WTM #1095: Amsterdam Soundtrack City

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies


17 Mei 2010 // 16.30-18.30

IJburg 00. Inleiding >  Blauwe Huis
IJburg 01. Duif – want ik denk je >  Blauwe Huis
IJburg 02. Voor het eerst >  Blauwe Huis
Zuidas 1. Zuidplein > Justin Bennett
IJburg 4. Spreeuwen en Kwikstaarten >  Blauwe Huis
The Canals of Amsterdam > Louis Dusée & Enrico Neckhelm & Orchestra [45 / Amstel]
Zuidas 2. Parkje > Justin Bennett
+ Paloma Blanca > George Baker
IJburg 5. Zwarte Kraai – vrijheid >  Blauwe Huis
Aan de Amsterdamse Grachten > De Drie Pruiken [the Three Wigs] [45 / Amstel]
Zuidas 9. Mahlerplein > Justin Bennett
IJburg 9. Ergens anders vandaan >  Blauwe Huis
+ Mahler Symphony #1 [forward/back] >
Osdorp 1. De gekweekten > Peter Westenberg & Martijn Tellinga
Carmen Brasilia [The New Popcorn] > Anarchic System
IJburg 10. Daar [yodel]* >  Blauwe Huis
+ Van Mokkum > De Snabbelaars
Langs de Amstel 1. Jan > Alison Isadora & Hannes Wallrafen
Amsterdam-Noord 2. waar woon je > Nienke Rooijakkers & Evelien van den Broek
+ Stereo Geluiden
+ Telstar Dubbel
Oostelijk Havengebied 1. Uw gids** > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Langs de Amstel 3. Bernadette* > Alison Isadora & Hannes Wallrafen
Oostelijk Havengebied 2. Gure eilanden > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Amsterdam-Noord 3. heimwee > Nienke Rooijakkers & Evelien van den Broek
Amsterdam Ik Vergeet Je Niet > Johnny Jordaan
Intermezzo Between Nothing > Willem Breuker Kollektief [Lunchconcert / BVHaast]
Oostelijk Havengebied 3. Ontsmettingsgebouw / Raggende Mannen > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
In Memory of John Coltrane > Willem Breuker Kollektief [Lunchconcert / BVHaast]
Oostelijk Havengebied 4. Zeemansvrouwen  > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Music for Han Bennink > Willem Breuker Kollektief [Lunchconcert / BVHaast]
Oostelijk Havengebied 5. Havenbekkens > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Oostelijk Havengebied 6. Kapiteinshuizen > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Stadsnomade > Diane Ozon [Ruigoord Ongehavend / XAmpl]
Oostelijk Havengebied 7. Kraken > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
+ Paas Morgen [vogels] > Europese Fono Club
Oostelijk Havengebied 8. Steeg > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Great Red Warbler > Hans A. Traber
Oostelijk Havengebied 9. Twintig meter > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Oostelijk Havengebied 10. Verre reis > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Oostelijk Havengebied 11. Kraan > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Oostelijk Havengebied 12. Blauwe poort > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Oostelijk Havengebied 13. Einde van de wereld / Raggende Mannen > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi
Bird’s Bath > Greetje Bijma
Nightingale > Hans A. Traber

Although it was easy to move away, nostalgia has a way of transforming the dreaded into something almost gushy charming and that is what I read in some emails from people over 40, how nostalgia colors our vision and blinds us to certain levels of critique to allow us to survive with a certain level of calm. I have now been in Amsterdam for 14 years. The passage of time like a high speed train where you can’t even see the faces in the windows is pretty how we end up viewing it. A little wind in your hair.
Regardless, this CD, Amsterdam Soundtrack City is inspiring if limited by the fact that it is in Dutch. What it offers is both content and ambience, both perfume and food. It provides local color, audio bouquets that distinguish various neighborhoods and alternative [oral] histories that put together the city in a way that officials have ignored or will never dream of. You learn a lot about forgotten, hidden aspects of life, like the many urban birds that inhabit and serenade Amsterdam. You also learn plenty about the effect of alternative lifestyles, alternative social movements like the squatters and the effect they have had on the make up of the city, in effect, forcing it to be more creative and conscientious than it would be if developers following the scent of money were left to their own devices. One of the better segments is by sounds ecologist Justin Bennett as he provides an interesting profile of the Zuidas, the WTC area where I live, all related in his heroic English-tinged Dutch.
I am very far behind schedule and much has happened since the right-wing turn in the world, in NL, in Amsterdam and we had to take down our antenna and for a time we were only an Internet station. Then we were knocked completely off the air when our host building upgraded its electrical and Internet cables. We should be back on the air soon. Where there is a will there is a…


One thought on “WTM #1095: Amsterdam Soundtrack City

  1. Hi there, thanx for the airplay! In case you didn’t notice; one of the eight soundwalks on the CD is in English. It’s ‘The Zone’ which follows a track through the ‘Staatsliedenbuurt’ in Amsterdam.

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