WTM #1065: Electro-Vagrancy

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
16 August 2009 // 17.00-19.00


• Neffsville Mennonite Church sign, outside Lancaster, PA

“‘Tufush’ is a colloquial Arabic word whose meaning is said to derive from the gestures made by a drowning man, and which is translated roughly as idleness and desperation.”
• Robert Worth, “Rigid Culture has Few Other Outlets,” NYT, 2009

Pinebush > Scott Marshall [Pine Bush / Paniculture]
An Happy-Go-Lucky-Native > Costes [Happy-Go-Lucky-Native / Sound of Pig]
Ritme Loco [backward] > Los Tijuanas
St Jean_Sum04 > Heller
Life Travels > Vladislav Delay
Pinebush > Scott Marshall [Pine Bush / Paniculture]
Flamants Roses > Vangelis [Opera Sauvage / Polydor]
ScanTerre > Scanner
Sjoukje / Bernadette > Coolhaven [My Seven Deadly Sins / BigMagIII]
Ritme Loco [backward] > Los Tijuanas
Remember > Robert Babicz
Cheese Cake [backward] > Los Tijuanas
An Happy-Go-Lucky-Native > Costes [Happy-Go-Lucky-Native / Sound of Pig]
Sophia / Hendrikje > Coolhaven [My Seven Deadly Sins / BigMagIII]
Cheese Cake [backward] > Los Tijuanas
Moniek > Coolhaven [My Seven Deadly Sins / BigMagIII]
Twilight > Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka [Koto Accordion / Deep Listening]
+ Cheese Cake [backward] > Los Tijuanas
+ Nameste > Adriane Meyers [Namaste / Hall of Records]
In the Velvet Forest > Radio Free Clear Light [Heart of the Music Box / Black Note]
Twilight > Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka [Koto Accordion / Deep Listening]
Mostar Angels > Von Magnet [Ni Prédateur]
Kısaltmalar > Baba  Zula & Mad Professor
If They Could find the Blue Fairy > Radio Free Clear Light [Heart of the Music Box / Black Note]
Manteau Chic > Digiki
Roller Boogie > Son Of Dave
Bye Baj > Comelade, Bastien,  Berrocal,  Liebezeit [Oblique Sessions / Les Disques du Soleil et de L’Acier]

• Just back a few days and I notice in the studio that the bass speakers shake the beer bottles against each other so that bass beat creates a kind of ad hoc maraca sound of glass on glass.

• The Main Problem with spur of the moment waylaid is that it takes some doing to get oneself back in the mindset I was in back when I did this show. As we all know the cliche is true: the older you get the fast time flies. Whole weeks go by in a day. It is totally unfair. The older you get the more time you need and want. The older you get the more regrets you have that you wated so much of that seeming infinite and oppressive amount of time you had in your youth. Regrets, of course, require even more time to work out, undo, set right.

This show occurred shortly after returning from the US during our summer holidays, which, in part, meant listening to great friends tell many stories, a good number of which had to do with woe. Sickness, handicaps, limitations, job reductions, pay cuts, mortgages foreclosed, deaths in the family, murders in the area, violence threatening… For 2 weeks we heard these stories and they were all worth hearing but somehow they get soaked into your soul and suddenly there is a dark cloud pressing on your brow.

I did this show to purge myself of some of this or at least work it into my mythology and understanding of how things work. I played a good portion of “Pine Bush” by Scott Marshall – an ambient excursion through sunset Upstate – because we passed through that part of Upstate NY on our way from my brothers, past Kari’s through to friends in Kingston. I have played this often and it always conjures up images of my youth instantly during summer vacations and the infinite horizons of the summer months.

One thing you realize is the demographic shift of horrific and banal violence from the urban center to the smaller cities. My theory is that the more bored with boredom, violence, abundance, religion, emptiness, media overload, art, good food, bad food we become the more prone we are to outing or exorcising this boredom through vicious inept jabs at evil. The true crime of socialization in schools is that kids are not taught or stimulated to entertain or inspire themselves. Or, maybe most people are too lazy and that is what makes exceptional people not ordinary. OK, masturbation, but that only takes up so much time per day… So boredom, everywhere that shopping mall stare of boredom, ennui of too much time spent in traffic jams in cars of too many meals eaten out without treating it like anything but a way to fill up. You fill up and then you empty out. I saw the way people eat out as if they eat out 70% of the time [yes, Americans are eating only 30% of their meals at home] and they look it, too many too large portions heaped up so that the quantity, the plentitude will make up for all of the other sources of emptiness. That is why I played the music I played today.

I played Costes, Paris’s very own punk Antonin Artaud, genius of the excrable because it deals with the anxieties of crossing-borders and identity and is scurrilously hilarious. I had just transferred it from my old Sound of Pig cassette to mp3.

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