WTM #1056: Spring is Lente is Printemps

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3

Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

13 April 2009 // 17.00-19.00

Look here, springtime, I admit that I sure need you.
But can’t you feel my heart pounding so hard and free?
It works both ways now, you need me.

• Jonathan Richman

• photo: Paloma Plantenga

Le Sacre du Printemps [Stravinsky] > Pierre Boulez + Cleveland Symphony Orchestra [Rites of Spring / CBS vinyl]

Le Sacre du Printemps [Stravinsky] > Ernest Asermet + L’Orchestre de la Suisse Romande [London vinyl]

It’s Spring On The Moon > Mathias Delplanque

Paasmorgen [Easter morning] > Europese Fono Club

How Perfect is the Order of the Air > Sal Salasin + Steve Bochan [Auto-produced, 1985]

A Moscou > Le Tone vs Judith

May I Come In? > Blossom Dearie [May I Come In? / Capitol vinyl]

Loon Call > Loon

Bettag > Christine Lauterburg

Albatross > Fleetwood Mac [Black Magic Woman / Epic vinyl]

Great Reed Warbler > Hans Traber

Sleepy song > Tindersticks [Nenette et Boni / Island ]

The Best is Yet to Come > Blossom Dearie [May I Come In? / Capitol vinyl]

Red Bird: Lis to Birdsong > Trevor Wishart

Tan Gentle > S-cut.db [From Tears: Beach Archive / Bip-Hop ]

Cape San de Lumiere > Olga

Looking at the Bible > Frank Rothkamm [Frank Genius is Star Stuck / Flux ]

Interlude for Soprano & Piano > Frank Rothkamm [Frank Genius is Star Stuck / Flux ]

Habanera: L’amour est un oiseau rebelle > Jules Migenes Johnson [Carmen: Georges Bizet / Erato]

La Vie > Frank Rothkamm [Frank Genius is Star Stuck / Flux ]

La Dans du Plaisir > Ghislain Poirier

Elvis > Frank Rothkamm [Frank Genius is Star Stuck / Flux ]

Planalp > Christine Lauterburg []

Springtime > Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers [Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers / Berserkley, 1976]

Bouncing Bubbles > Frank Rothkamm [Frank Genius is Star Stuck / Flux ]

Quiet Nights > Blossom Dearie [May I Come In? / Capitol vinyl]

L’Herbe Tendre > Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Simon [Cannabis / Universal]

Country Time > Beth Anderson

L’Herbe Tendre Instro > Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier [Cannabis / Universal]

Unearthed > Micheline Roi

When its Springtime in the Rockies > Slim Whitman

Aan de Bosrand > Europese Fono Club

Little Bird, Little Bird > Mike & Peggy Seeger

Ode to a Meadowlark > Sourdough Slim [Vaudeville Cowboy / Roundup ]

Willow Warbler > Hans Traber

Mockingbird Yodel > Corinna Cordwell

In het Bos > Europese Fono Club

Lentestemming > Europese Fono Club

Every Bulb In The Place Blew > Music A.M.

How Perfect is the Order of the Air > Sal Salasin + Steve Bochan [Auto-produced, 1985]

This was a show dedicated to spring: the feeling was definitely in the air. When I ride my bike to the station through the Vondel Park it is fairly easy to gauge the spirit of the people in how many people are in the park doing springy things. It is an amazingly sappy almost cliched Hallmakr feeling and yet that spring feeling seems to easily transcend it with the way it wakes and melts the heart – almost no matter how doomsday you may have become.

Blossom Dearie died February 7, 2009 at age 82. She had one of those voices that runs totally contrary to today’s pumped up volume, and exploding decibels. And thus she became much more effective. Her tender voice flitted along jazzy shimmering dewy surfaces betraying the shallowness she seemed to inhabit. I am somehow reminded of Satie and Jonathan Richman of zen of some nursery rhymes, things and expressions that often appear incredibly surfacy are actually works and artists who defy the false profundity of depth, the pomposity of gravity and the somber… Her first LP appeared in 1964.

Albatross is ambient music before its time and is the offspring of Santos & Johnny’s Sleepwalk [1959]. It has a springy going to the sea for the first time in the year feel. It served as part of the soundtrack to Fassbinder’s film  World on a Wire and is sampled in KLF classic ambient sample-othon masterpiece Chill Out.

How Perfect is the Order of the Air. This is only second mention on the entire Internet of this great long poem-CD. Sal Salasin [RIP, 2009]. “Look across the river / there is sky / there earth / this is a street / this a wet tenament roof / there is Eastern europe / here are the movies”

“Springtime, I’m out here in your morning breezes.
And I smell such nectar in your air.”
• Jonathan Richman

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