WTM #1078: Kyteman + Not-Real Men

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

28 December 2009 // 16.30-18.30

and all of the healers have been killed / Or sent away, yeah
But the people know, the people know / It’s winter
Winter in America / And ain’t nobody fighting
‘Cause nobody knows what to save

• Gil Scot-Heron, Winter in America

Yog-Sothoth > Lehadbik [Via Sinistrae / Black Note]
Intro / All-Stars Anthem > Kyteman / vs Paradox [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
She Blew Like Trumpets > Kyteman vs GMB [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
The mermaid of Elsinore > Lehadbik [Via Sinistrae / Black Note]
Une Seule Fois > Kyteman vs GMB [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
Panic Dub > Lehadbik [Via Sinistrae / Black Note]
No More Singing the Blues > Kyteman vs GMB [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
Just a Moment > Lehadbik [Via Sinistrae / Black Note]
Digital Monkey Remix > Balkan Beatbox vs Puzzel [Balkan Beatbox Nu-Mad Remixes /Crammed]
Respire un Cordero > Anla Courtis [Tape Works / Pogus]
Ritual by the Waves > Lehadbik [Via Sinistrae / Black Note]
Building Steam with a Grain of Salt > DJ Shadow [Entroducing / Mo Wax]
Invisible Clown Sonata > Anla Courtis [Tape Works / Pogus]
Scratching Galaxies > Death Comet Crew [This is Riphop / Troublemanunlimited]
Organ Donor > DJ Shadow [Endroducing / Mo Wax]
Why Hiphop Suck in 96 > DJ Shadow [Endroducing / Mo Wax]
Seasons Greetings / New Noise Code is Taking Effect [exc] > Gen Ken [Seasons Greetings from Barbra Streisand / AIF]
Trains and Boats and Planes > Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas [20 Flashback Great of the Sixties / K-Tel vinyl]
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head > Trijntje Oosterhuis & Metropole Orcehstra [Who’ll Speak For Love / Blue Note]
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head > Burt Bacharach [Die Grosse A&M Hit Parade]
Painted from Memory > Trijntje Oosterhuis & Metropole Orcehstra [Who’ll Speak For Love / Blue Note]
America > Death Comet Crew [This is Riphop / Troublemanunlimited]
Red Bula > Balkan Beatbox vs Mahala Rat Banda vs BBB [Balkan Beatbox Nu-Mad Remixes /Crammed]
The Number Song > DJ Shadow [Endroducing / Mo Wax]
Sorry > Kyteman [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
Hermetic > Balkan Beatbox vs Gabriel Kush Arora [Balkan Beatbox Nu-Mad Remixes /Crammed]
Pitchblack Darkness > Kyteman vs Reazun & Paradox [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
Winter in America > Gil-Scott Heron All the heroes have been killed
Stand for Something > Kyteman vs Bangbang [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
Mostar Angels > Von Magnet [Ni Prédateur Ni Proie / Ant Zen & Jarring Effects]
It Circus Not > Kyteman vs Unorthodox [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
A Vast Stretch > Lehadbik [Via Sinistrae / Black Note]
Blow the Whistle on ‘Em > Kyteman vs Blaxtar [Hermit Sessions / Jammm]
I’m Your DJ > Little Wally

Kyteman, Colin Benders, an Utrecht native hiphop artist but so much more. He is a great synthesizer with a lot of control over the many influences he has absorbed since his youth, the kid of squatter-hippie-punk parents. His dad is a phgilosopher/aesthetician and the former director of the Art Academy of Utrecht. His mother is a Harlem-born African-American who grew up in Paris and Italy before ending up in the Netherlands.

The interesting thing about him is his ability to meld, fuse, weld and mix a variety of genres, languages, countries, instruments in such a seamless, organic, hippie-world music way. He makes good use of international hiphop voices and the vtal and interestingly creative Dutch hiphop scene. He plays trumpet and that may have to do with the fact that he had a trumpet put in his mouth as a young toddler by NY jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson.  Terrasson is his mother’s half-bro. His uncle dragged him to all sorts of festivals when he was a kid such as the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Was diagnosed as ADHD and autistic – is that just another diagnosis for musically creative. In any case, he ends up in a music grade school in utrecht where he learns the usual subjects but also singing, music history and theory and ends up in The Hague Conservatorium for high school and was taught by among others luminary and innovative jazz trumpeter Eric Vloiemans .  At age 18 he began work on this album while he finished when he was 21, living on the rough edge of poverty and drugs  in the mean time. In 2009, he embarks on an amazingly triumphant tour with his Kyteman’s Hiphop Orkest to celebrate the release of “The Hermit Sessions.” It is a critical success here and elsewhere. He plays major festivals from jazz to pop to experimental and wins most of the pop prizes. His orchestra is a unique fusion of hiphop and jazz, better than Guru’s earlier attempts. He serves as trumpeter/conductor as one hears other influences like reggae and gypsy as well.

I think he is unique but also exemplary of a Dutch sound, which is distinctly indistinct, a fusion of foreign sounds that eliminates any Dutch influence to the point where the obliteration, reblending of foreign sounds somehow emerges as distinctly Dutch nonetheless. He is part of an interesting entourage of weird Dutch exports: world-renowned rave DJs, Ilse de Lange who sings country in a way that is hard to tell she is not from Tennessee, Candy Dulfer, great jazz sax daughter of the even greater jazz blower, Hans Dulfer [who plays weekly in a local Leidseplein jazz joint – 5 euros to get in and that inc. One beer], and then of course, there is a great bundle of hiphop stars and of course de Kift, the Ex , Han Bennink, Junkie XL and Trijntje Oosterhuis, an amazing interpreter of Bacharach, whose jazz singing is so spot on you have no idea she is Dutch. Some of the vocals reminded me of the best of Gil Scot-Heron so I threw in Winter in america, which was apropos meteorologically, soncially, but also from a socio-politico viewpoint.

Sometimes in the midst of playing the new you realize that the old is also new especially to yourself since you missed their first go-round or never sufficiently listened to a particular CD at the time [DJ Shadow, Courlis, and especially the influential Death Comet Crew, which sounds like an american version of Tackhead, that and the rest of On-U Sound was truly my soundtrack around 1986-7, when the Beer Mystic novel takes place and its earliest gestations can be detected.

For atmosphere I played the dark dub ambiences of California’s Lehadbik http://www.deconstructionist.com/blacknote/lehadbik.htm [alias Kyron from Black Note]. Also Balkan Beatbox because I am a sucker for fusions of trad and electronica, crammed and forced genre morphing – roots and sky… Also some Burt Bacharach & Oosterhuis because annually I make a trek to the best musicstore I know of – Concerto [also Get Records in the same street], bring 50 CDs I am not playing or ever going to play and I get enough to buy 7 or 8 new ones inc. DJ Shadow and Balkan Beatbox but also Finnish folk music], usually ending up with about 12-15. This is pure pleasure, 10 AM on a Tuesday just wandering around for hours picking up records from just about every department included 2nd-hand, world, electronica and more. The people there are experts and each department is enthusiastic and offers tips etc. I had a meeting that morning with my editor at Univ. Of Wisconsin Press in a lunch place in the area. It is a few days after seeing GenKen and his partner bioluminosity-artist Andrea Beeman who have become big Europhiles over the course of their past few trips here. They love the bike paths. The weather for our big dinner on Tweede Kerst or Boxing Day or the 26th was a great evening of Nina’s tapas delights and inspired conversation with jazz singer Audrey, Jan, an undertitler of American cartoons and he also translates media into Frisian. Paloma was the hostess and Nina the Lowlands version of Nigella Lawson [there is a gustatory resemblance wink-wink].

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