WTM #1035: Strange Other-Worldly Emanations

smiley-dumpsters2 wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
03 November 2008 // 17.00-19.00
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.
• Aesop, Greek slave and fable author
Amselflug [Rudi Knabl] > Hans Schiller Orchestra [1]
Wolf Talk 1 & 2 > Global Journey
Trek 1 > Hans van Koolwijk [3]
Blue 1 [Krems] > Simon Fisher Turner vs. Black Sifichi [4]
Blue 2 [Glasgow] > Simon Fisher Turner vs. Black Sifichi [4]
Credo [2 times] > Gegie Project [6]
+ America is Tyranny > George Carlin [7]
Druk! > Hans van Koolwijk [3]
Weer > Hans van Koolwijk [3]
Religion is Bullshit > George Carlin [8]
Stem op Mij > Asoosjale Orkest [9]
Blue 3 [London] > Simon Fisher Turner vs. Black Sifichi [4]
Land of a Thousand Swirling Asses > Bob Log III [10]
Motor City is Burning > MC5 [11]
Freak Circus > Mark Stewart [12]
[1] En Direct du Tyrol, Pationa vinyl.
[2] Wolf Talk, Global Journey, 2007.
[3] Bambuso Sonoro, Pan, 1999.
[4] A Truly gut-wrenching tale of decline and deterioration of an AIDS patient. Although the text and the music sometimes edge on the pretentious it always comes back to the heart of death. Excellent recitation by the Ken Nordine / Kenneth Rexroth of our era, Black Sifichi. Is an interesting companion piece to the amazingly emotional piece by the dying David Wojnarowicz and Ben Neill called ITSOFOMO.
[5] Lost Wax, Plush, 2008.
[6] Geggie Project, Ambiances Magnetiques, 2008.
[7] Great sand-up comedy stuff.
[8] just listen and watch Carlin.  One of the most convincing arguments against religion I have ever heard including Wilhelm Reich.
[9] ‘t Asoosjale Orkest, Varagram vinyl. The Asocial Orchestra: “I never learned anything from the boys at the factory / from the plodders and the sweaty guys or my neighbors next door / But now I guess I’ll go into politics / And I promise quick answers even when the cows are sick” [loose translation]
[10] School Bus, Fat Possum, 1998. Lofi / nofi / defy.
[11] Kick out the Jams, Warner vinyl, 1971. Detroit isn’t burning, it is just collapsing inside its own mythology and misunderstood consumerism.
[12] EDIT, Crippled Dick Hot Wax, 2008. Top 10 best of 2008.
The news is that the extreme left lives not only in Greece but all over Western Europe and the credit crisis has made their old critique a propos and avant again. Meanwhile, all the bankers are jumping ship along with all o the cheerleaders of unbridled laissez fairism. The myths of capital-stimulated ‘progress’ is a myth that is important to prop up so that the mythmakers can rifle through your pockets while you are praying at the mortgage lender or busy being distracted into buying the next millionaire liar’s book on how he became a millionaire through hard work. People love these stories and of course they DO exist but to not see the hypocritical sardonic ironic surreal and satirical aspect of a guy who was born into millions –Trump – who has already weathered one period of idiocy in the 1980s when he lost big… I mean here is a guy who was handed millions in his youth and in all that time he has never managed to become a billionaire… In fact, he becomes richer only from the fact that he is able to convince poor suckers to buy his book. Secret to becoming a millionaire is in the book – sucker, you just paid for my book, making me even richer. It is like a big merger of a zen koan and an episode of Punked…
The music I find myself listening to [at home/office] is not always obscure or difficult or contrarian; it is mostly music that allows me to go on doing my work on screen – writing, editing, translating. This means music that is not boring, not unduly and sophomorically inclined to outrageous behavior to get my attention. Noise! Wow, how revolutionary to irritate with noise. Anyway, it must also be compelling and in its own way [subliminally?] speak to what I am doing. And this is carried over into a strange mix of relaxing and stimulating, insouciant without being annoying, compelling without having to be overreaching.
Meanwhile, I like reports that dismantle myths about Capital prowess, mostly to do with the US and the West and the need to believe in progress [which is most hysterically evident in companies needing to show not only smart solvency, not only reasonable profits but the entire system seems propelled into not knowing precisely why companies have to show dramatic/unbelieivable profit figures. Why can’t a company simply do well? Because we have had to accept the notion that most of our labour is for naught, useless, counter-productive, boring, and without meaning and thus we need to find our worth in making dramatically extremely good investment decisions and thus we have not only extreme sports, extreme makeovers, extreme sex, extreme binge drinking, extreme cars, extreme wealth and extreme dividends because life has become everything but extreme, compelling and stimulating and this is why discontent is high – life has become an emotional shopping mall – boring. And all capital attempts to jack it up, to jump start the heart with jumper cables attached to new entertainment centers are all just temporary fixes. The US [but also Western Europe and parts of Asia too, but let’s not stop there because clan behavior is back with a vengeance in a world where you are stripped ever more of any dignifying identity only to have multi-nationals try to sell you back a false identity at extreme profits back to you.]
An old report show that the US has a crumbling infrastructure – electronically, sewage, water, electricity, power, transport, whatever. This is because Americans [but not exclusively, mind you] have been taught to live in the short term, immediate gratification was the consumerist expression of living life to the fullest with gusto and that all attempts at being reasonable or even having a savings account was painted as nerdy as anti-impulsive, as lacking thrill and gusto… Anyway, old news about US falling way back in Internet access/availability. Slow ancient dial up access for internet for instance is still common.  In 2001, the US was still 4th in broadband connectivity. By  2006, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Belgium, the UK, Luxembourg, France and Japan had all surpassed America in connectivity. This creates that weird conundrum that perception is the opposite of reality. For Americans but also for foreigners.
As Samson on an internet-tech chat place noted: “I think it might be easier to assume we are behind in almost everything and just list those things we still kick ass at: military spending, divide between the rich and poor, obesity, ignorance, hubris.” To which Symes adds: “Don’t forget incarceration! It’s our #1 industry.” To which Coconuthead added: “high school dropouts, greenhouse gasses, Christ in a cheese sandwich.”  And on the same list, GB noted: “I just go back from Northern Thailand. Their infrastructure (schools, roads, hospitals) are much better than ours in Hawaii. When the 3rd World becomes more attractive than America what does that say?”
* Many of these are courtesy Black Sifichi & Laurent Panou in Paris.

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