WTM #1115: DrinkDrankDrunk2

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

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If the blues was whiskey, I’d stay drunk all the time
• Bumble Bee Slim

Freedom Intoxicated Wreck > b/art vs West Hell Five
Who Drank My Beer (While I Was In The Rear) > Tommy Duncan
In Heaven There Is No Beer > Goose Island Ramblers
BEER! > Psychostick
Trinker Müssen Trinken > Rocket Freudental
Drunk ‘n’ Space (Mad Volinka) > OMFO [Our Man From Odessa]

“No animal ever invented anything as bad as drunkenness – or so good as drink.”
• G. K. Chesterton

Moody Bastard Out Drinking > Pure Sound
Cocktails for Two / Rum and Coca Cola > Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra [Cugi’s Cocktails / Mercury]
+ How To Shotgun a Beer > Beer Lesson
Carlostenstrasse [yodel/beer] > Carlos
Beer, Broads & Brats > Polkaholics
Whiskey & Wimmen > John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat
Streams Of Whiskey > The Pogues
The Bottle Swallowed Ed > Randy Erwin
The Drunkard’s Hell > Stanley Brothers
NO Drunkard Can Enter There > Delmore Brothers [Classic Cuts 1933-141 / JSP]
Wine Drinker > The Cats & the Fiddle [Start Jive Talkin / Dee Jay]
Rye Whiskey > Tex Ritter
I Like Beer > Tom T. Hall

“I like beer. it makes me a jolly good fellow,
I like beer. it helps me unwind and sometimes it makes me feel mellow (makes him feel mellow),
Whiskey’s too rough, champagne costs too much, vodka puts my mouth in gear,
This little refrain should help me explain as a matter of fact i like beer…”

Whoa Sailor > Betsy Gay
A Pub With No Beer > The Dubliners
L’Alcool > Serge Gainsbourg
Beer, beer, beer > Clancy Brothers
Philosopher’s Beer Drinking Song > Monty Python
I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs > Johnny Cash
Fuck You I’m Drunk (Irish Drinking Song) > Bondo
Brass Monkey > Beastie Boys
A Drinking Song > The Divine Comedy
Too Bombed Too Soon > Blurt
A Beer is Much Better than a Woman > Bob and Tom
Shut up and drink your beer > Doye O’Dell
On Tap In the Can or in the Bottle > Hank Thompson
Beer Song > Adam Sandler
Beer Beer Bottla Beer > A.C. Ducey

BEER Makes me think I’m a man
BEER I could kiss and hug it
BEER But I rather Chug it
BEER Put my belly up to here
BEER I could not refuse it
BEER Call the authorities
Pour it down for me
BEER Do it for me
BEER Brew it for me
BEER Feed it to me
BEER Speed it to me
BEER The most wonderful drink in the world HOORAY”

• Adam Sandler

What do drinking songs offer listeners? Consolation that there are people worse off than us drinking off the edge of their sorrows and sometimes exacerbating the decline with behavior unbecoming of someone seeking gainful employment or a life worth living. They offer justification for our eternal search for jollification. If there’s so many songs about beer and how drink can amplify what is right and righteous about life and also supply courage in areas of life that terrorize us: public speaking, dating a beautiful woman, anxiously awaiting the results of a test, then they indeed DO have value.

Rocket: Der Schnaps hier schmeckt bitter, doch das leben schmeckt nur schal. / Trinker müssen trinken und Schiffe müssen sinken. [The schnaps tastes bitter, but life tastes insipid / Drinkers must drink and ships must sink…]

They serve as testimony as reports on the universal need to escape the very world we have created, voted for or at least allowed to happen… But then again, those Darwinian Fountainheads who insist we create our own realities to in turn ennoble their rampaging acts of pillaging and looting in the name of the laws that govern rugged individualism and manifest destiny. It all makes it seem that they’re just superior and that god, as many [US] Christians believe, rewards those people by making them welathy. Those who think and drink differently sing very different tunes and find those that humanize and unite us in our need to find respite from almost universal injustice and suffering. Meanwhile, the successful invent laws of nature to ensure they maintain their own entitlements and lifestyles and show us their teetotaling as a sign that they are rich with the help of some god who has only recently been made to seem like a teetotaling demagogue. The entitled do not even have time to drink their way out of their delusions.

Xavier Cugat [liner notes, Hal Moody]: Pick up a glass of melody and watch those gloomy thoughts disappear when you sample the unique cocktails Cugi mixes…

The successful fountainheadians are teetotalers who get drunk not on wealth but on the dramatic distinction that this wealth exacerbates and magnifies from that of the poor masses. The more they can feel this gap between them the better they feel about their wealth. Their mortality is what leads them to their humanity and drink will aid that slide. Sure drink can lead to belligerence, to downright stupid levels of insensitive violence but I must say that when I was last in the Gollem along Amsterdam’s Overtoom behind the Vondel Park I was fascinated by how convivial this palace of beer was. Commiseration, conversation, revelry, singing along, and always a certain camaraderie that makes me believe all turmoil, all global conflict, all racial misunderstanding could be resolved with a certain resolve to seriously attend one of these temples of beer on a regular schedule to sit around and clink beers, discuss issues and realize that under the influence of beer [short of excessive consumption] people move toward the selves they see in others.

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