WTM #1023: George Carlin vs Idiots vs Plugged-in Gadgets

Wreck This Mess / Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam ~ 
30 juni 2008 // 17.00-19.00
If you’re pre-born, you’re fine, if you’re pre-schooled, you’re fucked. Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers. Pro-life, these people aren’t pro-life, they’re killing doctors, what kind of pro-life is that? What, they’ll do everything they can do save a fetus, but if it grows up to be a doctor they just might have to kill it?
• George Carlin
Why is it that most of the people who are against abortion are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place? 
• George Carlin
Cicada #5: Version Bohman > If, Bwana [1]
Bad Trip > Bell System Youth Radio [2]
Quaderni > If, Bwana [1]
So they Giveth Unto Him >  God Is Real, Man [2]
Nic ‘N’ Mok > Mok [3]
Quaderni > If, Bwana [1]
The Altered Nixon Speech > Michard Nixon [2]
Quaderni > If, Bwana [1]
Cosmic Tomes For Sleep Walking Lovers – Part I > Exploding Star Orchestra [4]
Quaderni > If, Bwana [1]
Bare Element No Fuss Dub > Mothboy [3]
Vamp > Trentemøller [5]
Mädchen > Pole + Gudrun Gut [6]
The Dream > The Orb [7]
Say It One Time > Ironico Orkestra [8]
Interlude: A Duet > The Pleasures of Love [2]
Passeggiata 1> Ironico Orkestra [8]
Popcorn > Omar Khorshid [2]
Shepherd Disco > OMFO [9]
Fingersnap > Wavy Gravy
Dagistan > OMFO [9]
Drugs > George Carlin [10]
Gutted > Burial [11]
You, Box > Lynn Book [12]
Fete > Bernard Falaise [13]
Sting Ray And The Beginning Of Time – Part IV > Exploding Star Orchestra [14]
Jihad on the Dance Floor > Markus Wormstorm [15]
Nightwalker > Trentemøller [5]

[1] Rex Xhu Ping on Pogus.
[2] Weird wax from Waxidermy. Wavy is Hugh Romney doing his best LSD Lord Buckley.
[3] Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation on Hammerbass.
[4] We Are All From Somewhere Else.
[5] Last Resort
[6]The Steingarten Remixes on ~scape.
[7] The Dream [Japan] on Traffic Inc.
[8] Passeggiata Dei Buddies on Malasartes.
[9] We Are The Shepherds on Djouls.
[10] Fm & Am on Little David vinyl. RIP. He paved the way for ‘us’ to fight idiocy with humor.
[11] Nameste / Adrian Meyers on Hall of Records
[12] Yodeling to beings who might be out there.
[13] Clic on Ambiences Magnetiques.
[14] Obscure Dubstep courtesy of Grrrt-Jan.
[15] Capetown Beats on Jarring Effects.

–> George Carlin was like a relaxed weed-smokin’ version of Lenny Bruce, brash but amiable, and talkin’ our language – when I was a teenager, it was like he was the Beatles or the Sex Pistols to comedy – as the old dutch street radical sign read: Better long hair than short sighted. It’s hard to believe that hair was once one of the most vociferous and treacherous of battlegrounds between us & them, kids and parents… I was sad to hear that Carlin died because I liked that he was irreverent, chancy, poignant and goddamn funny AND he was able to somehow make his way onto straight TV. He pointed out the hypocrisy of straight society at every turn but most famously with his skit: “Seven Words You Can Never Use on Television”. 

–> The press is victim and culpable in the mess people find themselves in today. The press in the US and many Western and nonwestern countries does not report the full news, the hardest of the hard, it is in cahoots with governments and thus despicable. And yet, there are brave journalists, some news orgs that sometimes publish or broadcast news for which they are branded and fall into a syndrome of kill the messenger. It’s amazing, I mean you have to sympathize with reporters. When they report the news [negative!] they get blamed for presenting too much negative news. When they reprot happy stories they are not doing their duty by presenting all this fluff and human interest. The problem with newspapers and reporters and politicians and overpaid sports stars and criminals is that despite what the average joe, jan and jean might say, protest, sputter to the contrary, they are no worse than the average person and sometimes better. Anyway…


Reporters Without Borders announces its third annual worldwide index of press freedom. Such freedom is threatened most in East Asia (with North Korea at the bottom of the entire list at 167th place, followed by Burma 165th, China 162nd, Vietnam 161st and Laos 153rd) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia 159th, Iran 158th, Syria 155th, Iraq 148th).

In these countries, an independent media either does not exist or journalists are persecuted and censored on a daily basis. Freedom of information and the safety of journalists are not guaranteed there. Continuing war has made Iraq the most deadly place on earth for journalists in recent years, with 44 killed there since fighting began in March last year.

The greatest press freedom is found in northern Europe (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, the Netherlands and Norway), which is a haven of peace for journalists. Of the top 20 countries, only three (New Zealand 9th, Trinidad and Tobago 11th and Canada 18th) are outside Europe.

Other small and often impoverished democracies appear high on the list, such as El Salvador (28th) and Costa Rica (35th) in Central America, along with Cape Verde (38th) and Namibia (42nd) in Africa and Timor-Leste (57th) in Asia.

Reporters Without Borders compiled the index by asking its partner organisations (14 freedom of expression organisations in five continents), its 130 correspondents around the world, as well as journalists, researchers, jurists and human rights activists, to answer 52 questions to indicate the state of press freedom in 167 countries (others were not included for lack of information)


NO 1 TIED: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

No 09: New Zealand
No 10: Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago
No 15: Slovenia
No 16: Lithuania
No 17: Austria
No 18: Canada
No 19: Czech Republic, France
No 21: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, United States of America 
No 27: Benin, El Salvador, Hungary, United Kingdom
No 36: Israel 
No 38: Cape Verde
No 39: Italy, Spain
No 41: Australia
No 165-167
Burma, Cuba, North Korea

–> Oct volkskrant [national newspaper here in NL] reports that Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world.  The CPI, the worldwide index about corruption by Transparency International. This was followed by Sweden and New Zealand. The netherlands and Iceland finished tied for 7th place. Somalia ended up last on the list at 180th. Just below Afghanistan, Birma, Iraq and Haiti.
The 2 largest losers were the UK [12th to 16th] and Italy [41 to 55] while the US fell from 18th to 20th as far as corruption stats go.

–> Dr. Dr. Jazz D.D.S. In May!! 2008 wrote: 

Bart,  C. Hedges [Truthdig] articles brings up a problem inherent in the American electoral system.  I already have been less than impressed by Obama’s programs.  Clinton, sometimes better, is not much better and Ihave a lot of problems with her (and her
husband). Nader has had my vote in the past (and maybe again this time).  The Democrats I liked, R, K, and E were out early (defeated as hinted) by the corporate interests.  The problem is this, the system doesn’t really allow for a vote in support of policies
different from the Reps and Dems.  A Vote for Green or Nader or Libertarians is not viewed as a call for the main parties to include the “outsider” view into their platforms.  These votes are viewed as spoilers, weirdos. They are not seen as saying no the system
as it is.  They are marginalized, dismissed and the old stale march toward oblivion is maintained. There is no attempt to seriously look at what is being said by a none republican or democratic vote.  Thus the dilemma:  do you vote your conscience or do you vote
your fears, in this case that McCain would pick Supreme Court Justices, and allow any attempt to place a vote for true change to vanish once again?

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