WTM #1037: The Resistance Potential of Noise + Irreverence

wrekers1wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographie 
17 November 2008 // 17.00-19.00
The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.
Thomas Szaz
The four most beautiful words in our common language: I told you so. 
• Gore Vidal


Savage Vigilance 3/4 > National Hardwood Floor Association [1]
America is Tyranny > George Carlin [2]


Klep > Hans van Koolwijk [3]
Good Enough Alone > Stars Like Fleas [4]
Savage Vigilance 5 > National Hardwood Floor Association [1]
The Perlious Night > John Cage [5]
Isabel of Lilac > Stars Like Fleas [4]
Reconstruction > Punkt [6]
Requiem for Anna [Gainsbourg] > Portishead [7]
Loss > Punkt [6]
Boomerang 2005 > Gonzales, Feist & Dani [7]
Afraid of Nothing > High Tone [8]
Au Revoir Emmanuelle > Tricky [7]
Lola R. For Ever > Marianne Faithfull vs Sly & Robbie [7]
Subphonic > Ez3kiel [8]
Sting Ray And The Beginning Of Time – III (Psycho-tropic Electric Eel Dream) > Exploding Star Orchestra [9]
+ Bull Session with Big Daddy > Beachboys [10]
Hostess Twinkies > Raymond Scott [11]
Lucky Bugs Win Prizes > Hassle Hound [12]
Lovely Sky Boat > Alice Coltrane [13]
I Wonder (Sleeping Beauty) > Yma Sumac [14]
Friday’s Child > Nancy Sinatra [15]
Hairsay > Babes with Axes [16]
Desasosiego > Fátima Miranda [17]
Paradina > André Minvielle [18]
Goomba Goomba (Lujan Ultramambo Mix) > Yma Sumac [19]
Gender Instro > Sisters [20]
Schticks & Stones > Allan Sherman [21]
One Size Fits All > > Babes with Axes [22]
Average Guy > Jon Lajoie [23]
[1] Savage Vigilance for a Rug-Free America, Electro Motive, 1992
[2] amazing analysis of America’s plight. What you notice when guys and gals get older they get feistier. People like Harold Pinter and Kurt Vonnegut but also Carlin became downright caustic, anarcho-critical in their later work and their public statements.
[3] Bambuso Sonoro OOO O, PAN, 1999. One of my favorites of 2008.
[4] Sun Lights Down on the Fence, Praemedia, 2003?. This one keeps coming back for more.
[5] Complete Music for Prepared Piano, Brilliant, 2006.
[6] Crimes Scenes, Punkt Reordings, 2006. Norwegian improvised experimental ethereal postp-pop. Top 5 for 2008.
[7] Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited, Barclay/Universal, 2006.
[8] Jarring Effects: Home Experience #2, Jarring Effects, 2008.
[9]We Are All From Somewhere Else, Thrill Jockey, 2007.
[10] Beachboys Deluxe Set, Capitol vinyl, 1967.
[11] Manhattan Research, Inc., Basta, 2000. Goofball genius in the realm of a knob-tweekin’ spike Jones.
[12] La Grande Illusion, Staubgold Records, 2007.
[13] Alice Coltrane: The Impulse Story, Impulse/Universal, 2006.
[14] Stay Awake, A&M, 1990.
[15] The Best of Nancy Girl, S*R/Reprise vinyl
[16] W.O.W. Live Babes, BWA, 1995.
[17] Fátima Miranda was born in Salamanca and lives in Madrid. She is a vocal link between the earthly and unearthly, between the physical and speculative worlds beyond reason. Miranda commands a four-octave register and in her gifts and accomplishments is sometimes compared to Meredith Monk or Diamanda Galas. She is a scholar writing on art and is a founding member of the improvisation group Taller de Música Mundana and Flatus Vocis Trío, which is exclusively dedicated to phonetic poetry. As noted on her website, she continues to do research “on the voice and vocal music in traditional musics and this has propelled her to use the voice not only for singing and speaking but also as a wind and percussion instrument built into the body. All of the above constitutes the basis for her own integrated musical language. In 1987-1988 she studied with the japanese singer Yumi Nara and she learnt mongol harmonic singing with Tran Quang Haï. In 1987 she commenced studies of North Indian Classical Music in Dhrupad style with various members of the eminent Dagar family. From 1983 to 1993 she studied bel canto with various professors in order to combine vocal techniques traditionnally considered incompatibles…. Fátima Miranda has collaborated with among others with Llorenç Barber, Robert Ashley, Wolf Vostell, Jean-Claude Eloy, Julio Estrada, Pedro Elías, Bertl Mutter, Rachid Koraichi, Jon Rose, Hans Peter Kuhn, Stéphane Abboud, Werner Durand, Mirella Weingarten and Sacha Waltz.”
[18] French abstract vocalist worth checking out.
[19] Amazing dance / drum&bass remix of this classic Sumac.
[20] Gender Riots, Echo Beach, 2008.
[21] My So, the folksinger, Warner Bros. Vinyl, 1962.
[22] Live Axe, BWA, 1997.
[23] My favorite single of the year by this pumped up Weird Al type who takes the piss out of pop culture on Youtube. This is a great de-macho-fied rap song about how in reality the stuff of those rap songs would sound a lot more humble if he were to write the songs for all these cliched rappers… Check him out.


The genius of our ruling class is that it has kept a majority of the people from ever questioning the inequity of a system where most people drudge along, paying heavy taxes for which they get nothing in return.
• Gore Vidal
Saw three good films on television, which is as far as I come to a cultural event the last 2 months with [too much] work. But in these times I guess too much is just about right compared to none at all.


• Skin is a 2008 Dutch television movie by Hanro Smitsman seemingly about a half-Jewish kid who becomes a skinhead in his search for identity and meaning. Of course, he is riddled with misgivings and identity misapprehension [where kids dealing with relativism, and a lack of identity find radicalization often in pre-heated neo-nazi fashions] and a father he perceives as weak. It is an amazingly taut and engaging film shot mostly in Rotterdam-south and vicinity for that gruesome post-industrial dehumanizing look. made on a budget of under $1 million about the attractions and idiocy of neo-nazi groups, with which 17-year-old Frankie E gets involved, sucked into their camraderie and easy black-white distinctions and “solving” things with violence. Based on a true story dating from 1979. He ends up in some trouble with his cadre when he begins to show some basic human compassion toward his victims. In any case, he can’t shuck the cycle of violence he has found himself in and in the heat of passion in a gang rumble he knifes a Mollucan guy who dies. He is in jail where he comes to the defense of an effeminate prisoner and in the ensuing violence is knifed himself… And the film ends ambiguously.
• The Believer was on TV just two days after Skin and is coincidentally [with no overlap of possible influences] VERY much like Skin although slightly more Hollywood, it avoids a simplistic happy ending and heavy morality lessons usually scooped up with an amazingly big soup ladle. This 2001 American film by Henry Bean had the misfortune of being too ambiguous and… Controversial. In 2008 we read the weird stories of Israeli youth becoming neo-Nazis and going on rampages in Israel. This is the story of a NY Jewish boy who was the brightest student in his yeshiva but challenges the traditions and what he sees as the cock and bull stories, the strange rituals based on superstition that lock Jews into a cultural victim status from which they gain their identity. It stars ryan gosling who is excellent as a Jewish american skinhead. This is also based on a true story. It won a prize at sundance but its controversial subject matter a Jewish boy attracted to Neo-Nazism failed to get a single distributor in the US – long live artistic freedom. He is alienated from his faith and attracted to a group of intellectual fascists who see him as a rising star and as a potential major source of fund raising. But the more he gets involved in his Nazi behavior, crew, manners, and hooliganism, the more he begins to be attracted to elements of his faith or at least the intellectual aspects of it – the questioning, searching, discussing is what he seeks and we see him waver from one extreme to the other, seeing some good at both ends ad seeing some overlap of the two as well. The film does not end well for the non-hero main character. More interesting than American History X and certainly more complex.
• La Tourneuse de Pages is a French film by Denis Dercourt, 2006. It is an incredibly understated thriller about a girl with a promising future as a pianist who during her recital to see who will get into the prestigious music school is distracted by one of the judges who is a famous pianist. During the girl’s recital she is asked to sign her autograph to a photo of herself to a fan whom she obliges DURING the girl’s recital. The little girl loses her concentration, fumbles and loses her chances of getting into the school. She is incredibly upset and decides to immediately and totally withdraw from her life focused on the piano. She locks up the piano at home and gets rid of the key and NEVER plays again. Next scene she is older, a Lolita-ish teen who gets a stage at an office, which handles all of the business and publicity for a famous pianist. She works as a temp and then offers her services as a nanny to the pianist’s family. The pianist is of course the one who had ruined her promising career with her autographing of a photo. Slowly and methodically, meditatively, understatedly, systematically she sets about to get her revenge. It is so subtle that you don’t even realize it is happening until the last 7 minutes of the film when the pianist, her family, her career, her fellow musicians all receive the ill-effects of this girl’s methods of revenge. Taut, subtle, quiet, undertones of lesbianism, jealousy, artistic hypocrisy, elitism… The ending is totally believably unbelievable. And somehow you feel nauseous because you do have sympathy for this calculating Lolita….
• An interesting article in the recent VPPRO Gids [progressive TV Guide] about the Wrekers (who were the subject of Geert Mak’s “in Europa” program), a group of Jewish resistance fighters [or, of course, you could call them terrorists if we go by the US/UK definition, of course, the colonists fighting for independence against the British would be considered terrorists as well especially since the British whined on about how the colonists fought unfairly – refusing to wear bright-colored [easy target] uniforms, blending in behind trees etc…] The fact that everyone here was in the Resistance [a little like the millions who attended Woodstock although certainly more insidious] and that the Dutch police regularly rounded up Jews with a special enthusiasm, while Dutch bankers got rich and are still rich because they came into possession of stolen Jewish art and Dutch realtors managed to take possession of 19,000 of the 20,000 homes owned by Jews is the context for this story – although don’t get me wrong there were plenty who creatively hated/undermined the Nazis in their own small/personal ways… The Wrekers recently had a reunion in Israel. The Wrekers were a group of young Jewish men and women who under the leadership of Abba Kovner – a survivor from the Vilna ghetto – who AFTER the war decided to take the “law” into their own hands and punish surviving Nazis and avenge [wrek in Dutch] the Holocaust by poisoning the drinking water of Munich, berlin, Weimar, Nurenberg and Hamburg. They did not succeeed because Kovner was arrested by the british military tried to smuggle two jerrycans of poison into Germany. While the Wrekers were energetic and sought justice, much of the rest of Europe [but also the US and Canada] at the time hesitated to acknowledge the Jewish grief as if everyone wanted to at least get one thing out of the war, their own dignifying grief as victims themselves, which, of course also cleansed them of responsibility… It was a bit of universal denial on all fronts including major corporations like Krupps, Siemans, IBM, Standard Oil, Ford and many others who all profited from the war…

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