WTM #1136: 100000 Poets

wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
03.10.11 // 16.45-18.30
la poesie sub marine > DeepChord vs b/art
Unhurried Vision > Rothenberg/ Thomas
Stuff > Myra Davies
Cash > Emily XYZ & Myers Bartlett
Naked Brunch > Tuli Kupferberg
Om (—) >  Sabi / Kiyo
+ Anti-frakking > Dave Earle, Hancock Area Activist
We Have a Goal, That Goal is Change [Buffalo NY] > Where the Heart Is
Pre-reading Oilbo Banter > David Minor vs b/art vs Utopian Art Gallery
In The Cave > Slowcream
+ French Italian German Danny Kaye > Danny Kaye
+ Gravity And Driction > Chris Dooks
+ Reflections on Freedom [PREDA Foundation] > Tomas o Carthaigh
+ Poetski Performans 100,000 Poets [Serbia +  Montenegro] > Dragana Vučićević
Matrix 01 > Ryogi Ikeda [Matrix / Touch]
+ Cold Hearted Bastard > William Burroughs
+ Takes the Oath of Allegiance to Poetry > Bob MacKernzie
Matrix 06-07 > Ryogi Ikeda
+ On the False Solutions at the Climate Talks > Nnimmo Bassey [Friends of the Earth]
+ RipRap >  Gary Snyder
+ Against the Death Penalty > Wendell Berry
+ Death Penalty Appropriate > Barack Obama
+ NOBODY FOR PRESIDENT > Tuli Kupferberg
Object 09 (Bonus Track) > Wyatt Keusch
+ Liefde (@ Patronaat, 18 feb 2011) > Diana Ozon
+ Rencontre avec Dieudonné > Marius Jacob
Kilimanjaro Version > Iration Steppahs
Matrix 08 > Ryogi Ikeda
+ Merel/Blackbird > Rasp / Hasp & Jodi Gilbert [Mix Your Languages / Ramboy]
+ Strange Dreams > Jose Padua
Weakheart Drop > Armagideon Sounds
+ Decade/Decayed > Urayoan Noel
Matrix 10-11 > Ryogi Ikeda
+ Mansiones de Guerra > Lila Diaz
The Pain > Toni Blackman & DJ Kode Bleu
Do You Ever Remember Your Dreams > Pleq
Likid Horizon > EZ3KIEL
Weakheart Drop > Armagideon Sounds
+ Down And Out (55B) > Bruce Jackson
+ Hoboes’ Convention > Bruce Jackson
Matrix 10-11 > Ryogi Ikeda
+ Aga > Arnaldo Antunes
See Saw > Willy Perdomo
Matrix 1 [for Rooms] > Ryogi Ikeda
+ A Munecar Me Voy! > Edwin Torres
+ Industrial Poem > Roberto Vallenza
+ The Impossibility of Impossibility > Bob Holman
+ Pour Compte (Phases, 1949) Paris, 1948 > Tristan Tzara
+ Uninformed Uniformed > Andreas Jacobs
What Does It All Mean > Longshoremen
Matrix 4 [for Rooms] > Ryogi Ikeda
+ No Men! (They’ve Been Banned) > Chris Dooks
Outro klf+pal > B/art vs pal
100,000 Poets for Change is a wonderful concept: thousands of poets standing up in front of a camera to project one’s words quickly uploaded to YouTube to voice one’s disapproval with the state of things.  Although I always suspect anything that becomes massive, I wanted to dedicate a show to some of the poetry from related events I could find online because I believe Rothenberg when he declares: Poets for Change is a positive movement, with voices calling for social, environmental, and political sustainability.

They, the straight mouthpieces, who continue to propagate the myths of what the basis of our culture is or should be based on. They are the enemy. Paying lip service to art/culture or whatever they need to call it to amplify their own positions in society.

There is no scientific evidence that poets add value to society unless it is converted into hiphop or ad jingles. But poets CAN actually heal and soothe but mostly they unsettle and derange via language that betrays society’s best characteristics to imitate depth.

The fusion of art, style, substance and engagement do not necessarily have to be oxymoronic or mutually exclusive although they often seem to be. I always seek this happy meeting between aesthetics and message and somewhere they have to gang up to create higher meaning. Most of the material included addresses the issues of waste, pollution, political negligence, surplus stuff, waste and hypocrisy. So, I guess this broadcast is less document than impressionistic sonic representation of this global event..
“100 Thousand Poets for Change” website will be permanently archived by Stanford University’s LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) program. Stanford University calls this the largest poetry event in history. Michael Rothenberg, of Big Bridge, organizes this planet-wide happening, which includes 600 events in 450 cities and 95 countries. 100,000 Poets for Change is a positive movement, with voices calling for social, environmental, and political sustainability.

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