WTM #1027: Gals Who Yodel ‘n’ Don’t

images-1wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam
Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
1 september 2008 // 17.00-19.00
When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.
• Henny Youngman
Ambiances > Jacques Tati [1]
Inuit Wedding > Sainkho [2]
September Song > Lotte Lenya [3]
Lawinejodel > Christine Lauterburg [4]
Inside > COH [5]
Du Liebe Bueb vom Ämmital > Christine Lauterburg [4]
Swiss, Cowboy or Country > Margo Smith [6]
YooHoo in the Valley > The Cackle Sisters [6a]
She Taught Me To Yodel > Jimmy Lennon [7]
He Taught Me To Yodel > Diane Jewett [7]
He Taught Me To Yodel > Makley Family [7]
He Taught Me To Yodel > Taylor Ware [7]
He Taught Me To Yodel > Korean School Girl [7]
He Taught Me To Yodel > Hazel Marie [7]
He Taught Me To Yodel > Greta Elkin [7]
They Taught Me To Yodel > Janet McBride [8]
Cape San de Lumiere > Olga [9]
Om Ah Sarasvati Namaha (Cosmic Version ) > Magic Carpahtians Project [10]
September Song > Lou Reed [11]
Suzie’s Getting Married > The Cucumbers [12]
Lying > COH [5]
Paradina > Andre Miervielle [13]
Echo From Deep Valley > Ho Lan [14]
Unfolding > Raventones [15]
September Song > Lotte Lenya [3]
Indian Love Call > Ho Lan [14]
Pecado > Mae West [16]
Hawaiian Wedding Song > Ho Lan [14]
Smokin Cigarettes and Drinkin Coffee Blues > Greta Elkin [17]
Shoplifting > Slits [18]
Carpet Flying [yodel] > Snorkel [19]
I Put a Spell on You > Natascha Atlas [20]
Yodelin’ Ghost > Patsy Montana [21]
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate > Rusty Warren [22]
September Song > Lotte Lenya [3]
[1] Music from the Films of Jacques Tati, Philips/Universal, 2007
[2] Rough Guide to Yodel, World Music Network. Shameless self-promotion although I still believe this is a really interesting compilation.
[3] The Lotte Lenya Album, Columbia vinyl.
[4] Aerope, Juzz, 2008
[6]Swiss, Cowboy or Country, Cammeron [autographed copy]. Amazing voice and clarion yodel but gets entangled in sentimental christian stuff for better or worse.
[6a] Don’t ever tell me that humans are not birds. This is definitive proof that girls are indeed birds.
[7] The yodel standard that “everyone” who yodels yodels.
[8] 50 Years of Yodeling on Brookhurst [autographed copy]
[9] I Love Machine, Blue House: <http://www.thebluehouse.org/details.php?id=908>.
[10] Sonic Suicide Ethnonoise #1 on Vivo. Yes there are vocalizations in the Carpathian Mountains of Central and Eastern Europe are a place where yodel-like ululations can be found.
[11] Lost in the Stars on A&M vinyl. September Song comes from Weill’s Knickerbocker Holiday, his first Broadway hit. Lyrics by Maxwell Anderson. “More than any other track, Reed’s ‘September Song’ illustrates the flexibility of Kurt Weill’s music – and the ultimate fallacy of drawing lines between ‘serious’ and ‘light’ music. There is only good and bad msic- and, as Lost in the Stars demonstrates, a lot of the good music in the world was created by Kurt Weill.” Peter Keepnews, liner notes.
[12] The Cucumbers EP vinyl on Fake Doom. An old writing/publishing friend was the bassist.
[13] Very interesting porogressive experimental vocalist. More later.
[14] Echo From Deep Valley, Mandala Studio, 2006 <www.mandalastudio.com>. Excellent Taiwanese yodeler.
[15] ODD BIRDS, Darkwater. Amazing voice-breaker
[16]  The Fabulous Mae West, MCA vinyl.
[17] Country Memories on Sharpe. Ireland’s  Queen of Country Yodel was inducted into the Mid-America Country Music Hall of Fame in 1994.
[18] Cut on Antilles vinyl.
[19] Glass Darkly, Slowfoot, 2008. Some vestigial yodeling samples.
[20] Ayeshteni, Beggars, 2001.
[21] Blazin’ the Trail on Cattle. Ghosts and Jesus and echoes and cattle and yodeling.
[22] Knockers Up! Jubilee vinyl, early 1960s? It is hard to say precisely when and how the really bad shifts spiritually from bad to really good… It hasn’t happened here yet.
Some things that I don’t understand or just act like I do to emphasize my sense of indignity [or bemusement].
When Bush II took office he wasn’t particularly popular. You could never again trust Gore because he never pursued the voting scam in the name of healing the nation. He left democracy out to dry because he didn’t have the guts. Bush became so popular with 9/11 that he had an approval rating of 90% and we of the 10% who didn’t buy the American view on things were called traitors, faggots, french, assholes, radical fuckheads, lefty shitheads and worse. Just when his figs started going down the US invaded Iraq and his ratings went back to 76%. The capture of Saddam [who was then silenced so he could never ever reveal all of the embarrassing things he must have been able to tell about Western leaders] led to another upward blip… But by 2008 Bush had no rabbits left in his hat and by early November 2008 his approval ratings had gone down to 27%, making him one of the lowest rated presidents ever. 67% disapporve and the rest still think Jimmie Carter or Bill Clinton are president.
So support for progressive ideas is limp at best because Bush was very popular when war was declared and it still looked victory was likely. LBJ had the same thing happen. Popular until it looked like he was the reason why the US wasn’t winning. Both went into freefall, losing 40% points of popularity within a few years.
Both commanded unpopular wars, but did those wars become unpopular because the US wasn’t winning? I have nothing against johnny/janey come latelies but where were all these people when people against the initial invasion were being threatened with their lives, their jobs, were called traitors and worse? Better late than never but it might be good for those who came to later at least reflect on how they behaved patriotically/nationalistically/irresponsibly when it could have helped to act bravely and be against the war in 2002. It might do Americans good to admit that a lot of these new anti-war people believed Bush’s
reasons for going to war and scolded those who had doubts.
Despite Bush’s [dis]approval figures and despite what you hear that he was/is the most unpopular president ever – he isn’t. is still better than the lowest number for his father, George H.W. Bush, reached 29 percent in July 1992; Jimmy Carter, dug into a hole of 28 percent in June 1979; Richard Nixon, sat at 24 percent in July 1974; while Truman, who topped the bottom-feeders at to 22 percent in 1952. Besides, what does popularity actually mean? It just means Americans hate a loser. I mean, Reagan was voted the most popular president ever [that’s cuz history is hazy to most] and REALLY, what’s the ideological difference between Bush and Reagan?
The American press and populace were all over  themselves about incredible voter turnouts in the recent elections. Everyone was impressed, even people outside the US; that is because hype had blurred fact. The hype was record turnouts 64% or something like that. Compared to the previous election snore, which was under 50% this was impressive. But looking at voter turnout in the rest of the world you realize that it is not anything near impressive, in fact it is downright depressing. Even with this record turnout the US finishes at no higher than 120th among voting nations in the world. What it means is that media, Hollywood, hype can create any kind of image that the US needs to send out and have it be accepted as the big lie, the small truths/corrections that follow seldom get the same press.
Australia [94.5] leads the world in voting percentage, followed by Singapore and Uzbekistan. But some of the top 10 nations have mandatory voting. Let us see among non-mandatory:
10 Austria 91.3
13 New Zealand 90.8
15 Italy 89.8
16 Luxembourg 89.7
17 Cyprus 89.7
18 Iceland 89.5
19 South Africa 89.3
21 Tajikistan 88.7
22 Guyana 88.5
23 Thailand 88.3
25 Albania 88.0
26 Netherlands 87.5 
27 Sweden 87.1
32 Denmark 85.9
33 Germany 85.4
36 Argentina 84.2
37 Czech Republic 82.8
44 Turkey 81.3
48 Norway 80.4
50 Israel 80.3
64 Brazil 77.8
83 Canada 73.9
84 France 73.8
85 Spain 73.6
109 Japan 69.5
118 Hungary 67.0
119 Dominican Republic 66.6
120 United States of America 66.5 
121 Benin 65.9
169 Mali 21.3
* Many of these are courtesy Black Sifichi & Laurent Panou in Paris.

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