WTM #1080: Frenz and Other Animals 1

wReck thiS meSS ~
Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies



11 January 2010 // 16.30-18.30

“No time to think of our dead parents / No time to write our own epitaphs”
• Lydia Tomkiw
“Jesus is tapping your phone yodeliedelayeeeooo”
• The Fugs

• foto: Foto Sifichi 1992

Ellenbirds > If, Bwana [33 Birds Went / Pogus]
Yolee > Christine Lauterburg [Aërope / Juzz]
PTP > Willem Breuker Kollektiev [At Ruta Maya Cafe / BVHaast ]
Nature & Paradise > Norscq [5 Streams / Optical Sound]
I Am a Cloud > Monster Island [Dream Tiger / The End is Here]
Come to Where the Flavor Is > Black Sifichi & Negative Stencil [Tick / Noise Museum]
Now Then After > Stuart Argabright vs Shin Shimokawa [Now.Then.After / Labelless]
Mirror Man Sees / Speaks > David Thomas & Bob Holman & Pale Orchestra [Mirror Man / Cooking Vinyl]
Blueprint for Aural Cathedrals > Judy Nylon vs Stuart Argabright vs Chuck Hammer [Now.Then.After / Labelless]
Herpes Simplex > Lizzy Mercier Descloux [Rosa Yemen / Ze vinyl]
All Shook Up > Cucumbers [All Shook Up / Fake Doom] [Deena Shoshkes & Nels Johnson]
Pure Scenario > Ted Milton vs Brain Damage [Word Dub Manifesto / Jarring Effects ]
Slip & Slide / Love b3 / Lalo > Curd Duca [Elevator 3 / Mille Plateaux ]
Voice 1 Greenland > Charlie Morrow http://www.cmorrow.com/
Dark Perc / Tristan / Sounds in the Dark > Curd Duca [Elevator 3 / Mille Plateaux ]
Final Enclosure Hakim Bey vs Brain Damage [Word Dub Manifesto / Jarring Effects ]
Friendly Manifesto > Algebra Suicide
America 2 > Death Comet Crew [This is Riphop / Troublemanunlimited]
Praxis / Waiting for Delmore > Algebra Suicide [Summer Virus Night / Dom Elchklang]
Hidden Track > Death Comet Crew [This is Riphop / Troublemanunlimited]
Summer Virus Night > Algebra Suicide
Day & Night > Jim Carroll Band
Sterile > Black Sifichi vs Brain Damage [Word Dub Manifesto / Jarring Effects]
Exploring Science Too > b/art plantenga vs Vanilla Bean [WFMU]
Mad Truth > Mark Stewart vs Brain Damage [Word Dub Manifesto / Jarring Effects ]
Elvis Phone Sex > Vanilla Bean
Brahms Concert no. 2 Reversed > Alexander Uninsky
Government Surveillance Yodel Blues > The Fugs
Concrete > Phil Minton
Wreck Roma > Roma Napoli
My Echo My Shadow > Solomonoff & von Hoffmanstahl
Good Eye Color / Modern Phallus > Edwin Torres [Novo / Oozebap ]
God Save the Queen Funky Regime Alt > Andie Scott
Bumpin’ into Things > Coolies
Bored > Destroy All Monsters [single]

The concept of friends is a fluid and suspect concept. Has been for years. In NY it stretched to include warm contacts, handy contacts and even people you just barely met who had name recognition who might boost your own name recognition. In the age of Facebook, the concept has been even further watered down to include just about anyone who friends you and anyone you feel you need to friend. This can be seen both cynically and hopefully. Hopeful in the sense that all of the destruction of community caused by new “flexible” over-work schedules, TV, automobiles, suburbs and other alienating “devices” Facebook offers something between convenience and warmth. If, Bwana I have known since the early 80s when Al Margolis had just started Sound of Pig cassette label. A man in it for the long haul, he was also not soeone afraid of going out on a sonic limb so I have had the pleasure and confoundment to do some recordings with him and Dada Frolic. Christine Lauterburg is a Swiss yodeler from Bern who has stretched the definition of yodeling in a country not at all looking to stretch the definition of yodeling. She once performed at a formal traditional yodel festival in men’s costume. A scandal on the level of Nipplegate. Willem Breuker is one of the great enduring uninhibited deep musicians of Dutch post-war avant garde. Has had his share of scandals. I have come to know him through working with him and for him. Norscq is one of the great producers and soundmakers who I learned to know through his work with the Grief and his friendship with Sifichi. Monster Island is Carey Loren’s project. He is a legacy builder constructing a history out of the old Detroit heyday and the insanity which was Niagara and Destroy All Monsters. I learned to appreciate his efforts, bookstore when he hosted a book reading for YODEL-AY some time back. Black Sifichi is probably my best friend and a multi-talented guy of such overwhelming helpful enthusiasm – the idealism just pours off him like golden sweat. We have collaborated on many projects over the years. He fronts about 100 French music projects, bands, and ensembles. Let this guy earn a wage commensurate with his talent already! Proof that talent is not rewarded generously. Proof that talent is only rewarded when it flatters the bourgeoisie and reinforces their mythological pantheons of power and talent. Or something like that. Stuart Argabright I got to know long distance through his music and projects as introduced by Judy Nylon. His work with the seminal band Death Comet Crew would be enough for my respect making the bridge between heavy sounds like punk and rap in NY in a way that Tackhead/On-U did it in the UK. But his work with the Voodooists puts him way up there – they did great ethnomusicological trance punk. Bob Holman is an instituion but a nice guy too. Has a particular talent for gathering poetics, people, organizing it in a cohesive but non-bureaucratic way. Judy Nylon is a dear old talented friend whose most mythic contribution has thus far been her k7/album PAL JUDY but she has also managed to make art out of life and living. Lizzy Mercier Descloux was the funkier French version of Patti Smith and I was in love with her image, her sound, her stage presence and in my own way by wishing to be her firend but always being too shy to actually befriend her I kept it at championing her sound and just as I thought I was enough of someone to try to meet her I saw that she had died several years earlier from cancer. Still some of the greatest sounds to come out of the late 70s / early 80s. Cucumbers fellow poet and U-M friend we lived together in an Archie Bunker rental on the edge of Forest Hills. I wrote lyrics for a band he was in with my then-girl friend Pam. They sang my songs in a battle of the bands event at CBGBs. His pursuit of heightened pop via the Feelies / Tom verlaine sound led him to the Cukes. Ted Milton I have found it easier to become friends with musicians / artists I admire and if there is one musician who has not otten his just due [like Lizzy] then it is Ted Milton and Blurt, well-regarded as one of the hardest working/drinking men in show business, his hot funk punk fused with an extemporaneous freeform poesie makes him still one of the most intriguing acts out there. Charlie Morrow is one of those artists you are never sure where his live, his phone calls, his instructions, his studies end and the art begins. He called me the “William Gibson of the Lower Eastside” and has done work at the North Pole. Curd Duca is one of those mysterious  calm Germanic electronic musicians who went systematically and purposefully headlong into funky glitch lounge techno and then stepped out of his Milles Plateuax world and headed to India and found what he was looking for. Hakim Bey is one of the giant cultural icons of eternal spiritual and pragmatic resistance and despite being an icon which would mostly petrify me I saw his humanity and foibles and this allowed me to become his friend. With Algebra Suicide we had the hope that poetry could move beyond the pages of marginal unread poetry zines, with the passing of Lydia Tomkiw we lost a great poet and I lost a wonderful friend. Read my liner notes to Summer Virus Night.  Jim Carroll I knew only threw his book Basketball Diaries and some of his poems. I really really related to that book. I wrote my first [endearingly] serious book review of that book. It was published in the East Village Eye and reprinted in the Yipster Times and when I introduced myself and Brad at his Bottom Line concert in 1980-ish he told me then that that was the best review ever written about the book. Brain Damage is a great dub enterprise out of Lyon who I befirended and have worked with thru Sifichi. The best dub comes out of France and they are among France’s best. Mark Stewart is to me that confluence of punk, dub, engaged [woody guthrie 2.0] noise plus Debord, say Dubord, someone I have porbably played as much as any other musician on my radio show over the years and whenever there are disasters of a political order in the world I always turn to his discs. Vanilla Bean was one of the DJs that brought me to WFMU, his wife was best friends with my first wife and we used to hang around quite a bit. He ultimately was someone with way too much talent but unsure where to put it all. RIP to a great talent, friend and DJ who pushed the envelope. The Fugs Tuli and Ed prove that humor and radical politics can, should go hand in hand. They have done more to advance Groucho Marxism than anyone. Tuli is struggling at age 86. Phil Minton I met at the OCCII in Amsterdam after an incredible performance there. Brought to Amsterdam by Grrrrt. It was there tat we struck up a conversation about yodeling and has led to a pretty good conversation. Roma Napoli one of the great visual artists I know. Uncompromising, tireless, engaged, humorous and partner of Black Sifichi Solomonoff & von Hoffmanstahl I have maintained my friendship with them after all these years. They used to come visit us in wildly Republican Methodist Ocean Grove. They looking very Downtown it was an interesting experience. Their S&VH performances were like a locomotive and a EKG machine in a candy store. The very limit of sound. Edwin Torres is a wildly gifted post-lingual poet who could easily outrap Bobby McFerrin. Andie Scott is a friend of a friend Coolies bassist Dave Mandl is one of my all-time best friends, former member of Fist of Facts and WFMU DJ, we started DJing at about the same time in 1986… Destroy All Monsters The Midwest’s version of Patti Smith, front-gal Niagara was someone you have one of those unrealistic crushes on, watching her perform in Ann Arbor in the mid-late 1970s. Part 2 of friends coming soon…

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