WTM #1081: Faves Flaves 2009

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies


18 January 2010 // 16.30-18.30

Introduction > Paul Harvey [Yesterday’s Voices / World Record vinyl]
Un Chant d’Amour [A film by Jean Genet] > Simon Fisher Turner 1
Preacher From Our Shoveled Out Hell > Dwight L. Moody [Yesterday’s Voices / World Record vinyl]
Waterfight > Tarwater 4
Jettisoned into Jesus Jerkdom > Ira Sankey [Yesterday’s Voices / World Record vinyl]
After Rave Delight > Damian Lazarus 11
My Friend Sherry > Myra Davies 2
Looking at the Bible > Rothkam 25
Movement 1 > Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald 12
Guitare Martin > Martin Tetreault A
Vortex > Hillary Jeffrey 13
The Flight of the Eagle > Lehadbik 14
Sa queue se leva en  meme tempsqueson desespoir > Norscq 7
Joro Boro > Balkan Beatbox 15
Pop Muzik > M 16
This City > Peter Szely 13
Festival de Cannes 68 > Godard, Polanski, Truffaut, Berri 17
Fall of Another Year > Can 17
Amour Gel > FilleQui Mousse 17
Hello, I’m Here > Peter Szely 13
Stuff > Myra Davies 2
It Circus [Not] > Kyteman 9
Dancin’ With Myself > Nouvelle Vague 18
Lata VIP > Dusk + Blackdown 19
Reverbed Ping Pong Ball > Orange
Hello, I’m Here > Peter Szely 13
Wednesday’s Child > Tarwater 4
Sable Émouvant > Duoud 6
Charming > Mankind 1a
Darker than East (featuring Target) > Dusk + Blackdown 19
Warp Dub 5 > Karekare 20

1 Simon Fisher Turner >> Music from Films You Should Have Seen >> Optical Sound ]
1a 4 Mankind >> Ice Machine >> Ambiences Magnetiques ]
2 Myra Davies [Cities & Girls / Moabit Muzik]
3 Ned Bouhalassa >> Gratte-Cité >> empreintes DIGITALes
4 Tarwater >> Donne-Moi La Main >> Gusstaff
5 Biosphere >> Shenzhou >> Touch
6 Duoud >> Ping Kong >> World Village
7 Norscq >> Gelatinosa Substancia >> Staubgold
8 2Kilos&More + Black Sifichi >> Entre3villes >> Optical Sound
9 Kyteman >> The Hermit Sessions > On-Rough Trade
10 The Rondos >> Destroy the Entertainment, King Kong & Red Wig, 2009.
11 Damian Lazarus >> Smoke The Monster Out >> Get Physical
12 Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald >> ReComposed Vol. 3 [Maurice Ravel and Modest Mussorgsky] >> Deutsche Grammophon
13 Various >> Com.post >> DSPS-De Player
14 Lehadbik >> Via Sinistrae >>  Black Note
15 Balkan Beatbox >> Nu-Made Remixes >> Crammed
16 M + various >> Pop Muzik Remixes >> Echo Beach
17 Various >> Cocktail Molotov 68 >> Le Son Du Maquis
18 Nouvelle Vague >> Bande a Part >> Peace Frog-PIAS]
19 Dusk + Blackdown >> Margins Music Redux >> Keysound
20 Karekare >> Te Reo O Te Whenua >> Dub Conspiracy
21 La fache cachée >> David Berezan >> empreintes DIGITALes
22 The Field >> From Here We Go Sublime >> Kompakt
23 Arklight >> Shadowed Features >> Arklight
24 Various >> This is WORM.Station >> WORM
25 Rothkam >> Frank Genius is Starstruck >> Flux
26 Beatles >> Please Please Me >> EMI

A Guitare Martin >> Martin Tetreault >> Musicworks 104 > SOCAN
B Stuff > Myra Davies
C Charming >> Mankind >> Ice Machine Ambiences Magnetiques
D Warp Dub 5 >> Karekarewww.smokecds.com/cd/43592
E Song for Electricity > Zea Zea Super Cosmotics 45 / Makkum

Hors Serie

Algebra Suicide >> Summer Virus Night Because I wrote the liner notes for the CD of this great DIY poetry band from the 1980s. Poetess Lydia Tomkiw ended her life in 2007. Read a review of the CD by Jose Padua.

Trying to get away from anal ranking and quantifying this year. But did want to produce a show based on the best I heard last year. It doesn’t mater if it was a 2009 release just as long as it was my first exposure to it. So Biosphere dates from 2002. Each year is terribly eclectic. I do notice some trends that are disturbing. There is a total commercial black out on interesting music. It is only via the Internet that one comes to know of interesting music. Most newspapers, commercial mags except Wire, and certainly all TV are fixated on rap and white guy rock and let us say very slickly produced girl pop. There is no room like 30 o 40 years ago for interesting intrepid music. So the tautological trend is toward ever more border/style crossing by musicians and ever more entrenched provincialism in straight media. I mean who really cares about the Arctic Monkeys except a bunch of 30+ white guy reviewers who want their worldview projected even if they themselves were failures in thei own efforts to be rock gods.

I listen to lots of yodeling for research but also for pleasure. I listen to lots of ethnic / world music but neither of these habits is reflected here. I go to Concerto & Get Records in Amsterdam twice a year and my eclecticism is tolerated there. It is a giant store with every genre having its own floor or department. By the time I sell a stack of unlistenable CDs to get a much shorter stack of new/used CDs I have usually collected CDs from every corner, taste, genre and department and when I go to pay the lucky employee / cashier I end up at has to then walk all around the store putting the CDs in their sleeves. This may take 15 minutes but they never seem to mind.

There are many I missed listing this year. But I want to reinforce the fact that each year I am always astonished by many new releases. Astonished to the point of mulitpiple play while toiling away on the computer, sometimes listening to a single track over and over and over and over, enchanted, mesmerized and driving the rest in the household crazy… The first 5 or 6 were indeed among my fave faves but the list is only vaguely in any order. I have always been one for lists since my childhood when I used to try to list the entire top 100 during the Christmas vacation around New Years.

RIP: John Martin 2009 / Miss Bee ~ Christine Bullard 2010


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