WTM #1043: L/E/T/T/R/O/C/I/T/I/E/S


wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~
Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies 
05 January 2009 // 17.00-19.00
Sesame Street & Richard Pryor’s Alphabet > Richard Pryor
••••• A is based on an Egyptian hieroglyphic pictogram of an ox head
A > Guy Debord
ABZ A > Pete Stollery
AO-3 > Spruit
••••• B is based on an Egyptian hieroglyph that represents shelter. 
B.C. 1675 > Raymond Scott
Log in B > Moondog
B Virus > Loop It
BDX04 > Heller
••••• C comes from the same Phoenician source as the letter G, or gimel, meaning “camel,” The Romans eventually softened the G’s sharper angles to come up with the C. 
C5 > Ryoji Ikeda
C > Pussy Galore
CBP > [1] Kilo of Black Bondage
••••• D: Delta represents D in the NATO phonetic alphabet except in airports where it is Dixie to avoid confusion with Delta Airlines.
 DPH > Nathan Hubbard
••••• E: Echo represents the letter E in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
Eh! > Cee Mix
3E > Mars
E2-E4  > Manuel Göttsching
The Alphabet Gospel Style > Patti LaBelle
••••• F: The “F” word[s] – food, fuck or fluffernutter?
FFF > Area
No. 3 G Major > Hsia-Jung Chang
••••• G: animals that begin with G include giraffe, gerbil, goat, goose, gorilla, grouse, georgebush.
Gt1004 B2 > ERS-One
Gmgm 1a > Raymond Scott
Alfabet with Internet Logos > Leer het Alfabet
••••• H: In French, the mute h, is pronounced as though the letter were not there at all.
H&H 1&2 > Marja-Leena Sillanpää
H Gang [exc] > Donald Fagen
••••• I: I – or the dot above the i – as in me or moi or ik is really the center of the universe in the minds of some i-centrics. 
I/O (Edit) > Klangwart
I-Dub > Improvitators Dub
IT (1970-72) > Francois Bayle + Robert Wyatt + Kevin Ayers
••••• J: is short for joint or marihuana cigarette.
The J Song > Sesame Street
••••• K: J&J calls K-Y Jelly a water-based, water-soluble personal lubricant. 
K1 > Wild Shores
K2r > Raymond Scott
••••• L: “The Abstract Flooding Of Letter L”, 2004, painting by Kazuya Akimoto
L.A.S.I.K. > Matmos
L.F.O. M.O.D. > Durutti Column
••••• M: name of Robin Scott’s band who had a pop-robotics mega-hit with “Pop Muzik.”
M-Music – I-Inside – C-Curved – E-Entrances > Terry Riley
M386 > Brian Eno
M6 > Aube
••••• N: The letter N is inevitably followed by the letter O for many of the world’s [poor] people.
N/P 4 > Norscq
••••• O: Comes from the semitic for eye or ayin.
O2 > Michael Gendreau
Dial “O” for Bigelow > Fred Lane & His Hittite Hot Shots
••••• P: Lambchop – The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P 
P.pa > FM3
P.T.T. > Willem Breuker Kollektief
Alphabet Song > Nursery Rhymes
••••• Q: Suzi Q by CCR, also used for Suzi Quatro, who is to Joan Jett what Bob Seger is to Bruce Springsteen?
Q Samba Sub Dub Mix > Arto Lindsay
••••• R: Fonts.com “It’s not a P with a tail or a B with a broken bowl; when drawn correctly, the R is rich with subtle details and delicate proportions.”
R.Ism V.2PF > If, Bwana
••••• S: is exactly the sound of a hissing snake, which it resembles, although originally it comes from the Egyptian hieroglyph for sword.
SD II Audio Template > Oval
S/t w/t > Chantal Dumas
••••• T: A T-shirt  buttonless, pocketless, collar-less with round neck and short sleeves spread out on a table looks like the letter “T”.
THC 718 > Megabyte
••••• U: The ASCII code for capital U is 85 and 1985 is the year Coca-Cola released the mostly-reviled New Coke and U2 performed in Live Aid.
••••• V: The V sign is a universally [mis]understood hand gesture . Palm inwards [UK & some other English speaking countries], it means fuck you. During WWII, churchill popularized  V for victory. Also a symbol for peace from the 1960s Peace Movement. So it means peace, victory or fuck you.
VVV > 30506
••••• W: In Dutch the W is pronounced like a V, the V like and F and the F like a V. 
W is Listening [short version] > Carla Ulbrich
••••• X: Is the most futuristic and alienated letter as in ex and x-ray. 
the Point X (Ed.2)  > Sun Electric
••••• Y: Sounds like a question but looks like it represents the pubic area. In Dutch , Y appears only in loanwords. It is often left out of the Dutch alphabet and replaced with the the ligature IJ or sometimes as a y with 2 dots. 
From Y to Z > Frame
••••• Z: Stands for sleep and is often used by arena rock and metal bands – replacing s with z as in Boyz to connote a certain insouciance.
ZYG > Area
Vergeetachtige Jan kent het alfabet > Vergeetachtige Jan + Sesame St.

One thought on “WTM #1043: L/E/T/T/R/O/C/I/T/I/E/S

  1. Bart,
    you have such a unique way to link music back and through the complexity of what makes life. the ultimate compiler. Thankx.
    Bee Ess

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