WTM #1047: Dead & Surviving

068wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 

Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

9 February 2009 // 17.00-19.00

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
• Louis Pasteur
“We rub our ears after the fact, and ask ourselves, surprised: what have we experienced?”
• Nietzsche
“You heard the Skip James comin’ from the garage where your dad’s makin’ a footstool and at the same time some Missy Elliott came in from upstairs down into the kitchen and someone was makin’ with the pots and pans. Sometimes things just
do naturally come together. You just have to know how to draw a frame around it.” 
• Tom Waits [Los Angeles Times, R. Cromelin,  2004]
Bird Song 1/2 > Global Journey [Bird Song / Global Journey]
The Buddhist Vigilante Squads > Arklight [The Buddhist Vigilante Squads / Hyperblasted]
Canaries > Jozef van Wissem [A Rose by Any Other Name / Incunabulum ]
Robin is to the Greenwood Gone > Jozef van Wissem [A Rose by Any Other Name / Incunabulum ]
Rock on the Moon > Cramps [Songs the Lord Taught Us / IRS]
Mister Siegal > Sophie Tucker  [Died on this day in 1966.]
1969 > Stooges [The Stooges / Elektra vinyl] [Last performance of the Stooges in 1974 in Michigan Palace in Detroit.]
Married Man Blues > Ernest Tubb [Ultimate Yodelling Collection / Castle Pulse] [Tubb born on this day in 1914.]
There’s Something Spanish in My Eyes > Sophie Tucker
Wreck on the Highway > Bill Haley [Hillbilly Haley / Rollercoaster ] [Haley dies on this day on 1981.]
Mystery Plane > Cramps [Songs the Lord Taught Us / IRS]
Piano Sonata Op. 1 [Alban Berg] > Glenn Gould [Berg born on this day in 1885]
Late for the Train > Buzzcocks [Ever Fallen in Love / EMI Gold]
Louie Louie > Stooges [Iggy mentions “love after Bush,” health insurance & Dostoyevsky]
Something’s Gone Wrong Again > Buzzcocks [Ever Fallen in Love / EMI Gold] [Saw a reunion concert of Buzzcocks in Amsterdam’s Paradiso, which is against my best instincts. But they were full of buzz and goofy positiveness and sharp. This seems very Stooges-influenced]
Automatic Writing > Robert Ashley [Automatic Writing / Lovely Music]
Ptarmigan’s Psalm > Charlie Morrow  [Morrow born this day in 1942]
Lola R. Forever [Gainsbourg] > Marianne Faithfull vs Sly & Robbie [Monsieur Gainsbourg / Universal][Faithfull, arrested for drug possession along with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on Feb. 12, 1967 ]
Automatic Writing > Robert Ashley [Automatic Writing / Lovely Music ]
Voices 1 Greenland > Charlie Morrow
Thank You For Talkin’ to Me Africa > Sly & the Family Stone  [There’s a Riot Goin’ On / Epic] [gold record for “Thankyouferlettinmebemyself”]
Turn Back the Hands of Time > Tyrone Davis [dies on 9 Feb. 2005]
Automatic Writing > Robert Ashley [Automatic Writing / Lovely Music ]
Voices 2 Leif Erikkson > Charlie Morrow
8 1/2 Theme > Nino Rota [Fellini born 8 Feb 1920]
Automatic Writing > Robert Ashley [Automatic Writing / Lovely Music ]
Since That Black Cat Crossed my Path > Ernest Tubb [Yodelling Mad! / Jasmine]
Beatles on Ed Sullivan [Beatles appear on this American TV show on 9 Feb. 1964]
Automatic Writing > Robert Ashley [Automatic Writing / Lovely Music]
Locomotion > Dee Dee Sharp [Carole King co-wrote this song. She was born on this day in 1941. Also wrote “Don’t Bring Me Down,” “Pleasant Valley Sunday,” Aretha’s “Natural Woman” and “Up on the Roof.”
Twist & Shout > Cramps [Songs the Lord Taught Us / IRS / Lux Interior died at age 60 of a pre-existing heart condition Feb. 4]
Max Yasgur Speech / Jimi Hendrix Pyrotechnics > Yasgur & Hendrix live on stage at Woodstock  [Yasgur lent out his farm for Woodstock,died on this day in some year, Mitch Mitchell, the last surviving member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience just recently died a suspicious non-natural death in Pacific Northwest hotel room in Feb. 2009].
Recently read about an Austrian actor Daniel Hoevels was performing in a piece by Schiller on a Vienna stage when he was supposed to commit suicide on stage and when he slit his throat as theatre it actually slit his throat because someone had replaced the dull stage knife with a really sharp knife. It sounds like a case for Morris or Frost or some other BBC detective.
[I noticed scribbled notes on my original scribbled playlist and it induces a kind of mystical quality via a kind of incomprehensible poetics. KLM, Boston, car NE, hotel, my lord, Raindrops, Joel Selvin–>Sly?, tip mixing board upright and somehow manage to get CD0 to work, Charlie Morrow–>Jack Collom, eternal pop vs age anxiety. Sometimes you just stare at your own scribblings and wonder how they sometimes mystify as if they came from the hand of someone else [living inside you].
Pigeons in his pants: Strange story of a week or so ago. An Australian was stopped at customs in Melbourne’s airport when customs officers noticed two eggs in a vitamin pill box. Further investigation led to the discovery of 2 pigeons the man had put in special envelopes inside nylon stockings around his ankles.
On the darker side: At some point your consciousness shifts over from that defiant youthful immortal feeling to one that becomes increasingly preoccupied with mortality. This is shown by how suddenly after darting unconsciously and wrecklessly into traffic ‘knowing’ yourself to be immortal you suddenly begin to look both ways and even start to make sure that cars stop for you when they are supposed. This is brought on by a series of different life changes: one, you start to see your heroes who were probably older than you passing away, two, when you have a child you become instantly more conscious of all of the dangers that lurk in traffic and everywhere. I am not paranoid but I have become more careful with paloma jet on my bike or if we are walking. Suddenly the fragility of life is brought to the fore. Three, you start to see your friends passing away or becoming incurably sick:  Ralph Ackerman, Lydia Tomkiw, Sal Salasin to name just 3. Suddenly you realize that part of what old people [much older than me] experience is the shedding of all familiarity as far as faces, acquaintances, friends go. You become increasingly alone, you have to absorb or manage to work through the passing of yet another friend. An older person pointed out that the last few years of his life have been spent going from one funeral to another. So not only are you dying yourself and being reminded of that with new aches, ailments, complications, etc. But you are reminded it of it with the passing of each friend.
And the likelihood that most of us will be remembered for a little while and then slowly pass on into general amnesia is sometimes a little difficult to deal with. This is mostly brought home by the scene you sometimes see in cities: an entire house full of one’s possessions lying on the sidewalk ready to be carted away to the garbage dump. Perhaps someone died and had no next of kin or anyone who wanted to claim anything or someone lost their lease or mortgage and was put out of their home and decided to leave behind boxes full of letters and photos…

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