WTM #1103: Summer Filler

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

5 Juli 2010 // 16.30-18.30

What’s Hardcore > K’naan
The Intro & Outro > Bonzo Dog Band [History of the Bonzos / UA]
Oostelijk Havengebied 4. Zeemansvrouwen > Mechtild Prins & Wim Conradi [Amsterdam Soundtrack City]
5. Havenbekkens / 6. Kapiteinshuizen / 7. Kraken > Prins & Conradi
Vogels: Vliegende Reiger > Geluidsimpressies [Kunsthoofd Stereo / Philips]
Oostelijk Havengebied 8. Steeg / 9. Twintig Meter > Prins & Conradi
Een Passerende Motovoertuig > Geluidsimpressies [Kunsthoofd Stereo / Philips] Oostelijk Havengebied 10. Verre reis /11. Kraan > Prins & Conradi
Hey Look Me Over > Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine [Kunsthoofd Stereo / Philips]
Oostelijk Havengebied 12. Blauwe poort /13. Einde van de wereld > Prins & Conradi
Een Shietbaan – Vogels > Geluidsimpressies [Kunsthoofd Stereo / Philips]
Oostelijk Havengebied 14. Pakhuizen > Prins & Conradi
Een DC-10 Tijdens Landing > Geluidsimpressies [Kunsthoofd Stereo / Philips]
Oostelijk Havengebied 15. Slingerpad / 16. Lloyd geschiedenis > Prins & Conradi
Een Passerende Motorfiets > Geluidsimpressies [Kunsthoofd Stereo / Philips]
Detroit One Circle > Robert Hood
Minimal-techno Undr > Reason 4
Multidirectional I > Fluxion
Sport Odd Boy > Bonzo Dog Band [History of the Bonzos / UA]
Hanoi > Myra Davies [Cities & Girls / Moabit Muzik]
Stop Smoking > Brion Gysin [Self-Portrait Jumping / Made to Measure]
Sound of Music > Bonzo Dog Band [History of the Bonzos / UA]
Shantih Shantih Shantih > Arklight [2010 • Phase 1 / Caution Tape]
Vibronics Spiritunational Remix > Vibronics
Fetish Object > Arklight [2010 • Phase 1 / Caution Tape]
Only Lost In The Sound > Brain Damage vs Black Sifichi
My Legs, My Arms, My Mind & My Brain > Brain Damage vs Black Sifichi
Legs [Inside Leg Mix] > Art of Noise [Legs 12-inch / Chrysalis]
#1 > Gen Ken Montgomery + Conrad Schnitzler [Con Gen Duets / GD Stereo]
Alpine Climbers edit > Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck & Pluto
Stripsody (TV Svizzera Italiana 1969) > Cathy Berberian
In the Alps Act 1 [Yodel] > Barbara Hannigan & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble
Ihoyiya > Miriam Makeba

Sometimes you havbe to throw something together, throw it against the wall and see what sticks, you mix things you never thought could end up in close proximity to one another. In this case ending with a combo of old faves like “Legs” to noise post-punk sonic terror by Arklight and then going to a newly received CD by GenKen, the master of machinic music, yodeling by Mickey and Crew, the insane lighter side of Cathy Berberian, one of the first avant-garde divas, then to Barbara Hannigan one of today’s best living opera singers, in part because of her broad range of interest and ability to convert vocals through such a slender body into powerful voluminous resonant vocals – interesting because she is not the classic big gal we have come to expect from opera divas.

The summers used to pass by with me being able to note details in a notepad, seemingly restfully, kind of clinging to the notations made in the notepad which gave structure, meaning, purpose or direction to the days but now there seems to be increasingly less time for that. Experiencing is one thing, documentation another, fearing its vague and incomprehensible passing a totally ‘new’ development that when you were young you figured would be the opposite. The immensity and inability to comprehend the meaning the beauty the whatever was chalked up to lack of experience, to youth. But now, even with instant access to data, to the world as encyclopedia vs search engines we are ever as much unable to manage the passage of time which seems to ravage the soul like a strong wind tatters a flag from a land that no longer exists.

photo 1: Pal feeding birds, Central Park, July 2010

photo 2: by Randi Rosenblum, Pal & Dotty, NYC, Summer 2010

photo 3: Susan & Mark Boswell, Cats on a hot tar roof, Summer 2010

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