WTM #1135: KLF

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 09.32.38
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
19.09.11 // 16.45-18.30 Kill Lousy Flags
“War at its best is barbarism”
• Adam Clayton Powell
Scratched reggae > B/art
Accumulated Scratches Queensday Vinyl 2011 > B/art
The Genius of Naushad [reverse & slow] > Naushad Angel
Meditation [exc] > The Midnight Blue Polydor
Chill Out Intro WTM 08 > KLF
Handwriting on the Wall [exc] > Adam Clayton Powell Jubilee
Chill Out complete > KLF
Some Words Don’t Say [exc] > Mystic Moods Orchestra
Death of Any Man [exc] > Adam Clayton Powell
L’Uomo > Ennio Morricone RCA
Train Freedom ID > b/art vs Stephen Vitiello
Jane Dans la Nuit > Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg Universal
Chill Out Track 03 > KlF
Reflections in the Hilton [exc] > Mystic Moods Orchestra
No More Tears [exc] > KLF
Chill Out Track 04 > KLF
Burn Baby Burn [exc] > Adam Clayton Powell
Arabique > Serge Gainsbourg
City Wraps Itself [exc] > Mystic Moods Orchestra
Come Una Sentenza > Ennio Morricone RCA
The Workerist Rites of Mu > KLF
Chill Out Unreleased A  > KLF
Valse de Melody > Serge Gainsbourg Philips
KLF was my introduction into soundscape development in the late 1980s + the need to undermine accepted norms thru neo-Dada/Fluxus actions. Here I mixed Gainsbourg [Cannabis / Melody], Mystic Moods Orchestra, the fiery speeches of Adam Clayton Powell,  flamboyant Harlem pastor-congressman. Ex-KLF Bill Drummond was in NL presenting new concepts in music to resuscitate the joy in music, bring it back to its roots of doing and appreciating – while rejecting consumption. He has purged his own lodgings of ALL recorded music. I admire these personal political gestures that take on a life of their own like many of their pre-Bansky art gestures, they caused scandal at every turn in the early 90s, pissing off the music industry and Abba, refusing to play the normal game they chose their own rules. Their most famous gesture was burning a million pounds. Burning money was something Gainsbourg did as well, and he caught hell for it as well
At a 1990s BRITs show Drummond, wearing a kilt, hobbled on stage supported by a crutch, messed up his lyrics and finished the performance by firing a machine gun into the audience. He and Cauty then dumped a dead sheep backstage and set off to delete their entire back catalogue.  Weird KLF

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