WTM #1044: Best-of-the-Top-of-the-Heap

ptpsilobottleswReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies 
19 January 2009 // 17.00-19.00
Taksu > Lights In A Fat City [35]
+ Religion is Bullshit > George Carlin [f]
La Plinthe Part 4 > Mathias Delplanque [34]
Inside > COH vs Cosey [18]
For Birds, Planes & Cello [exc] > Miya Masaoka [2]
Intrada > If, Bwana vs Noah Creshevsky [27]
Don’t Do That > Raaskalbomfukkere [20]
For Birds, Planes & Cello [exc] > Miya Masaoka [2]
Daguerrotype > Arklight [#]
Speechless > Punkt [1]
Shadowtricks > Bonobo [12]
Lucky Bug > Hassle Hound [7/e]
Reconstruction > Punkt [1]
Trek! > Hans van Koolwijk [6]
Abeam > Yvat [32]
Goomba Goomba (Lujan Ultramambo Mix) > Yma Sumac [k]
Nightwalker > Trentemøller [5]
The Conversation > Snorkel [36]
Parce Que J’En Ai Marre > Brain Damage [10]
Afraid of Nothing > High Tone [28]
Jihad on the Dancefloor > Mark Wormstora [13]
Mi Nismo Voda > Brain Damage vs Broj 1 [10]
Average Guy II > Jon Lajoie [b]
Aranzand > El Gran Silencio [23]
Maga Bo > 3akel vs. Bigg [20]
Reggae & Shout > Black Beatles [n]
Wish I Have A Wing > Prince Far I [o]
www. bwindiorphans.org > Cankisou [j]
E2-E4 [exc] > Manuel Göttsching [c]
Requiem for a Jerk > Faultline, Brian Molko & Françoise Hardy [14]
The Largest Moviehouse in Paris Un > Malcolm McLaren [21]
Brigitte Bardot Le Mépris Revisited > Hector Zazou [r]
Le Coeur Casse > Juliette Greco [16]
Dyslexia > Blurt [4]
My Name is MAA Intro / Eat Your Postman > Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger [3]
Loop It > B Virus [h]
Average Guy I > Jon Lajoie [b]
There is a Tavern in the Town > Wally Cox  [a]
Top CDs/Album/Full-length
[1] • Punkt: Crimes Scenes [Punkt Recordings]
[2] • Miya Masaoka & Joan Jeanrenaud: For Birds, Planes & Cello [Solitary B]
[3] • Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger: Wild Rock n Roll for Bad Tasters [self-produced]
[4] • The Factory Recordings: Blurt [LTM]. My daughter has dyslexia. There is a long line of famous people with dyslexia. I am wondering if Ted Milton is one.
[5] • Trentemøller: Into The Trees [Poker Flat]
[6] • Hans van Koolwijk: Bambuso Sonoro [Pan]
[7] • Various Artists: La Grande Illusion > [Staubgold]
[8] • Baba  Zula & Mad Professor: Ruhani Oyun Havaları
[9] • Burial: Burial [Hyperdub]
[10] • Brain Damage: Short Cuts [Jarring Effects]
[11] • Ho Lan: Echo From Deep Valley [Mandala]
[12] • Bonobo: Animal Magic [Ninja Tune]
[13] • Various Artists: Capetown Beats [Jarring Effects]
[14] • Various Artists: Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisted [Universal/Barclay]
[15] • Various Artists: NiC in Dub [Hammerbass recs]
[16] • Juliette Greco: Beware of Paris [él/Cherry Red]
[17] • Christina Lauterburg: Aërope [Juzz]
[18] • COH/Ivan Pavlov: COH Plays Cosey > [Raster Noton]
[19] • Hsia-Jung Chang: Inside the Piano: 21st Century Improvisations [Mandala]
[20] • Various Artists: WORM T. Presents Hark Too!, a Tribute to the Hark! Album by Wim T. Schippers [WORM]
[21] • Malcolm McLaren, Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Hardy: Paris [No! / Gee / Island]
[22] • Various Artists: Dubstars: From Dub to Dsco & from Disco to Dub [Echo Beach]
[23] • El Gran Silencio: Comunicaflow Underground [EMI / Televisa]
[24] • Marja-Leena Sillanpää: h&h o&a n&n [Firework Editions]
[25] • Kristina Fuchs: Im Röseligarte [Sonic Records]
[26] • Diane Labrosse: Music for Objects on the verge of Extinction [Ambiances Magnetiques]
[27] • Noah Creshevsky vs. If, Bwana [Pogus]
[28] • Various Artists: Jarring Effects Home Experience #2 [Jarring Effects]
[29] • Machinefabriek & Jan Kleefstra: Piiptsjilling [Onomatopee]
[30] • Various Artists: Big Mag III: Polytopia, For the Big Crystals [de Player]
[31] • Sarband: Satie en Orient [Nocturne]
[32] • Various Artists: Musicworks 102 [SOCAN]
[33] • Mathias Delplanque: Le Pavillon Témoin [Low Impedance]
[34] • Mathias Delplanque: La Plinthe [Optical sound]
[35] • Lights In A Fat City: Sound Column [Extreme]
[36] • Snorkel: Glass Darkly [Slowfoot]
[37] • Spinvis vs Simon Vinkenoog: Ja! [Excelsior]
Honorable Mention
[*] • Coachmen: Mercy [label-less!!!] give the guy[s] a label!! Bent free-jazz surf music.
[^] • Rothkamm: Opus Spongebobicum [Fluxrecords] for the title and concept. My sperm count was dangerously low after one listen!
[#] • Arklight: Aphasia [Grimeology Records] They are on their way. The make Sonic Youth sound like Bread & Ayler like Kenny G. Plus noticed our cat shedding amazing amounts of fur during listening.
[@] • Dubxanne: Police in Dub [Echo Beach] I wrote the liner notes thus not on the top chart.
Top Singles
[a] • Wally Cox: There is a Tavern in the Town. Amazing piece discovered in my search for yodels. Cox was a regular on the Hollywood Squares TV game show. Was one of the only guests to ad-lib his lines. And who would have thought that Brando’s best friend was really the voice of Uderdog and a recording artist who frequently yodeled at parties – and on record.
[b] • Jon LaJoie: I’m Just an Average Guy I/II. Amazing piece of deconstructive un-gangsta rap. Makes the average guy actually sound cuddly-scarier than a gangsta.
[c] • Manuel Göttsching: E2-E4, amazing single piece of sustained guitar work that sounds 2008 but dates from 1984! It has a sturdier, less-romantic core than Durutti Column but I do sense parallels.
[d] • Alain Bashung: Samuel Hall [Fantaisie Militaire]
[e] • Hassle Hound: Lucky Bugs Win Prizes [La Grande Illusion]
[f] • George Carlin: Religion is Bullshit
[g] • Burial: Gutted [Burial]
[h] • B Virus: Loop It [Black Liquid zine]
[i] • Bi Rain: I’m a Cyborg, that’s Ok
[j] • Cankisou: www.bwindiorphans.org [Lé La / Indies Scope]
[k] • Yma Sumac: Goomba Goomba (Lujan Ultramambo Mix)
[l] • Bonobo: Terrapin
[m] • Slicker: 7Words [Lumpronic]
[n] • BLACK Beatles: Reggae And Shout (Twist And Shout) [Trojan Tribute to the Beatles]
[o] • Prince Far I: Wish I Have A Wing
[p] • Raventones: Unfolding [Odd Birds]
[q] • Budoár Staré Dámy: Nevim, Nevim – I Don´t Know [Good Night, Light! / Indies Scope]
[r] • Hector Zazou: Brigitte Bardot Le Mépris Revisited
My best of 2008 is not limited to 2008 releases. Why should it? And why should it be 20 or 30? I came up with 37 plus honorable mentions. This is purely based on material I was made aware of, came in possession of, or came to truly appreciate in 2008 and actually played on my radio show. There could have been ore I suppose but what I noticed was a distinct mix of favorite styles of music plus lots of other material most of which totally avoided the hip-bound cliches and hype-bound stuff of most [pop] critics and the general blindered approach of many who write about a certain style of music as determined by the editors of magazines. You write about world music you don’t write about music from the world but from that genre.
Tis means a kind of segregation begins to form, attach itself to the weaker sectors in our brain, those that have to manage our identities and egos. I do not play ALL music but I am not averse to doing so if the situation calls for it. I rarely play metal or christian rock although if there was a need then I might very well. What my upbringing as DJ has taught me is that what we mix it up DJs do is unusual, unique, dangerous [within certain parameters]. What variety does is shock the system.
I have been keeping lists since I was a kid. Everything from leading imports of Peru to Top 40 lists for the week while listening to the radio. I even intended to produce a book with lists – both found and from my own hand that would include everything from to-do lists, shopping lists, wish lists, books read in 1985, leading military arms producers, top ten outfielders, favorite girl names. So the list for me, annotated now, has become a kind of diary entry, a way of marking time, recognizing a moment
About the chart: The Top 10 are pretty much my VERY faves of the year although a shift between 2 and 5 could easily occur on a sunny day or as a result of a hangover [rare because whatever value wisdom has in general society it has taught me to drink more sensibly]. The rest of the Top 27 or so could also shift, creep up, fade – the list is flexible, in other words. BUT these Top 37 are the ones I liked playing on my show and/or at home during time writing or editing in front of the screen. The music/spoken tracks ranged from the topical to the atmospheric, relaxing, stimulating, arousing, and annoying. But, in small doses, annoyance is probably a good thing, a way of keeping the dust from settling too deeply on one’s preferences and prejudices. I know print media and other media critics are held to a stricter date of release as far as picking their faves but why should it be so? If I missed something in 2006 that only came to my attention in 2008, why should that not appear on my Top 2008 chart?
The musical “styles” range from yodeling to soundscape sculptors, to musical instrument builders, ethno-ambient, critical comedy, sonic sculpture, electro-acoustic, experimental, jazz punk, lofi one-man band, electro-dub, urban eccentric, glitch, loungy chill beats, dub, post-Gainsbourg, lounge industrial, Post-Cage composition, alternative rock, new ballads, minimal beats, machine duets, Mexican rap-lounge-dub, beatnik electronica, drunken yodeling, noise crunching, rap satire, guitar trance, lofi electronica, Korean pop yodel, Czech world music, Yma Sumac, warped covers, roots dub, Zazou…

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