WTM #1058: Vinyl Queens Day Finds

P4300024wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3

Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

4 May 2009 // 17.00-19.00

Awaking of Happy Feeling in the Country [Beethoven] exc. > Colin Davis & the London Symphony Orchestra [Pastorale / Philips]

Scandale dans le Famille > Les Surfs [Scandale dans le Famille / Souvenir]

Canto a la Salsa > Brave Combo [Humansville / Rounder, 1988]

Frederic Lies Still > Galliano [Jaz Id / Acid Jazz]

Ay, Me Duele > Brave Combo [Humansville / Rounder, 1988]

Tahitian Moon > Michael Franks [Objects of Desire / Warner, 1982]

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning > Brave Combo [Humansville / Rounder, 1988]

Tubular Jugs > Brave Combo [Humansville / Rounder, 1988]

Eskimo en Eskima > Bobbejaan Schoepen [‘N Lach en ‘n tran / Telgram]

Cruisin’ > US 3 [Hand on the Torch / Blue Note, 1993]

Zora and Zam > The Monkees [Greatest Hits / RCA, 1969]

Universal Soldier > Donovan [Donovan / discofoon]

P4300022How I Wrote Elastic Man > Fall [VA / Compilation / Rough Trade, 1981]

Car Car [Guthrie] > Donovan [Donovan / discofoon]

Final Day > Young Marble Giants [VA / Compilation / Rough Trade, 1981]

I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives > Television Personalities [VA / Compilation / Rough Trade, 1981]

Sunny Goodge Street > Donovan [Donovan / discofoon]

Eleven Long Years > US 3 [Hand on the Torch / Blue Note, 1993]

Positive Paranoia > Bhodi-Beat-Poets [Baltimore / Cherry Red, 1984]

City in the Sea> Bhodi-Beat-Poets [Baltimore / Cherry Red, 1984]

Reet Petite [remix] > Jackie Wilson [Reet Petite / Zyx]

Normal Heart Sounds > Leo Pharmaceutical Products [Heart Sounds / Leo]

Pieces Froides / Danses de travers [Satie] > France Clidat [Erik Satie / Forlane]

The Blood Donor [exc] > Tony Hancock [The Blood Donor / Pye]

+ Pieces Froides / Danses de travers [Satie] > France Clidat [Erik Satie / Forlane]

Rose Marie > Slim Whitman [Songs I Love to Sing / EMI]

The British Grin and Bear > Whistling Jack Smith [I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman / Deram]

Klarinetten Jodler > Sepp Vielleichner & Zillertaler Buam [Tiroler Joschlagers / Fono-Disc]

Wo Auf Bergeshoh’n > Das Mondscehin Trio [Jodlergrusse aus Kirchbichl / KSK]

I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman > Whistling Jack Smith [I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman / Deram]

Black Eyes > Tata Mirando & his Gipsy Orchestra [Please Gipsy, Play! / Fontana]

Cantaloop > US 3 [Hand on the Torch / Blue Note, 1993]

Scandale dans le Famille > Les Surfs [Scandale dans le Famille / Souvenir]

Curaçao > Juan Serrano [Curaçao / Philips]

Kiss Me Like Crazy > T. Texas Tyler [The Greatest Country & Western Hits / Keel]

All of the above were found on Queens Day, April 30. It’s the birthday of one of the dutch queens but I’m pretty sure it is not the current one, Beatrix. It’s a big excuse to gather up all your junk and throw it out on the sidewalk and try to sell it. It is arguably one of the bigest sidewalk sales in the world and one of the biggest parties as well. It is a great excuse to party with your hair and clothes all orange and meet the strangest strangers. A convivial day and if it is nice – once every 3 or 4 years – then it is fantastic. If I start early and go alone and stay focused I can usually tolerate the swollen crowds of partiers and shoppers. This year I found a great deal of wonderful vinyl. The entire affair brings up the conundrums and hypocrisies of capitalism to the fore. One person is selling warped boxes of vinyl for 1.50 euros and its mostly all marginal between junk and treasure.

I found a Monkees Greatest Hits LP and was reminded how daughter Paloma not only likes Elton John and Michael Jackson but the Monkees, Gwen Stefani, the 3 Stooges and Serge Gainsbourg [to whom while listening to, wemake up our own English lyrics]. I found a great 45 of a novelty single I loved, which hit the Top 10 despite being totally comprised of whistling: Whistling Jack Smith’s [Brit Billy Moeller, 1967] “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman.”

But sometime around 15.30 the sellers start to pack up and by 16.30 people are leaving behind their treasures and it quickly transforms into junk. From something worth money to worthless. I found lots of great stuff with Paloma and a lot of great vinyl. Even got some LPs out of a box I had browsed through earlier and got a few I wanted but did not want to pay for.

You meet lots of eccentrics selling boxes of James Last vinyl for way too much although they’ll usually capitulate and give you a deal. If you mention that you are looking for yodel records get ready for stories from the 60+-ers about how they saw Olga Lowina in her prime and how he used to yodel in the attic.

On April 30, the Netherlands celebrates.Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day, a national holiday that celebrates the queen’s birthday. Not this queen Beatrix, as I already suspected, who was born in January but Queen Wilhelmina, who in 1885 was still a princess when they started the celebration. It is usually a day of Dutch people coming orange face to orange face – the usual suspects spraying themselves in orange or football nuts dressing in orange tutus or wearing weird orange hats.

Queen’s Day is known most of all for the street fairs, the sidewalk sales when everyone dumps the same plastic toys on the street of kids now too big to play with them, or freebie collectables saved from whatever super market chain or old computers that make you feel you are a character in the movie Brazil…

P4300016Kids invent games and play musical instruments on the streets. This year the celebration was going full steam as it was actually dry and sunny – which happens about once every 5 years or so it seems – and people were in a jubilant mood until word began to spread that there had been an attack on the Royal family who were celebrating this year in the city of Appeldoorn, 60 miles southeast of Amsterdam. It seems a clinically depressed loner who had not long ago lost his job plotted to drive his Suzuki car into the entourage and bus carrying the queen and family.

Now, I wouldn’t mind seeing the disappearance of the monarchy, which puts passive aggressive pressure on the democracy altho mostly hands off and some of the princes actually do good public service work, but I don’t want to see people going down in flame and screeching metal – it will never be interpreted correctly and would lead to totally to opposite effect – more sympathy for the monarchy than there already is, which is way too much and shows that the rational [seeming] Dutch are just as capable of falling prey to their own emotions and sentimentality, which allows them [the 60%] to cheerfully forget that the royal house spends a ton of taxpayer money on pomp and luxury. The vehicle drove through a cordon of parade-watchers lining the streets. He killed eight innocent bystanders with his rampage, 9 were injured and he eventually died. I always hate when the mass murderer, the shooter, the whatever dies in the conflagration because then the event will always remain unresolved; there will never be proper explanation. There was a huge outburst of national mourning although the night of Queens Day in Amsterdam went right on as the right to party could not be shut down without fear of a riot.  The driver, a 38-year-old Dutch guy, Karst Roeland Tates, was apparently disgruntled although the exact reason will never be known. He was isolated, a loner and had turned inward over the years from being a cheerful and popular school kid to a guy hardly anyone knew all too well including his family. After his death, people  voiced sympathy for his plight [not the deed] and many could put themselves in his shoes.

Not to spin this my way but on another level this is the story of Furman Pivo, main character in my novel Beer Mystic.

One thought on “WTM #1058: Vinyl Queens Day Finds

  1. Ah yes– Kaiser Bill’s Batman. Polishing bayonets and boots and making sure alles was in order. Those were the days, my friend– we thought they’d never end. A terrific novelty number…

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