he went off.
CLIVE: Did he?
DEREK: And he said, “You cunt” again.
CLIVE: Well, ‘t’s the only way to deal with him, ‘init?
DEREK: Yeah, well, I-, I showed him, didn’t I?
CLIVE: Yeah, well, you had to, didn’t you? You had to stand up for what you stood for, didn’t you? I mean, the only time I remember a similar occasion was, I was in, errm, I was at Spurs, Tottenham Hotspurs.
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: I was watching a game against Arsenal, and this bloke come up to me and said, “Hello”.
DEREK: Oh no …..
CLIVE: And I thought, “Christ!”
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE:  You know, this bloke comes up to me, says “hello”, …..
DEREK: Provocative fucker.
CLIVE: ….. fucking provocative.
CLIVE: I said, “What d’you mean, ‘hello’?” And, do you know what he came back with?
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: He said, erm, “I just meant, ‘hello'” I said, “Hur hur, I can sussed you out …..
DEREK: Yeah, right.
CLIVE: ….. right, for a starter, …..
DEREK: Yeah, right.
CLIVE: ….. ‘ere, get this in the bollocks for a start!” So I kicked him right in the balls, he fell to the floor, and as he fell to the floor he said, “Euuughh!” I said, “Don’t you ‘Euuughh’ me, mate!”
DEREK: I-, yeah, like he comes in with ‘hello’ and then goes out with ‘euuughh’.
CLIVE: Yeah, I said, “Don’t you ‘Euuughh’ me, mate!” and I kicked his fucking teeth in!
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: Then he went, “Aaaghh!”, and I said, “Fucking hell! …..
DEREK: I said, “This is fucking too much”, eh?
CLIVE: ….. Don’t you fucking ‘Aaaghh’ me!”
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: And I really kicked his ear in, you know.
DEREK: Yeah, yeah.
CLIVE: Bunged him right in the ear with the left boot.
DEREK: Yeah.
CLIVE: And, d’you know he still had the audacity to come out with, “Hugh-eugh-ugh-eugh-ugh I’m dying!” Well, what could I say to that? I just walked away. I left the situation. I wasn’t going to be, you know, put upon in that way.
DEREK: You weren’t going to be dictacted to, were you?
CLIVE: Well, no, why should I be dictated to?
DEREK: No, exactly, no.
CLIVE: By some cunt who says ‘euuughh!’
DEREK: Yeah, preceding it with ‘hello’!
CLIVE: Yeah. ‘Hello’ was the worst thing, that’s what got me going.
DEREK: Fucking cunt, yeah, what a cunt.
CLIVE: What a cunt, eh?
[2] Journeyman’s Annual, ~scape. Great post-dub-glitch. One of my faves of 2008. Thanx Black Sifichi / Laurent WTM-Paris.
[3] La Plinthe, Optical Sound April 2008
[4] The Last Resort, Poker Flat, 2006.
[5] Burial, Hyperdub, 2006.
[6] Piijptsjilling on Onamatopee 016. Frisian poetics plus cold machines rumble across the crusty frozen Frisian freezing landscape.
[7] Animal Magic, True Thoughts, 2001.
[8] Trilogi/Trilogy on Firework, 2008.
[9] Capetown Beats on Jarring Effects, 2008.
[10] The Invisible Conquest, Phantom Sound & Vision, 2007.
[11] Enter the Automaton on Jarring Effects, 2008.
[12] New [Dub] Excursion, Sounds Around, 2007.
[13] Non-Obscure Unknowable Dubstep courtesy of Grrrt-Jan, 2007.
[14] Burn It, Jarring Effects, 2007.
[15] Two Sevens Clash: The 30th Anniversary Edition on Shanachie.com.
[15a] Bass Culture on Island vinyl.
[16] El Baile Aleman: a Tribute to Kraftwerk, New State, 2008.
[17] NY No Wave, Ze, 2005.
–> How do progressives, leftists even, deal with the fact that ‘their’ candidate/savior is PRO-Death Penalty. This must be unprecedented! Progressive and yet supporting one of America’s most embarassing legal aspects – to be among a group of states that the US has described as rogue states. Obama is FOR the death penalty EVEN after his state’s governor commuted the sentences of all on death row because of research by Northwestern U. [I think] students who discovered that some 200 [?] people who had already died were done so unjustly. The Republican governor made a moral stand and paid the price. Americans will not stand for a moral stand that reveals nothing but wimpiness. I wonder if all these Christians [Obama?] would ever find Jesus putting someone to death? To me it is immoral and corrupts the entire wash basin where they all try to wash their hands of issues like this.
I heard that Obama supporter Spike Lee was wearing a big Obama tee shirt and is a big supporter. Isn’t he the same mediocre filmmaker and dusty thinker who would claim that the death penalty is basically at least slanted, probably racist in how it is applied… Then don’t bother with Obama’s timid approach to the drugs industry/lobby and overhauling medical care, his stance on abortion is difficult, siding with sympathy for anti-abortionists and saying he would look into banning late-term abortions, his stance on the military is expansion and more money and muscle.
NCADP [anti death penalty) notes that Obama is pro-death penalty but he is also pro-let’s not execute the wrong guy: “Five years later, Obama waded into a complex capital-punishment debate after a number of exonerations persuaded then-Gov. George Ryan (R) to empty death row. Obama wrote in his recent memoir that he thinks the death penalty “does little to deter crime.” But he supports capital punishment in cases “so heinous, so beyond the pale, that the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage by meting out the ultimate punishment.”XX–> I don’t need to be opposed to McCain – he was a one the scoundrels among the “Keating Five” in the 80s S&L scandal! – because his negatives are so obvious that it would be like voicing my displeasure with Attila the Hun or Richard Nixon. But Obama is more dangerous because he offers the illusion of hope and offers progressives this instant eeling of superiority regarding their candidate’s qualifications. In the increasing financial/housing/mortgage crisis, less and less is said by either candidate because it is not in their interest to be involved delivering bad news especially if Americans can in anyway convert this into feeling like they are being persecuted for their own buying behaviour. It won’t surprise too may that McCain is in bed with the worst of the offenders in this mortgage crisis and receives mucho funding from the greedy elite and their lobbyists. But less well known is the fact that Obama is the second-largest receiver of donations from the banking mortgage lenders Fannie/Freddy Mae’s employees and Political Action Committees. He had earlier renigged on his promise to not accept PAC money and  has himself been a rare critic of these films over the years. He has lots of links to the elite at these organizations, less than McCain but ereceives plenty of money from vps and directors and employees at these places. He received the second most funding from the two firms’ employees and PACs in the entire Congress. He voted FOR the Patriot Act in 2006 and is against flag desecration on public property. Although, admitted he is prety liberal, especially considering the general mood of the US populace the last decade or two.
Goose-stepping Behind Barack Obama [exc.] by  Larry Pinckney
As amply demonstrated by Germany and Italy of the 1930s, there is absolutely nothing new about a substantively uninformed, and highly manipulated electorate, euphorically and uncritically lining up lock-step behind a political figure offering  dangerously superficial, media sound-bite rhetoric which indefinably calls for “change.” The consequences of falling prey to such superficiality are dangerous and immense.
“The largely consolidated U.S. corporate media in the 21st Century continues overwhelmingly to actively attempt to diminish and/or outright ignore the enormous potential and importance of third parties on the American political landscape, including the Reconstruction Party, the Green Party, and the Peace and Freedom Party, etc. Heaven forbid that the American people collectively, Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, and White come to realize that the Democrat and Republican Parties represent anything but real systemic change. And of course fundamental, clearly defined, systemic change is exactly what the people of the U.S. so desperately need.
This is not lost upon the U.S. corporate media, which is precisely why said media promotes Barack Obama, and others, who representsuperficial, feel-good change, which really means window dressing change [i.e. no change at all for the vast majority of people]. Such so-called change is akin to telling a terminally ill patient that if he or she simply feels good about themselves, their illness will not kill them. “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down…” The American people don’t need a “spoon full of sugar;” we need a completely changed diet consisting of systemic change that does not serve the interests of corporations and their military partners. In a nation that allegedly represents the bastion of democracy, it is the height of absurdity and hypocrisy that its peoples are fed a constant corporate diet consisting of there being only two (joined-at-the-hip) so-called “major” political parties, whose only insignificant differences are rhetorical – and whether or not to economically, politically, and socially suffocate the people quickly [i.e. the Republicans] or a little slower [i.e. the Democrats].  Malcolm X correctly referred to these Republicans and Democrats as “wolves and foxes.” Indeed, they are the joined-at-the-hip “Republicrats,” the corporate/military surrogates of the 21st Century.
It is appropriate at this juncture to reiterate my written comments in this column of February 7, 2008:
“We need to be about the business of thinking and acting outside the box and building political parties that are outside the box, parties that serve the economic, social, and political interests of the masses of people. This is precisely why the candidacy of former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney for President and the Power To The People Coalition is of such enormous importance for the present and for the future. This coalition is all about collectively laying the foundation forsystemic change – which is the only way that we can enjoyreal change.”
Not only do both the Democrat and Republican Parties, in reality, oppose the economic, political, and social interests and needs of the vast majority of people in the U.S. and around the world – neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are seriously exposing, addressing, and fundamentally changing and correcting the enormously flawed and corrupted electoral voting system in this nation. Despite the rhetoric of so-called “change,” it still remains all about de facto voterdisenfranchisement as real and large scale voter enfranchisement does not serve the interests of big corporations and their military partners, which in turn does not serve the interests of the Democrats or Republicans. These are not the actions of a democracy but of a republicracy. It continues to be all about the Democrats and Republicans rhetorically saying one thing while doing quite another.
Resigning one’s self to voting for the so-called “lesser of the two evils” plays right into calculated corporate hands of media manipulations and the disempowering Democrat and Republican Parties. By the same token, euphorically goose-stepping behind the candidacy of Barack Obama, or any other Democrat or Republican, is tantamount to choosing death by hanging as opposed to death by firing squad. This is not exercising a choice. It is dangerous and ridiculous non-choice, especially in America – the so-called bastion of democracy. Whatever the rhetorical difference in their code words [e.g. terms such as “US interests,” “US security interests,” “US world leadership,” “democracy,” etc.], Barack Obama, and his Democrat and Republican Party counterparts, (with their big corporate donors and advisors) all adhere to the notion of U.S. military and corporate hegemony…  We must remember that, as in the case of the ongoing “Hurricane Katrina” U.S. federal and state government debacle – we ultimately do to ourselves what we do to the world. We must organize outside of (the Democrat and Republican Party death) box. We must consciously and consistently build third political parties throughout the United States. We must struggle and build locally, regionally, and nationally, building third party coalitions wherever possible and appropriate to the needs of the people, collectively. This is about collective hard work – not some corporatelybrokered and cloned echo of misplaced “hope” and superficial “change.” This is about us – all of us as people – not as unwitting and helplesspawns of U.S. multinational corporations. As I wrote back in April of 2006, “Perhaps people will stop repeating the human-made catastrophes of the past when we cease being ahistorical and truly learn from history’s lessons. Indeed, after all is said and done, we truly are not helpless in this regard.” [Reference The Boston Globe, April 27, 2006]….
BlackCommentator.com Editorial Board member, Larry Pinkney, is a veteran of the Black Panther Party, the former Minister of Interior of the Republic of New Africa, a former political prisoner and the only American to have successfully self-authored his civil/political rights case to the United Nations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

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