WTM #1126: De Player: Sound as Weapon

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

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Trafficante Onosphere > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 1 / B/art]
The Head of Waldo’s Penis > DDV [Sound as a Weapon / Player]
EPMD > Eric van Lieshout [Sound as a Weapon / Player]
Trafficante Onosphere > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 1 / B/art]
A > Moha [8-Inch #5 / Player]
Cockatoo > Eric van Lieshout [Sound as a Weapon / Player]
My Brain Hurts > Anonymous Poetess
Track > Goodiepal > [Sound as a Weapon / Player]
Little Boy’s Balls Are Gone > Das Phantom vs Peter Fengler [Audible Pictures / Player]
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate > Rusty Warren [Knockers Up! / Jubilee]
Epiphany In Rubber > Helena Gough [Audible Pictures / Player]
Accidentasia Sideband > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 1 / B/art]
10inchAside > Tyfus [10-Inch / Player]
The Birds > Toxomplasmosis [10-Inch / Player]
Radio Emits Itself > B/art vs Black Sifichi [Radio Emits Itself 4 / B/art]
B-side > FWOE [8-Inch #4 / Player]
+ She’s Got Big BooBoos & Navel Tingle > Rusty Warren [Knockers Up! / Jubilee]
Along A Holy Divide > Gangpol & Mit [8-Inch #5 / Player]
A > MoHa! [8-Inch #6 / Player]
Radio Emits Itself > B/art vs Black Sifichi [Radio Emits Itself 4 / B/art]
GATE > Michael Morley [8-Inch #1 / Player]
Safety Instructions > Gangpol & Mit [8-Inch #5 / Player]
Radio Emits Itself > B/art vs Black Sifichi [Radio Emits Itself 4 / B/art]
Track 04 > No Bra [8-Inch #3 / Player]
EPMD > Eric van Lieshout [Sound as a Weapon / Player]
Trafficante Onosphere > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 1 / B/art]
Cockatoo > Eric van Lieshout [Sound as a Weapon / Player]
Valley of DJ Outro > B/art vs Warp Technique

• COM.POST is a series of performances produced by DE PLAYER, which commissions artists, filmmakers, composers, scientists, architects and performers to explore the current state of affairs in the field of composed sound.

• DE PLAYER is a polymorphous production venue and an eclectic delicatessen that features audio-based performances that may involve the sex shop, the catering service, the metro, the market, the late-night pubs, the sewing ateliers, the bakery, or the park with its food stands where you can come any time, night or day.

DSPS is an artist-run foundation based in Katendrecht, Rotterdam [This is where all the stripper and pole-dance clubs were]. In the beginning there was DE PLAYER, a former nightclub on the south side of Rotterdam, Holland. It focussed, in the tradition of a nightclub, on presenting live performative stuff. Not ‘titties and beer’, but more artistic in a spectrum from highbrow underground to low-fi übergrund. Unfortunately, the beautiful nightclub was bound to be demolished and razed to the ground to give way to more ‘decent’ entrepreneurs… But then they became part of the project Groeibriljant Deliplein, an initiative to enhance the neighbourhood with actual renovations and cultural activity. DSPS was founded and it organised Zomerkamp #1, 8 weekends of total-entertainment: concerts, performance, exhibitions and food.

• Sound as a Weapon  DDV’s contribution to ‘Sound as a Weapon’ by De Player heard here. A soundtrack cut in clear perspex that looks like someone nervously wielding a knife on your turntable with handprinted woodcut and 75x100cm poster. “Sound is a signal. Sound is politics, politics is sound, sound is associated with subcultures and lifestyle. This makes that sound is defining for the developments is society as a whole. It may not come as a surprise that sound as a manipulative means is a solid weapon in any battle. In ‘Sound as a Weapon’ De Player presents four remarkable artists all committed to this case and all with their own distinctive fetish view on the subject.

• 10-Inch and 8-inch are record series that promote the idea that sound can provoke significant shifts in thought, spirit and deed and, when combined with visual or textual artistry can lead people to new experiences.

The song “Op Katendrecht” by Marinus van Henegouwen goes like this:

Waar kan een zeeman het best terecht
Op Katendrecht, op Katendrecht
Waar heeft een zeeman de meeste pret
Waar vindt ie het zachtste bed
Waar vindt een zeeman het beste bier
De liefste meisjes van plezier

[Where’s the best place for a sailor to end up / on Katendrecht, on Katendrecht / Where does a sailor have the most fun / where does he find the softest bed / Where does a sailor find the best beer / the loveliest girls of pleasure…]

I first lectured on Beer and cargo cults as well as DJed on Katendrecht in the very atmospheric early whorehouse location of De Player with its cheap-elegant trappings, the velveteen rough-sex-red wallpaper and performances that pulled even the most veteran of avant connoisseurs out of our lazy or clichéd ways of looking at things. I witnessed the area at the very last possible moment to catch any whiffs of its former intriguing in-elegance as a work terrain for mechanics and warehouses and as the location of one of the largest sailor / red light districts in the Netherlands. An island that had been neglected and forgotten by urban renewal – until just recently when it became a hip-chic place for upscale sorts to settle into the new housing there.

This again occurred when I was asked to lecture on yodeling during a 2-day post-Dada fest in rotterdam and Tilburg in March of 2007 for the launch of a new multi-tentacled magazine done the old handcrafter way: BigMag #1. My contribution to the opening theme of ‘outsiders’ was a Powerpoint lecture with graphics, photos and sound samples was on Mike Johnson, Black ex-truck drivin’, yodelin’, pamphleteerin’ and rabble-rousin’ country-singin’ cowboy.

Despite the attractions of delirious chaos, and the fact that this was the opening night for this nomadic club in their new location, behind a gym in a dilapidated Katendrecht neighborhood, the crew of Johan, Peter, Annemiek, Koos and others managed to put on a professional and smooth running evening where many things were celebrated besides the launch of Big Mag. The new location, the good crammed-in turn out, free culture, independent spirits, DIY attitudes. I cannot say enough about the conviviality that the inveterate spirit of art pioneering breeds, if fast enough, no adversely hipster attitudes can cling to it to clog up the lines of human communication with attitude.

In Tilburg, I checked into the Hotel Central [45 euros, so you can imagine it was just under Spartan – dour, rundown, dank – and had hints of human odors that permeated the walls altho the place was clean and the bed wasn’t saggy and the TV worked altho there was no remote – I told myself, it is across from the train station, and I am only there to sleep].

The NS 16 art collective located in a great old building behind the train station was recuperated and converted by a group of enterprising artists, which was approved by the city and here they are able to host evenings like the one that was about to test the limits of taste and acceptability. This was then was their inaugural event, part 2 of de Player’s Big Mag events. Another evening of nice, clever, creative, pleasant, interested, helpful people and an amazing turn out of Tilburg’s demi-monde.

After a local street poet did his bit for humanity I did my powerpoint presentation and reading on Mike Johnson with some 70 yodel sound samples. And to tell you the truth, the vaguely nerdy aspect of my reading seemed to fold in perfectly to the reigning terror of experimentation and the provocative chaos that was about to happen with the fckn bstrds from Amsterdam who convert disposable stuff, garbage and recycled electronica plus post-Dada rantings emerging from sagging garbage-carnaval masks and melting collapsing costumes made of garbage bags into ritualistic fervor. A frolicsome punkette joined the groveling, grunting, lo-fi electronica and sound poetry with some naked writhing.

This was followed by Lord of the Yum Yum (Paul Velat), a geeky-looking [and quite enjoyable] guy who looks almost suspiciously unassuming and normal [in real wage-slave life he’s a music teacher to young kids] but who steps into the backroom emerging as his alter-ego in lounge tux doing deceptively engaging Attention Deficit mega-BPM human beatbox throat singing and extemporaneous controlled kind of sound strut and boom rap with the help of a simple sampler [allowing him to become a stuttering choir accompanying himself plus his effects board, toe triggered, allows him to create a tsunami of tsound] that were actually Devo-like cover versions of classical operatic and pop music pieces. Yikes, this is a one man band for the 21st century. Fold him up and take him on board, add water and inflate and you’ve got a dynamic performer.

Meanwhile, the English duo called Die Trip Computer Die [or Xanthos or L. Voag] disassemble not only simple circuits and sound equipment but rearrange our entire notion of what sound performance should be. Through their circuit breakery and searching for new fusions and welding noisemakers together that were never meant to be side by side in the same rhizomic serendipitously determined creation of controlled random sounds that when focussed upon becomes a strange hypnotic kind of DIY sound. Amazing stuff.

I slept well and the next morning it was very quiet in abandoned Tilburg. After breakfast I wrote down what Ivo, one of the directors of NS 16, had told me late into the night’s events, about the Hotel Central, which had served as the HQ for Dutch Dadaists as they hatched their schemes to destroy complacency in the early 20th century.

Is amiability something we combine with cutting-edge anything? De Player proves that sonic pioneering and audio provocation can be very joyous activities indeed despite the ability of noise [or seemingly misdirected sound] to annoy. But if you let go of your ability to be easily annoyed because it fails to meet expectations that you desperately swaddle yourself in then you will be able to move beyond the norm into a realm of strange heavenly sensations…

Radio Emits Itself: Volumes 1 – 4 Minutes:Frames:Seconds

“Radio will forge the unbroken links of the world and fuse together all mankind -” Velimer Khlebnikov

REI is a sound project proposed by writer and founder of the radio program ‘Wreck This Mess’, Bart Plantenga. The recordings and sound treatments were done with Sifichi. “The radio show for N5M3 [Next Five Minutes Tactical Media Conference] in Amsterdam. Radio Emits Itself = Self referential radio, psycho-radio-graphies, deep statical archives, radio hypnosis and unconcious radio dérives. Broadcast during the first day of the conference and afterwards on both Radio 100 and Patapoe in Amsterdam on many occassions. Notion: To allow radio to refer to itself by emitting its own sounds in a collage format of overlapping radio references, voices and noises using one cassette, a double cd player and an old radio that fedback and funneled its broad bandwith. The radio equivilent of Zen Satori or an instant of surprise that leads to illumination…”

• De Player release blog
• De Player home
• De Player hosts Beer Mystic
• wreckthismixcloud

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