WTM #1082: Frenz2

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
25 January 2010 // 16.30-18.30

True Friends stab you in the front
Oscar Wilde

You tell them you will play it and then they try to tune in, listening with friends around the radio. There is something nice about that.
Beer Mystic

photo of Unbearables Ron, Mike, Bart taken by drunk patron in Rudy’s

Rotterdam / Tanger > Justin Bennett [Cityscape / Staalplaat]
Can’t Beat Blim > Ted Milton & Sam Britton [Odes / Limited Edition]
Burst / War of Dreams / I Am A Jew > Shelley Hirsch [States / Harvestworks]
Pine Bush > Scott Marshall [Pine Bush / Paniculture]
Haitian Fight Song [Mingus] > Hungry March Band [Critical Brass / HMB ]
Sound of Music > Kristina Fuchs Sonic Unit [Whence & Whither / EWM]
Dead on the Farm [Steven Bernstein] > Roberto Valenza RIP [Forwarning the 21st Century / BerVal]
Jaga Ode > Alpen Dub
Radio Station TAZ > B/art + Shyboy
TAZ > Hakim Bey
World Slide / New Hula Slide > Mike Cooper [World Slide / Ethbo vinyl]
Final Enclosure > Hakim Bey vs Brain Damage [Word Dub Manifesto / Jarring Effects]
Red Yodel Ramble > Lynn Book
The World Upside Down 6/7 > Glenn Branca & the NY Chamber Sinfonia [The World Upside Down / Les Disques du Crepescule]
The Naked Lunch {Fade in Out} 5Oth anniversary > Black Sifichi
Nemesis > Die Trip Computer Die [We Are Your Friends / DTCD]
Wegwerpman > Trans [Cafe Kukuck /Trans]
All I Really Want to Do [Dylan] > Erika Stucky [Suicidal Yodels / Traumton]
Tales of Brave Ulysses > Algebra Suicide
Cut It! > Ted Milton [single]
Bigshadowdaddy > Dada Frolic vs b/art [Unreleased Modest Genius Works /
Yonder Comes a Freight Train > Laura Cantrell [When the Roses Bloom Again / Shoeshine ]
Peaceful World > Kochu [Kochu / Bong Dern ]
Please Please Me Pal The Beatles
Fourth Flow  > Die Trip Computer Die [We Are Your Friends / DTCD]
Don Cosmic > Hungry March Band [Critical Brass / HMB ]

I didn’t really get everybody but that will come in part 3 at some point I guess. I’m not saying or bragging that I have lots of friends who make interesting music but I do realize that any of my friends and acquaintances are musicians or artists rather than writers. At some point our daughter paloma was diagnosed with dyslexia. Severe. Yeah, but also quite manageable. But what this knowledge has done is drag me down a path I have never been down – analyzing my own [undiagnosed] dyslexia. The irritating thing is is that dyslexia comes in so many forms and manifestations – figures, spelling but also garbled thought processes that are more like  crumpled sheet of paper than a nice neat sheet of lined paper. What I realize is that the internet more closely approximates my mind then a book. And so I am all over the place in thinking and the good thing is is that when the other-thinking is harnessed it can be very positive, empowering, creative, out of the box. They say that many of the people who predicted the financial crisis or were able to not be burned or even profit from it were other thinkers, many of whom may be dyslexic.

The way I put a radio show together is also a bit dyslexic or poetic or based on a weird set  of happenstance, circumstance and memory triggers that make loose connections between songs, themes, rhythms, moods and so radio shows are a kind of moody mosaic of surprise juxtapositions that when in proper conjunction and operation function the way the combining of two disparate colors on a canvas might work. I combine these songs from behind the scenes: they come together based on a series of chance ocurrence that have a lot to do with what the radio station set up will surprise me with – thus the technology infrastructure as well as memory and very flighty flaky connections between songs. It might be some flitty group of notes or a lyric or a theme.

Thanx AleXander Hirka of Alex Igloo & Dislokate Klammer for the URL to Tuli Kupferberg’s YouTube channel: http://www.facebook.com/l/14e13;www.youtube.com/user/tulifuli

I have admired Justin Bennett’s work since I got this great old Staalplaat CD, which effectively presented a series of sound portraits of [mostly] European and met him when he was performing with BMB in the OCCII in Amsterdam. Shelley Hirsch and I go way back, at least me listening in an enthralled manner to her vocals. I first played her Haiku Lingo in 1988 and this is the single yodel related song that started me on this fuzzy windy road toward writing about yodeling because it was so exuberantly anomalous. Anyway, I have had many intense and interesting conversations with this great vocalist over the years. Her gift is to combine the abstract experimentation of vocal sound with an incredible ability to tell biographically tinged stories. Scott Marshall’s “Pine Bush” is a piece I have played over and over because it so captures a certain sound in Upstate NY during summers [of my youth]. I met him thru Dave Mandl many years ago. Kristina Fuchs is one of the outstanding vocalists active in NL these days. She has mastered many styles and has made them her own. She is also quite a yodeler. Roberto Valenza RIP recently died. I befriended him thru Eddie Woods and we communicated via letter and email. He sent me his spoken word CDs, which have sadly given up the ghost like he has. What is it with some CDs? They don’t even last 10 years. Scary. Isn’t anyone responsible and isn’t this medium going to be totally debased like 8-track tapes? Anyway, Valenza died in 2009. His poetry had a ferocious pull towards the insanity of the world and how this insanity to which he was drawn was kept at bay by his meditative practices. Alpen Dub I met on the radio in NY so to speak. I was listening to NPR expecting my voice after an interview about my first yodel book and instead I first heard the sounds of Alpen Dub, a Canadian-German band that combines dub and yodeling in a quite enchanting way. I eventually befriended Robert, the Canadian spokesman for AD. I liked his sound so much that I included it on my ROUGH GUIDE TO YODEL CD. Shyboy was the early moniker of Dave Mandl. We started DJing at WFMU the same year with a regular slot in spring of 1986. The skit was at the transition between my show and his when we would disturb each other’s shows with mad antics and ridiculous banter. Mike Cooper is one of those musician ethnomusicologists who produces not rigid imitations of ethnic music but actually uses native musics as a jumping off point for his own sonic adventures. Hakim Bey is more than jst TAZ but his pseudonym has certainly been defined by this ground-breaking book about poetic anarchy and philosophical struggle against post-situ spectacle that turned into the Internet. He has managed a zen trick by being more present on the Internet by being absent than most people who have attempted to be too present on the Internet. Lynn Book I forget how I met LB but I have come to admire her amazing vocal gifts that includes healthy genre-renovating yodeling. She performed at several of my book promo readings at KGB and BPC in lower Manhattan. Glenn Branca I met through his admiring my character the Beer Mystic, we became drinking buddies and branca once proposed we write a kind of opera together – me the text, him the music. This, of course, never happened. We would sometimes get together in his closet-sized studio and drink cheap beer in 16 oz cans and grouse about the state of everything. Black Sifichi is best friend and multi-talent with an incredible amount of physical energy and spiritual endurance in the face of consistent praise and awe for his work as a post-Ken Nordine voice and writer but also visualist. It is a crime of modern society that he is not more appreciated/remunerated for his work. Trans is raucous local neighborhood band of Tom Koole. This pub band does frisky early rock and roll that proves that having a good time is no crime. Erika Stucky I have known and admired for a long long time. She appeared on my ROUGH GUIDE TO YODEL CD and I have followed the skyrocketing arc of her career as an amazingly talented other-cabaretier who can yodel, play squeezebox, mesmerize audiences with her strange cover versions of old rock nuggets like Whiter Shade of Pale and continues to come up with inspiring stage shows. Algebra Suicide [review by Jose Padua] was Don Hedeker [Polkaholics] and gifted poetess Lydia Tomkiw who I had known for some 28 yrs when she died of despair. I wrote the liner notes to her/their SUMMER VIRUS NIGHT as a tribute to this great soul and incisive romantic wordsmith. Ted Milton is the hardest working man in show biz since James Brown died. His Blurt was a seminal punk/jazz band that is performing in its 4th afterlife. He remains a great punk poet/singer/musician who always surprises you by not passing out at the end of a sweaty perf. Dada Frolic were the mysterious underground cabal-noise band made up of Dan and Detta whom I performed and noodled around with on a number of occasions trying to shake my perpetual shyness to only modest effect. Laura Cantrell is a bright new rootsy country star who has managed to remain rooted in the past while not sounding dusty and cobwebbed by those very traditions. Also a DJ at WFMU. Kochu is Chris Burke [Glomag] who has produced some amazing sound over the years. I first came into contact with him when I was at WFMU some 20 yrs ago. Die Trip Computer Die is an english band that would do well to collaborate with GenKen Montgomery. They are fascinated with outmoded rejected technologies that reinvent and breathe new life into. Met them through Dave Mandl and I performed with them in Rotterdam and Tilburg as part of De Player avant evenings a few years back. Hungry March Band is the progressive/anarcho marching band which includes very unlikely funky numbers done marching band style. One of the members is friend/colleague Ben Meyers whom I worked with in editorial capacities at Autonomedia.

2 thoughts on “WTM #1082: Frenz2

  1. I read your words on Roberto Valenza..i just wish to make a correction regarding his death. To be exact he died on jan 19th 2001
    in Florida USA..at the hospital..sitting up while preparing for his death the way Tibetan Lamas do..it’s called The Pohwa and by saying a certain mantra one consciously ‘leaves’ through the crown chakra.
    Roberto Valenza suffered from advanced liver cancer..

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