WTM #1038: Reggae Covers The Pink Police Beatles

photo-28wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographie 
PTP: 88.3FM
24 November 2008 // 17.00-19.00
I can put a hip-hop beat to reggae. That is, I can have real reggae in the drums and in the rhythm, and on top of it I can put The Rolling Stones’ feeling, anyone’s feeling on top. Nobody has ever done this before, man. 
• Ike Turner
Time > Corey Harris & Ranking Joe [1]
Walking on the Moon > Dubxanne vs Eased vs Okada [2]
And I Love Her > Byron Lee & The Dragonaires [3]
Je T’Aime > Dub Syndicate [4]
World Without Love > Johnny Arthey Orchestra [3]
The Day John Kennedy Died > Lou Reed [5]
Hey Jude (Instrumental) > The Dynamites [3]
Money > Gary “Nesta” Pine & Dollarman [3]
She’s Lost Control > Grace Jones vs Sly & Robbie [6]
Can’t Stand Losing You Dub > Dubxanne vs Okada [2]
Yesterday (Instrumental) > The Flame All Stars [3]
Any Colour You Like > Easy Star All-Stars [1]
The Bed’s Too Big without Dub > Dubxanne vs Rankin Roger vs Okada [2]
Kung Fu Fighting > Carl Douglas vs Pole [7]
Rainy Night in Georgia > Tony Joe White vs Boozoo Bajou [6]
Brain Damage > Dr. Israel [1]
Message in a Dub > Dubxanne vs Earl 16 vs Okada [2]
Lady Madonna > The Crystalites [3]
Spirits in a Dub World > Dubxanne vs Benjamin Zephaniah vs Okada [2]
Hey Jude > Rico & The Rudies [3]
So Lonely So Dub > Dubxanne vs Big Youth vs Okada [2]
Fly [Short] > Yoko Ono [8]
The Yodelling Whistler (circa 1951) > Ronnie Ronalde [9]
Wolf Chant > Paul Dutton [10]
Katzen und Pfauen > Hugo Ball [11]
T’Her (for Monk ‘n’ Mabern) > Paul Dutton [10]
Eagle Dance performed at the Manitou Cliff Dwelling > Hopi Indians [12]
Reggae And Shout (Twist And Shout) > BLACK Beatles [3]
There is a Tavern in the Town > Wally Cox [13]
Rosemarie [Slim Whitman] > Andy Kaufman [14]
Poeme Sans Titres > Raoul Haussman [11]
“Owl Piece” > Meredith Monk [15]
Reggae And Shout (Twist And Shout) > BLACK Beatles [3]
[1] Dub Side Of The Moon, Easy Star, 2003
[2] Police in Dub, Echo Beach, 2008. I wrote the liner notes. An interesting artifact of aural replication.
[3] Trojan Tribute to the Beatles
[4] Strike the Balance, On-U vinyl, 1989. Tremendous cover of Gainsbourg’s “Je T’Aime”.
[5] The Blue Mask, RCA vinyl, 1982. I usually do a JFK tribute show around his death day. This is not because I was a huge fan of JFK [the Obama of his day] but his death was the day that America died/grew up or had to recognize that forces dangerous to democracy actually have more control than our hopeful minds would like to acknowledge. I believe in plots and conspiracies although certainly not ALL conspiracies. The ability of the conspiracy deniers to appear reasonable and denounce all people who actively investigate the inconsistencies in deaths like jfk and mlk are kooks is so easily accepted by the straight media, for instance. That Norman Mailer entered the fray way [too] late in his career with his tome on the jfk murder was his death knell of any respect you might have had for him as he because a conspiracy denier who conveniently stopped looking at any evidence that has come to the fore since 1970 or so. That the world changed because of his death is maybe a slight bit operatic but things got MUCH worse after his death and when RFK got his, the world lurched forever to the right even more, so far that even people like obama have to accept certain rightwing mantras and entrance codes to even participate. Meaning that the democrats are more to the right than the republicans were in the 1960s. So a paradigm shift via loner-assassinations. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7457650579849429062
[6] Dub Stars: from Dub to Disco & from Disco to Dub, Echo Beach, 2008.
[7] Kung Fu Fighting Remixes, Echo Beach, 2006. Better than the Kung Fu Panda version.
[8] Amazing film/video. The more people get pissed off by Ono the more interesting and prescient she now seems. And you realize how much consumers in their prime activity as consumers hinder and annoy artists to the where consumer rights barge in on artistic rights.
[9] Aussie/English yodeler and amazingly gifted bird whistler.
[10] Oralizations, Actuelle, 2005.
[11] The Dadaists had it right, which makes them annoying prognosticators.
[12] This piece was to make a link between chant, Idnian song, hollerin’ and yodeling.
[13] favorite single of 2008. Eccentric vocalist, TV star and voice of Underdog, had a bit of a career as a singer. He was Brando’s all-time best friend.
[14] Conceptual art terror like it has never been done since on TV.
[15] Meredith Monk is also a [some-time] yodeler.
A strange combination show here featuring reggae covers of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Police. Jamaican reggae and earlier pop stars were astonishingly adroit at taking Western pop standards of soul and pop and giving it their unique styling. They have taken MANY questionable pop songs and standards and made them forgivable or even better – unforgettable. But you have to ask why. Probably covers are done to render them human, bring them back to the personal level, reel them in from the mythic. Or it had more to do with commercial considerations.
While the tail-end dealt with new yodels and adventurous vocalist material I have run across lately.

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