WTM #1122: Mess of a Mess

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies


“Music prevents the world from being entirely transformed into language, from becoming nothing but object, and prevents man from becoming nothing but subject.”
• Victor Zuckerkandl

photo: Webster Hall, NYC

Trainfree Riendsaar > Lagerfeltz
Rites d’Oiseaux Pensants > Dominique Bassal
Sun Salutations > Shiva Rea [Yoga Sanctuary / Sounds True]
Body Building in the Great Northwest > Vito Acconci [Writing Aloud / Errant Bodies]
Kwartet voor Vier Saxofoons in Bes  > Nederlands Saxofoon Kwartet [Glazounof, Dubois, Bozza / CBS]
Ersatz Filament > Grey Area
Deer Stop > Goldfrapp [Felt Mountain / Mute]
Kwartet voor Saxofoons  > Nederlands Saxofoon Kwartet
Makelekele > Damon Albarn & Mali Musicians
Heart of Gold > Aube [Triad Thread / Armonika]
Telemann > Klangwart
16 Bucknerian for Voice > Mari Kimura [The World Below G and Beyond / Mutable Music]
Three Interesting Words – Bomb > Edarem
7 > Wolfgang Voigt & Gas [Pop / Mille Plateaux]
The Djembe > Damon Albarn & Mali Musicians
Alpstein [exc] > Christine Lauterberg [Alles Bleibt Anders / Dewil]
Hysteric switch > Human? Fly
Lion In A Coma > Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion
Tennessee Hotel > Damon Albarn & Mali Musicians
Aluminum > Matmos [Treasure State / Cantaloupe]
007 And Counting (Diamonds Are Forever) > John Barry
Le Doigts > Manusound
Le Relax > Damon Albarn & Mali Musicians
Coordinated Universal Time > Michelle Kinney
End of Marvelous Night Outro  > B/art & MC Pal

The current mental fetish around communication and art is hardware over software, software over content, how over what. Everything must be interactive to get noticed or funded and the notion of interactivity is probably a bit overrated. Do I want to go to a zoo to touch all of the animals – no. Do I want to go see a stand-up comedian and have him drag me on stage to be part of a skit – no. Do I want to go to a museum where I have to read tons of instructions before I push a button before I see anything – no.

Is a painting hanging on the wall totally inert, totally asocial, totally not interested in the audience – of course not. The painting stimulates the creative sectors of the brain, activating neurons and neuro-chemicals that produce dreams, memories, a warm fondness – so while looking at a stationery painting, one might be engaged in watching a personal movie that is being screened on the back of your eyelids. Is that not some kind of inter-activity without calling it such?

Do I want to go into the kitchen and help the chef cook – no. I want to drink my beer/wine, have a conversation with my partner, and let the food come from some interderminate backdrop. Do I want the waitress to call attention to herself, not necessarily; do I want her to compliment me on my choice of appetizers, shirt collar or whatever – no.

The same can be said of radio: on my end, it takes some amount of self-esteem to let one’s control go and that is actually what the best art should be doing, wrestling our tight fists loose from the controls. Yes, it is OK to let yourself go and sometimes passively take the advice or exposure of new music from an expert – this generation’s John Peel or what friends suggest… That is OK, that is delegating control admirably: you have designated someone to tell you what is new and different in the area of sound and audio information. Nothing wrong with that. The idea that you can do it all via internet, via Google and iTunes and whatever is a myth like the mother who does it all – hold a prestigious job, keeps the house clean, does the cooking and wipes her daughter’s nose.

Why shouldn’t I as a listener periodically let those who know more tell me something and vice versa, why shouldn’t you just let go of ever-increasing needs to control content to manage identity. We all need a funneling strategy, a way of weeding through the proliferation of sound phenomena, sites you can trust or else you will be doing like a friend of mine, endlessly downloading great stuff, sometimes hundreds of songs per night and him marveling at the plenty and being increasingly intimidated and oppressed by that plentitude, which often comes without the gift wrap, without music credits, or even proper song titles … Bill Drummond ex-KLF has taken the radical step of flushing his home of all recorded music. Admirable but not necessary if you have a plan that involves taming one’s wildest urges for more and more. He points out that there has to be some effort, some exchange of lucre, some interaction that involves searching, adventure, having seen the band, some human connectivity to the acquisition of a musical product. Something you lounge around with and listen to over and over. – I remember doing that with stereo speakers pressed to my ears lying on the fuzzy carpet, listening over and over to my half dozen LPs I owned at that time. Less can be more if it leads to appreciation, to depth, to actual communication…

Listen to selected shows at wreckthismixcloud

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