WTM #1025: Furballs Ruin My Brainchild

Wreck ThiS MeSS ~ Radio Patapoe ~ Amsterdam
Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
18 august 2008 // 17.00-19.00
Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.
 George Carlin
Voice Coil > Carrier Band [1]
The Conversation > Snorkel  [2]
The Fire & Brimstone Preachments > Billy Sunday [3]
Teledubgnosis vs NIC > Teledubgnosis [4]
1938 > Dillworth [5]
The Big It Up Yodel > Igor Dvorkin [6]
Materio > Dufort [7]
In The Family Way > Rusty Warren [8]
Sally Free & Easy > Alan Stivell [9]
The Somewhere Songs 2 > Blue Gene Tyranny vs Thomas Buckner [10]
Unearthed Portals > Arklight [11]
The Somewhere Songs 3 > Blue Gene Tyranny vs Thomas Buckner [10]
The 11 O’Clock News > George Carlin [12]
Opus Spongebobicum 1-6 > Rothkamm [13]
The Somewhere Songs 1 > Blue Gene Tyranny vs Thomas Buckner [10]
Ocean > Nils Bultmann [14]
Officer Bentley’s Fairly Serious Dilemma > Barry Adamson [15]
I’ll Fly Away > The White Sisters [16]
Little Bastard > The Coachmen [17]
Catch Us If You Can > Dave Clark Five [18]
Free Love > Barry Adamson [15]
The Ultra GTO > The Coachmen [17]
Boomerang > Serge Gainsbourg [19]
Can’t You See That She’s Mine > Dave Clark Five [18]
Psychastenie > Serge Gainsbourg [19]
[1] Voice Coil, Deep Listening, 2008.
[2] Glass Darkly, Slowfoot, 2008.
[3] Yesterday’s Voices: The Actual Voices of Many o the World’s Greatest Christian Leaders on Word vinyl.
[4] Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation on Hammerbass
[5] I forget
[6] Weird dance techno yodeling.
[7] Musicworks #101, www.musicworks.ca.
[8] Knockers Up!, Jubilee vinyl. Old fashioned brash, brassy, naughty comedy in a smokey club.
[9] Reflets on Fontana vinyl. He is male and he plays harp.
[10] The Somewhere Songs, MutableMusic, 2008.
[11] Welcome to the NHK Wasteland, Little Furry Things, 2008.
[12] Fm & Am, Little David vinyl. RIP.
[13] Opus Spongebobicum, Flux, 2008.
[14] Terminally Unique, Mutablemusic, 2008.
[15] Stranger On The Sofa, Central Control, 2006.
[16] Old Time Religion, Word vinyl.
[17] Mercy, No Label, 2008.
[18] 25 Thumping Great Hits, Polydor vinyl.
[19] Les Annees Psychedeliques: 1966-1971 on LSD.
Last post-election comments for a while: Today’s Volkskrant [NL], November 6 devoted half of its paper to Obama’s victory. Yesterday it was nearly half as well. We can only hope, as noted, that the US will become as interested in [without strong-arming] European and the rest of the world’s elections. Some punk rockers from Switzerland were complaining that in America they kept confusing them for Swedes and were confused when they were told they were two separate countries… As a for instance. Another: a geography teacher mind you once asked me  about Holland and what I thought of the Belgium part of the Netherlands. He did not know they were separate countries…. The voter turnout seems to have gone through the roof by American standards at 64%. While this may seem OK, you have to realize that compared to Europe as a whole 80% and, say, the Netherlands 87% it is not all that fantastic especially considering how important so many people found this election. The previous election was less than 50%. In general America comes in at 120th when it comes to voter turnout, down with all of the banana republics. There isn’t a developed country even close…
This reminds me of the issue of perspective that when fixated on your own situation you can lose perspective on good and bad, etc. I remember in the late 1980s when the New Jersey Transit train system won the award for the best performing mass transit system in America [I guess] and it’s on-time proudly hovered in at 69-70%. They were ecstatic. In Europe, say, the Netherlands, when these same performance figures fell to 83% people were up in arms about a failing system. It is now up to 87% and people are still not satisfied. So, let us keep a perspective at least… And, ultimately, realize, as George Carlin noted in a comedy skit reminiscent of the best of Lenny Bruce, it doesn’t matter who you vote for because the controls are weilded by people you cannot vote for. And these people don’t give a shit about you and your vote.

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