WTM #1052-54: Holding Pattern


wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 

Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

16-30 March 2009 // 17.00-19.00

16 March
Distant Speedcore > Radio Mangle Series
Ptarmigan’s Psalm > Charlie Morrow 
Voodoo Ray > A Guy Called Gerald [Muzik Magazine Old Skool Classics/ Muzik IPC, 1998]
Goomba Goomba (Lujan Ultramambo Mix) > Yma Sumac 
Cheval Vapeur Lena & The Floating Roots Orchestra  [Lost Wax / Plush]
Work It Out > Groove Armada [Another Late Night ]
Anti-Reflet > Mathias Delplanque [Le Pavillon Témoin]
+ A Little Pond – Whatever You Want It To Be3 > Bob Ross
Le Corridor > Mathias Delplanque
Sounds Round Midnight > Hedwig GG & the East of Eden Band
Three Angels > Bob Dylan
Drunkard’s Doom > Louvin Brothers
State & 32nd > Kenneth Rexroth
Le Détecteur De Mouvements > Mathias Delplanque
I’m a Cyborg, that’s Ok > Bi Rain
What Shakes > Sainkho Namchylak & Ned Rothenberg
Starsailor > Tim Buckley
Fly Like an Eagle [Slippin’ Dub] > Sharam [Deep Dish Toronto #25 After Club Mix / Global Underground, 2005]
Creator Has a Master Plan > Leon Thomas & Louis Armstrong
The Creator Has a Master Plan > Krokodil
Hello > Ella Jenkins
La Castafiore Inca (Part I) > Yma Sumac
The Click Song 1966 > Miriam Makeba
Khawuleza 1966 > Miriam Makeba 
This Is Rhythm* > Ella Jenkins
Tighten Up Your Pants > Audio Murphy Inc. vs Melinda
Masakhane [South Africa] > Miriam Makeba 
The Naughty Little Flea! > Miriam Makeba
Gopher Mambo > Yma Sumac


23 maart
Here in the Hole > Barry Adamson [Stranger on the Sofa / Central Control] 
Tete > Karekare
Gettingittogether > Yogi Adonaiasis 
Warp Dub 5 > Karekare
Wylot > Paul Wirkus
A Plinthe Part 6 > Mathias Delplanque
Bad Trip > Bell System – Youth Radio Commercials
Sine > Kode9 & The Spaceape 
Free Love > Barry Adamson
Correction > Kode9 & The Spaceape
Point X (Ed.2) > Sun Electric
Call Myself > Paul Sturm
Bodies > Kode9 & The Spaceape
Wow Man Wow > Charles Manson
Volcan Veins > Clark 
Hamanamah > Klangwart
Cosmic Tomes For Sleep Walking Lovers –  V > Exploding Star Orchestra
Pathway to the Stars: Narration > Folkways ‘Sounds of the Satellites’ 
Telemann > Klangwart
1000 Mile Drift > Pitchblack vs Simon Flower
Miercoles > Music A.M.
Time Machine > Yann Tomita
Wonderland Dub > Warp Technique
Dufo (What a Crazy Guy) > Wally Cox

30 March 

You Have to Mess > Black Sifichi
Plaisirs Horticoles > Melanie Auclair [Decor Sonore / Ambiences Magnetiques ]
Introduction > Paul Harvey [Yesterday’s Voices / Word]
Sequestration des Reuvages > Melanie Auclair [Decor Sonore / Ambiences Magnetiques]
Rizieres > Melanie Auclair [Decor Sonore / Ambiences Magnetiques]
+ Fiery Sermon > Billy Sunday [Yesterday’s Voices / Word]
Le Centre du Cercle > Melanie Auclair [Decor Sonore / Ambiences Magnetiques]
Face a la Dérive 1 exc. > Cirotteau, Lacasse, Massicotte & Normand [Face a la Dérive / Ambiences Magnetiques ]
+ Sermon in Reverse > Ira Sankey [Yesterday’s Voices / Word]
Face a la Dérive 1 exc. > Cirotteau, Lacasse, Massicotte & Normand [Face a la Dérive / Ambiences Magnetiques]
+ Sermon Backmasked > Dwight L. Moody [Yesterday’s Voices / Word]
Imagine / Walk > RX [Lou Reed Lennon vs George Bush]*
Top > Bran Flakes
Zouet Nite #1 > Deleted
Track 27 > Dave Phillips vs RHY Yau
My Bed is a Monument of Hate Against My Job > Zea
Trikner Mussen Trinken > Rocket/Freudental
Wawawo > Klaxon Guele
Nervose Romy Schneider > Rocket/Freudental
The Secret Sent Back > Zea
Mick Jagger > Rocket/Freudental
My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down > The Cackle Sisters
Why Do Good things Happen to Bad People > Zea
I Hate People > R. Stevie Moore
Song for SUVs > Zea
Visitors 1, Universe 0 > Septimania
Boredom for Beginners > Zea
Ecraser La Vermine! > Chazam
After Dinner Toast > Zea
Dream Control & Erotic Possibilities > EMT
Health Warning > EMT
Nightmares > EMT

* This is a mash of 3 shows put together as I had to go into “hold” mode while life all around me got hectic and out of hand. Trying to maintain my own on [too?] many fronts and radio is one of them although as it is my only really hobby unless you want to call aimless bike riding a hobby. But with yodel book 2 looming, the 3 yodel cd projects floundering, the yodel docu cast adrift, writing several [unpaid] articles, some short stories, begging an agent somewhere in this nasty network to “appreciate” my work enough to represent me [sheesh!], looking for money [in all the wrong places] and still trying to be a father to my daughter and a partner to my partner…

I always heard the line “brotherhood of man” in Lennon’s “Imagine” as “rubber hood of man” or “robbin’ the hood of man.”

* The music we like and listen to is a lot different than the music we project outwards as representative of how we construct our identities… What I mean is: as DJS we put out a lot of lists and names of people we play but that is usually much different than what we listen to, prefer, grab to relax or sing along to in the car or on your bike…

* Obscurantism, limited editions, white labels, unreleased versions, totally weird names for bands, ensembles so cool that no one has ever heard of them. Obscurity as blingbling for one’s identity. 

* Did you ever notice that when someone [you?] is still unknown – say an unknown writer – all your foibles, idiosyncrasies, outrageous behavior is mostly seen as annoying. Become a little better known and suddenly those same traits are something easily overlooked. Become even more famous and the same traits details, the same annoying habits become part of who you are, indicators and keys to your writing style. Become really famous and all of those things that used to irritate the hell out of people are now seen as what makes you so fascinating and charming – and successful.

* Hedwig Gorski (born Trenton, New Jersey, July 18, 1949), this fellow cancer [me: July 16] is someone I have been playing since the late 1980s on my radio show on WFMU especially when I produced a spoken word segment called “Word is the Bird.” I always assumed she was from Texas from the sound of her work. Her work as an American performance poet to me sounds like an extension of jazz poetry with some hippie and cowboy influences thrown in. She is first-generation Polish-American, and wrote about music in Austin, where she also performed in experimental theatre and way pre-slam poetry, more performance than competitive. Her work came to me on cassette and her somnolent cowgirlish voice sounded like she had just woken up in the back seat of a speeding car driven by Dean Moriarity or something. Her work was a good antidote to the over-hyped anxiety-driven poesie I was playing by contemporaries in NY. In certain ways she reminds me of Lydia Tomkiw [RIP] of Algebra Suicide in that her voice was always on the verge of singing but not quite, call it a singsongy poesie then and thank whoever that neither decided to sing as there is nothing more awkward than a poetess who suddenly has the hankering to take her strong words and launch them into ill-performed singing. I still have a special place in my heart for this type of cowpoke jazz poetry. Maybe she is neighbors to Sam Sheperd…

* Karekare  is Pitch Black’s Paddy Free, named after an idyllic black sand beach settlement in northern New Zealand. This is wonderful ambient dub in the best sense of the word like early Echo Beach material. A sweet combination of electronica and ethnic roots, of phasers and acoustic instruments. I am just getting my head around it as something more compelling than Pitch Black’s sterile, shiny dub, which I really used to like but do less these days as it all seems a bit formulaic or plotted out. This is a nice aimless wander off course revealing new dynamics based on chance meetings between electronic gadgetry and Free’s love of his natural surroundings.

* Kode9 is one of my latest satisfying discoveries which seems to combine the lascerating  slow solemn dub of WordSound and the best of Laswell and that mid-1990s dark dingy dub that I really felt spoke to me but this is called dubstep and you will hear more about this stuff. Its been around for quite some time and often resembles [Shackleton and Appleblim] the most confrontational dub such as Muslimgauze. 

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