WTM #1128: Radio As Bomb

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
 15.05.11 // 16.45-18.30

Music under present radio auspices serves to keep listeners  from criticizing social realities

Theodor Adorno

Dérive of Geiger’s Counter > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 3]
The Proprietor’s Sensations > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 3]
Interference in the Medium Waveband > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 2]
Sesame Street Martians Radio + WTM ID > Sesame Street Gang vs b/art
Royal Trux Radio IDs > Royal Trux
Radio > Klangwart
Ersatz Filament > Grey Area
Sonic Traveller > DJ Krush
Odd voices over WWVH time signal 10MHz
+ Homegrown RMX > DJ Seepus vs Dubphonic
Torn Eb German WW2 radio noise
Radio Broadcast 1, Resistance 2 San Francisco > Henry Stillman
Lithuanian instrumental music [1983] > DJ Lith
Pirate radio station > Grosse Pointe AM Radio
Sonic Carrier Pigeons > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 2]
Radio report on Yodeling > Korean Radio
Vrije Radio > King Harris
Dutch Radiopirates early 80’s > Reportage
UiS Radio Station ID > Philippines Radio
Apologize for Radio > DJ Anonymous
WFAT 1620 AM Brooklyn, Circa 1980 > Indie Documentary
Some Sort of Dark Force > Sarah Boothroyd [Deep Wireless 3 / NAISA]
Northeastern Provincial Frequencies > Radio Thailand [Transmissions From the Tropical Kingdom / SF]
Tourism Past the Medium Wave > Radio Thailand [Transmissions From the Tropical Kingdom / SF]
Torrential Nostalgia > Radio Thailand [Transmissions From the Tropical Kingdom / SF]
Pirate Radio London, 1994-95 Rush fm > Towerblockradio.com
Grip Radio: A Specific Scandal [exc] > Stephen Lategan [Deep Wireless 3 / NAISA]
Pirate Radio Northsea 3 > Documentary
Irish Pirate Radio, 1988 2 > Documentary

I’m a bit of a nerd, I wouldn’t mind working in a shop selling records, or having a radio show where I could play obscure singles.
• Bjork

Hearing Aid Danger > Radio Blab
Aircheck Chatter on KSOL San Francisco & promoting malt liquor > DJ Sly Stone
Listening to Pirate Radio Stations on 6MHz
Free Radio Service Holland 6400Khz #2
Radio Austria International on FRG 7
Arirang > Radio Pyongyang
Let Me Be Your Radio > Red Dragon Band
Cool Noises > RadioMentale
Random Swedish Radio > Sub Pop
Radio Africa > Latin Quarter
Bad Trip > Bell System [Youth Radio Commercials]
Apologize for Radio > DJ Anonymous
Sonic Carrier Pigeons > B/art [Radio Emits Itself 2]

It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.
• Marilyn Monroe

Radio is so much a part of my life it has filtered to a strange audio backdrop on the level of perfume, ephemeral aspects of daily life seldom noticed unless something goes wrong. And “luckily” things often go wrong at Patapoe. Equipment is missing, destroyed, beer has been spilled upon it, turntables disappear, you gotta jiggle the cables to get a connection, plugs are defective – all of these things keep you on your best behavior, keep you young or make you old. We haven’t decided which it leads to yet.

The thing about radio is it is anomalous and confusing and full of conundrums and contrary signals. Is radio a booming business or is radio’s best kept secret [by advertisers anyway] that it is an antiquated medium about to give way [commercially] to other sexier media? I think it is going both ways at once. It is becoming ever more an anachronism and yet remains one of the most democratic of media [listeners], while simultaneously remains along with TV one of the most hierarchically and transparency-wise one of the least crackable for normal people. That is only partially true of course because local/community radio is the bone thrown to the common folk, the listeners with a dream or a gripe to pursue their issues. And this works fine old-fashioned as it may be.

So there is actually plenty of room, of ear space, of playground acreage in a metaphoric manner of speaking, for radio that serves another function as audio atelier for those who want to take radio beyond the usual parameters of pop music fodder conveyor.

A new project may very well include an audio collage of radio sound bites from around the world – station IDs, discussions, music, intros, commercials, sonic bits to create a kind of global overview of radio sounds in the 21st century.

Of course, one of my favorite uses of radio in film comes in Midnight Cowboy, with the cocky, naive cowboy played by Jon Voight comes to NY with a cowhide suitcase and a transistor radio with antenna as his only companion and as his social navigation device – news, human voices, music, companionship.

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