wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

“Men simply don’t think”
• DJ Hype

“Girls love a DJ, so once they see me behind the wheels of steel over there, doing my thing… watch out.”
• DJ Pauly D [Jersey Shore]

Being a DJ, I take the art of digging seriously…it has almost a karmic element of, ‘I was meant to find this on top.’ or, ‘I was meant to pull this out becuase it works so well with this.’ So it has a lot of meaning for me personally.
DJ Shadow

11.11.10 // 17.00-18.30

DJ Black Sifichi vs DJ Wreck >> Freedom WTM 88.3
DJ Shadow >> Outsider Intro [The Outsider / Island]
DJ Shadow >> This Time [The Outsider / Island]
DJ Sly Stone >> Aircheck Chatter on KSOL San Francisco
DJ Click >> Omi
DJ Spooky vs Pamela Z >> Perpetual Next/Pop Titles ‘You’ [Subrosa comp LP
DJ Decoy >> Last Laugh
DJ Anonymous >> Apologize for Radio
DJ Ming vs The Mac >> Daddy’s Walk
DJ Krush vs Toshinori Kondo >> Tobira-2 / Fu-Yu [Ki-Oku / Apollo]
DJ Techdread >> Welcome to the Jungle
DJ Shadow vs David Banner >> Seein’ Thangs [The Outsider / Island]
DJ Shadow >> Broken Levee Blues [The Outsider / Island]
DJ Da Rick >> The Yodel Anthem
DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu vs Baba Zula > Istanbul Cocuklari [Crossing The Bridge: The Sound of Istanbul / Doublemoon]
DJ Black Sifichi & Elastik >> This is Dub Excursion [New Dub Excursion / ]
DJ Dolores vs Taraf de Haidouks >>DumbalaDumba [Electric Gypsyland / Crammed]
DJ Lith >> Lithuanian Instrumental Music [1983]
DJ Hype >> Success [1973-Recon /  ]
DJ Krush  vs Tunde Ayanyemi >> Sonic Traveler
DJ Icey >> Vocorder Bass [Digital Empire / BML]
DJ Seep vs Dubphonic >> Homegrown rmx [New Dub Excursion / ]
DJ Olive vs Ben Neill >> Dream Phase / 12th Flight [Triptycal / Antilles]
DJ Poulet >> Les Cigarettes
DJ Cor Bliney >> More Gauze [DJ Cor Bliney & His Pigeon / Conundrum]
DJ Tiësto >> Traffic
DJ Chienloup >> Blouse Societe Secrete
DJ Shadow >> What Does Your Soul Look Like [Endtroducing / Mo Wax]
DJ Scud >> Intro / Total Destruction / Bloody Nora [Three the Hard Way / Crossfade]
DJ Black Sifichi vs Brain Damage >> Invisible Click
DJ Ratzi & MC Jesus >> Yodel Jesus
DJ Moxx vs Hansi Hinterseer >> Ski-Twist ( Remix)
DJ Frankie Bones vs Vector Two >> War Zone 1 [Factory / BML]
DJ b/art >> End of Marvelous Night Outro

I have been a DJ since 1986. Never developed it into a career, always kept modern tech at arm’s length out of sight. Maybe I was scared or just poor to manage such intricate technology that could sound so perfect as to eliminate human traces. I like that tension – music that has soul despite aspiring to soullessness – New Order’s dancier numbers were like that. But I have decided to always use low tech or s it my income level and writerly afflictions that have kept me down this way. In any case, I have, like so many others, turned my deficiencies into an aesthetic. DIY, showing the seams, revealing the glitches, exposing the failing technologies of an underground radio station, displaying how an omnivorous listener and eclectic spinner managing a few basic techniques and effects can create havoc, create a new atmosphere out of old tracks. I have DJed at clubs [Pyramid, NY], at parties [threatened with bodily harm], weddings [assaulted by the bride’s mother], underground festivals [squats of 19th & 20th arrondisement Paris], alternative clubs [OCCII Amsterdam] and squat parties [the Kalenderpanden, Amsterdam] but I still like radio best. I like solo but I also like mixing beside my friend DJs Black Sifichi and DJ PanouPanou both in Paris.

I think the first raw mixing DJ Black Sifichi and I did was to make rough tracks in a cute and paste manner on an old very versatile boombox. I still have these tracks and they stand up as a kind of monument of cut n paste. Things change and yes I do not abhor or fear change – my mixes have grown more sophisticated with sound software but has remained kind of Ur-primitive because of the low-tech nature of an illegal radio station… To survive you must improvise and sometimes improvisation leads to strange and fruitful juxtapositions of sounds, the lack of a generous helping of effects – limited to reverb [sometimes] a variable speed / reverse turntable and a professional CD player with pitch control allows or insists that my shows all sound awkwardly human, indignantly flawed with uhs and ahs, with glitches, miscues and the electronic crackle of bad connections…

I do not glory in it but like scratchy and poppy vinyl, it has a certain charming depth, with the unyielding and unexpected glitches adding a certain depth of happenstance and impromtu-ness, the inability to plan because of undesirable and unpredictable studio conditions means a certain openness to serendipity… Which has an almost spiritual component that technically savvy and technology-prowess-heavy DJs in total control never have to deal with.

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