WTM #1108: Back to the Front

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
18.10.10 // 17.00-18.30

Lullaby for Davy Parts 1-3 > Chris Hinze Combination [Who Can See The Sun / CBS]
Chime, Chime (Re-rung) > Philip Jeck [Musicworks 104 / SOCAN]
Six > Chris Hinze Combination [Who Can See The Sun / CBS]
Adagio / Solenne > Taxonomy [10 Taxonomical Movements / Ambiences Magnetiques]
Day in the Life [Reversed- slowed-stretched] > Beatles [Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / Capitol]
Live Heart / Figlia > AnteNata [AnteNata / Ambiences Magnetiques]
Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation > Santana [Caravanserai / Columbia]
Black Valley4 > Radio Free Clear Light [Black Valley / Black Note]
20 Jazz Funk Greats > Throbbing Gristle [Greatest Hits: Entertainment Through Pain / Southern]
Black Valley8 > Radio Free Clear Light [Black Valley / Black Note]
Lullaby for a Locomotive > Chris Hinze Combination [Who Can See The Sun / CBS]
Pal Scratch Summer > DJ Pal Jet vs Donna Summer

Sometimes minimal resources divvies up maximal creation… You can’t depend on a massive collection of CDs and LPs to get you through. You cannot depend on a mixing board to offer fine technology that lets you mix fluently, seamlessly, without glitch or static, no human need show his or her face. It’s basically autopilot. So when you get to a station that has been on the air and off back and forth, on the run, clandestine, filled with internal strife, wasted folks who need to kill their inner upper middle class backdrops, the suggested harassment by political types, the rumors, the non-payment of our rent, the ransacking of our safe, he other folks who weekly test the limits of the far negative edge of anarchy, the smells, the dust, the cigarette butts, empties, the unplugged turntables, the headphones where you have to wiggle the plug, the wire, the connection to get any sound at all, the meters each of which gives a different reading of input and output so that modulation is almost impossible, and then having to remember which CD player accepts CDRs and which does not, which one has trouble playing CDs with more than 25 trax, an effects machine that sometimes is plugged and sometimes not, with equipment rearranged, restacked, renumbered on the mixing board on a weekly level, speakers unplugged, with turntables that have needles as sharp as a blunt prehistorical stone axe, with squishy sticky liquids spilled where you usually spread your CDs, with a couch that smells of wet dog fur, with dodgy inputs where you have to wiggle the plug to get stereo – if you can still make a reasonably good sounding program and still manage to find some enjoyment or sense of accomplishment despite ALL of the above – or maybe, could it be, BECAUSE of all or most of the above – then you have accomplished something that in some modest way represents wartime conditions means you can still enjoy the brutal sound of mega-large speakers – feel the noise – and enjoy the delightfully disorienting sound of pop songs spinning backwards at 14 rpms then you are our wo/man. Join now and watch your hair turn gray over night…

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