WTM #1094: The Queen’s Orange Vinyl

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies


3 May 2010 // 16.30-18.30

Orange is the happiest color
• Frank Sinatra

Take all the colors under the sun. Only 1 color I think is much fun and that’s orange… Orange I said, the silly color that lives next to red.
Ken Nordine

The Dividing Line > Art Bears [Hopes and Fears / ReR]
Praise of Nyboder > Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband [single / Storyville]
A Caucus Race > Randy Greif [Alice in Wonderland / Soleilmoon]
In the Still of the Night >  Neville Brothers [Red, Hot & Blue / Chrysalis]
You Do Something to Me > Sinead O’Connor [Red, Hot & Blue / Chrysalis]
Jeux Interdits > L. Hunter [Cinema Français / MFP]
Miss Otis > Kirsty MacColl & the Pogues [Red, Hot & Blue / Chrysalis]
Beetle Bones n Smokin’ Stones > Captain Beefheart [I May Be Hungry But I Sure Aint Weird / Sequel]
+ Nintendo Horses Interference > DJ Pal
It’s Alright With Me > Tom Waits [Red, Hot & Blue / Chrysalis]
Jules et Jim > George Delerue [Cinema Français / MFP]
New York New York > Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five [single / Sugar Hill]
Moments in Love > Art of Noise [Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise / Island]
Heroes & Villains > Beachboys [Greatest Hits / Capitol vinyl]
Only a Thimble > Randy Greif [Alice in Wonderland / Soleilmoon]
Au Bord de l’Onde > Les Choeurs de l’Armee Sovietique [No. 2 / LDX vinyl]
Paloma Blanca > Facio Santillan & M. Romero [Ay Que Paraguay / Festival]
New York New York Instro > Grandmaster Flash + MC PalJet [single / Sugar Hill]
Hand It Over Here > Randy Greif [Alice in Wonderland / Soleilmoon]
Safe as Milk [take 5] > Captain Beefheart [I May Be Hungry But I Sure Aint Weird / Sequel]
Nicaragua > Ed Sanders + Shockabilly [Vietnam / Fundamental vinyl]
Isn’t It A Pity > George Harrison [single / Apple]
Jane B. > Jane Birkin [single / Fontana]
A Teenage Opera 1 > Keith West & Mark Wirtz Orchestra [single / Parlophone]
Weer Een Cafe > Bobbejaan Schoepen [single / Omega]
Kun Je Nog Zingen > [Het Cocktail Trio [single / Omega]
Song of the French Partisan > Buffy Sainte-Marie [She Used to Wanna be a Ballerina /Vanguard]
Mei Vata is a Appenzeller > Lolita [single / Polydor]
I Hope My Wife Don’t Find Out > Red Sovine [single / Starday]
Subterranean Homesick Blues > Les Carle [single / Embassy]

I’ve stopped grumbling about Queen’s Day April 30. I forget which Dutch queen was born that day. I know that royalty is expensive. Dutch royalty despite some surviving remnants of Calvinism in society is one of the most spendacious, most spendthriftacious, most money squandering royal families around. And still, despite democracy and the general prejudice against elitism, the Dutch seem soft on monarchy, the illogic of emotion squashing the fact that there is no good reason for the monarchy – except Queen’s Day, a big sidewalk sale on a national level, where everyone brings out what they don’t fit into, can’t find a use for, toys they’ve outgrown and they sell it on the street. It is a jolly good time if I can focus on one things – looking for vinyl. If I can do that I enjoy it, if you just generically wander around you get mentally exhausted from being in the orange-clad crowds… So I go hunting for vinyl. Some of it is still very cheap and vinyl that was not so cheap may very well be left behind by the seller after the day winds down. So me and Paloma usually like to wander around to see what has been discarded – she finds toys and clothes I find vinyl.
One of the true delights of being a DJ is the cocaine of DJing = obscurity. Obscurity + weirdness is an even more potent cocktail. I think this year’s winner is Papa Bue’s Viking Jazzband. What the!?!?!?! They actually sound more like Al Hirt – I’m afraid – than Moondog… Captain Beefheart I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain’t Weird was a true cheap find of outtakes and alt. versions of his 60s material… Grandmasterflash single was surprisingly not too warn out and still rocks although seeing them on Youtube you have to wonder if they weren’t secretly raiding the Village People wardrobe. I  bought the Les Choeurs de l’Armee Sovietique for the album cover. So dynamically and rhetorically idealistic about the collective known as humankind as if world problems can be solved through collective singing of rousing tales of workers overcoming adversity… A Teenage Opera 1 by Keith West & Mark Wirtz is a story about the death of a local grocer complete with the always kitschy addition of a children’s choir and sounds like some bad fusion of Hair and Westside Story or something. West a bit of psychedelic legend in the UK as a member of Tomorrow and the In Crowd. So I was looking for the entire opera and just discovered it does not exist. It did inspire Pete Townsend to perhaps begin writing Tommy… And of course some kitschy yodel records. The good thing about bad records is that they are usually in good condition vinyl wise. A kind of audio tautology… I did get into a long conversation about yodeling with one vendor who sold old LPs from musty sagging cardboard boxes. He did have one yodel record and then tried to sell me a record of a famous castrati and began obsessing about the entire phenom of castrati, the history and the actual operation they undergo to maintain their high voices for the love of god, pope and falsetto. And what to make of the Dylan cover by Les Carle. Atrocious is right. Uneasy listening is troubling. The fact that Ken Barrie, who later became the voice of Postman Pat, recorded for Embassy Records under the name of Les Carle is no less disturbing. The one great thing is that it is a time of public bonding happiness. It does seem, despite complaining, that the Dutch on this day are a happy nation of orange-wearing pawns.

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