WTM #1130: Jim Morrison Dead

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 15.28.55
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies

11.07.11 // 16.45-18.30


WTM Morrison Modulation > Antendex vs b/art vs Morrison
Curses & Invocations > Jim Morrison
Black Chrome > Jim Morrison
Angels & Sailors > Jim Morrison
Stoned Immaculate > Jim Morrison
WTM Morrison Modulation > Antendex vs b/art vs Morrison
Hello I Love You > Adam Freeland Fabric
Riders On The Storm – Remix > Nightmares On Wax
Tirade of Jim Morrison’s Radio Filth > grey area vs Jim Morrison
Easy Ride > Doors
Black Valley 2 > Radio Free Clear Light
Break On Through > The Doors vs Bossarocker
People Are Strange > The Doors vs VOODOO FARM
American Indians > Jim Morrison
Ritual by the Waves > Lehadbik
When The Music’s Over [JLM Edit] > Troia vs. Jim Morrison
Courageous Mutation 3 > Lehadbik
Lost Little Girl > Doors
Black Polished Chrome > The Doors vs Butch
Riders on the Storm > The Doors vs Neomixer
Break On Through (Dark Ride Dub Mix) > The Doors vs Trentemoller
Horse Latitudes > Doors
Stoned Immaculate > Dub Syndicate
RIDERS ON THE STORM Remix > Snoop Dogg vs Jim Morrison
Riders on the Storm > Yonderboi
Light My Fire > Astrud Gilberto
Oceans of Radio > MC Pal & b/art

In the Time that Gerald R. Ford was president I went to the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor with some other rabblerousers to protest his presidency and what it stood for – more military actions and less aid for ailing cities. I remember we shouted him down at one point and in a moment of recognition at age 20, Ford turned to our unruly bunch and addressed us personally. I remember afterward walking home and meeting some pre-Goth girls who invited me into their home to drink rum and we talked forever about Jim Morrison and his significance and how maybe he hadn’t died, had faked his death to free himself from the suffocating clutches of fandemonium. “Nobody ever saw his body and there was no autopsy.” They may have even claimed to have channeled the spirit of Jim. It may have been creepier than I let on at the time. To say the least, it was a very strange night as I was so … generally unaware of me in my surroundings; could not readily interpret body language and insinuations, dropped lines as they both wanted – I only realized later! – to get naked with me and what I said to this day baffles me beyond regret. “I love Jim Morrison and thanks for the rum, but I have to go home now to feed my cat.” Two perplexed pale-skinned alternative gals all in black, black lipstick even, ready to shed their shredded tops, ready to lock the door, ready to step out of their leopard-pattern panties, ready… and I had to go home and feed the cat! I regretted it every time I walked by there and I walked past there a lot but never saw those 2 girls ever again and began to wonder if I had not hallucinated the entire thing.

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