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“When I drink, I think; and when I think, I drink.”
~ Rabelais

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

29 November 2010

image by Ken Avidor

Freedom Intoxicated Wreck  > b/art vs West Hell Five [GainsNORD]
Beer Beer Bottla Beer > A.C. Ducey
Slow Brewed Jingle > Heidelberg Beer
The Beer > Kimya Dawson
Drinking Again > Dinah Washington
There Stands The Glass > Webb Pierce
Hamms Beer > The Young Adults
Pancakes & Beer > Forty Twenty [Sober & Stupid / Slackjaw]
Summer Wine > Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood [The Best of Nancy Girl / S*R]
Turn to the Whiskey > Forty Twenty [Sober & Stupid / Slackjaw]
Beer Bottle Up  > Afroman

“24 hoursin a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?”
~ Steven Wright

Mr. Saki  > Yann Tomita
Der Trunkene Pope > Iwan Rebroff [Na Sdarowje: Weisen von Vodka und Wein / CBS]
Drinking Song > Tiny Bill Cody [Stranger We Have No Leader / Tinymusic]
Little Ole Wine Drinker Me > Dean Martin
Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’ > Loretta Lynn
Rhythm & Booze > Buck Owens [40 Great Country Hits / Black Tulip]
Sittin’ And Drinkin’ > Christine Kittrell
The Piano Has Been Drinkin’ > Tom Waits [Small Change / Asylum]
Underneath the Bottle > Lou Reed [The Blue Mask / RCA]
La Biere > Jacques Brel [De 24 Grootste Successen / Polydor]
Songs To Sell Beer By [Drewry’s] > Cold Front
J’ai Bois > Boris Vian [Boris Vian et ses Interpretes / Polygram]
Here Comes A Regular > The Replacements
Angoisse / Intoxicated Man > Serge Gainsbourg [Du Jazz dan la Ravin / Philips]
Drunkard’s Doom  > Louvin Brothers
D-R-U-N-K > David Allen Coe
Ek Bottle Bagal Main > Kishore Kumar & Asha Bhosle
Fallstaff Beer-commercial > Hank Thompson
Beer Beer Bottla Beer > A. C. Ducey

I chose 2 beers to bring to my show in honor of tonight’s meeting with Jaap, who has recommended Gollem on the Overtoom, which comes out good for me after my radio show.

The 2 beers I chose were an Orval Trappiste and a Chimay blue. Delicious accompaniment for my drinking song show part 1. Turns out that these 2 beers come highly recommended by Jaap a bit of a beer enthusiast with some knowledge and a weakness for anarcho-football clubs like St. Pauli – their logo is a skull n crossbones –in Hamburg and punk bands – and great beer.

I’m more a fan of the “real” St. Pauli Girl of the beer label who creates an ineluctable relation between large beer mugs/steins and ample breasts, although

And Gollem has some 55 rare beers, beers that come in glasses that look like chemistry class beakers, beers that require certain drinkerly rites, beers where the yeast at the bottom is served separately allowing the drinker the choice of less or more yeast. Beers that when you read the labels you believe you are entering a secret pact with beings from the other side.

We wonder what the relationship is between comradeship and beer. It seems immense, organic, there is no doubt that consumption in the right manner at the right swallow speed allows beer to create an alternate state of consciousness and that if used correctly, if taken advantage of properly, could be used in delicate negotiations between warring parties.

I know how I would do it if I had a bar, I would make sure to have thousands of drinking songs or at least soundtracks that aid the enjoyable consumption of beer. I would certainly play the above radio show mix inc. many of the great drinking singers and those are the ones that have come to recognize the value and the dangers of consumption to the edge of useless. Walking that precarious line on the road from here to there between glowing and wasted. If you can forever balance that you can find that healthy glow – like a state of satori.

A thoroughly average beer – now, in the 21st century – St. Pauli Girl Beer has always done things right – Big mugs and blondes on the label and a new gal each year like a Playboy bunny with a head of beer rather than a fuzzy bunny tail. The labels are stunningly realistic like the cover of a skin mag with a theme, yes, fetishistic Bavarian dirndl garb. The gals on the fornt used to be drawn renderings but are now professional photos of girls just about beckoning you like som hopsy lorelei to dare to partake. Since, I’ve read, that St. Pauli is actually a euphemism for a Red Light district [itself a euphemism] in Hamburg. It’s the name of the district. So some believe the St. Pauli gals are more than just spokesmodels or aspiring actresses.

Always a buxom blonde but not always something artsy or even dream-inducing, they have often gone with air-brush and antiseptic, even somewhat under-nourished.  But as I am a sucker for labels I choose things like wine and beer based on labels I do have a fascination for them. The labels more often than not far outstrip the actual beer in fascination quotient. For instance, Gollem’s own on-tap wit bier will make you forget St. Pauli robustness and all in a single  swallow.

I now try to pace life, drinking and beer [and wine]. Avoiding hard liquor is important. Longevity can be gained by sticking to wine and beer. Drinking in extreme moderation [a lot but not too much with a healthy diet and lots of water and vegies and organic vegetarian fare] I am betting is a formula for wholesome and enjoyable longevity. The beer [and wine, although not necessarily at the same time] consumed in situations of enjoyability of gusto and delight are better ways to attack the stress of modern living than say sedatives, extreme sports, anxiety induced dieting, extreme fetishism of teetotaling [complete with Biblical evidence].
Anyway, I wrote the novel Beer Mystic that has been reproduced in various forms as excerpts, extracts, slivers, swallows but never the whole thing as a book and here you will find my attempt to create a global pub crawl, excerpt by excerpt, site by site, city by city until I get the whole thing up.

After scoring the yodel cassettes and LPs, my mission still held 2 folds: Discover good beers and find the REAL St. Pauli Girl, rumored to be in attendance this year. Ever since I’d been a teen I’d been fascinated by the directive “Enjoy a Nice Cold St. Pauli Girl” — the first occasion of sexual innuendo linked to the inebriatory pleasures offered by beer or at least a beer bottle label.

Anyway, I wrote the novel Beer Mystic that has been reproduced in various forms as excerpts, extracts, slivers, swallows but never the whole thing as a book and here you will find my attempt to create a global pub crawl, excerpt by excerpt, site by site, city by city until I get the whole thing up. I here excerpt from the part where the Beer Mystic goes looking for the St. Pauli Girl at a street fair on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan during Oktoberfest… From excerpt #32 at WFMU:

I careened through the hordes through the shadows cast by the housing projects, asking every fetching gal with sun-reflecting-off-clear-lake-eyes, in traditional skirts, puff sleeves and lace bodice, “Bist du die mädchen von St. Pauli?

At the stands I enjoyed imagining their flesh bursting out of their hastily tied bodices. I also enjoyed saying, “Ein bier, mein schatze.” Wondering aloud whether, to them, beer was masculine or feminine.

I met a young couple, Johan and Margaret, brewers from Bavaria, who’d emigrated from Germany because they’d been unable to convince German officials to allow them to name their first child Bierstübl or Beerhall, because it may “endanger the well-being of the child.”

I was fascinated by how easily pagan imagery [goats, maypoles, reindeer, trees] were incorporated into Christian iconography. And how this was affected by the inebriating modus of beer. As well, I was interested in how cozily religion stood in proximity to the bacchanalian excesses encouraged by beer. How1 thrived on the other and vice versa.

Sister Doris served us Mallersdorf in flugelhorn-shaped steins.

“In Germany priests and nuns regularly sit down with you at long tables to taste the new doppelbocks,” Margaret noted.

“How come breweries so often use the cross on their label?” I inquired.

“This makes it your Christian duty to drink.” Johan.

Ja, der Priest thanks unseren Gott, blesses the new batch, then leads the singing of praises to the ur-bocks,” Margaret added….

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