Wreck War Against War 1141

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 13.33.12
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
12.12.11 // 17.00-18.30
WTM Piece of the Earth > B/art vs Adrian Sherwood
Marine March & Ontological Question > Electronicat vs Full Metal Jacket vs B/art
Killer > Boozoo Bajou vs Top Cat vs Funky Lowlives
Like a Rocket + John M. Turner > Makossa & Megablast + Capitol A
Evolutionized Form of ‘Americans’ > Once11 vs the Pyramid
Universal Soldier > Donovan
Dress To Kill > Killarmy/Wu
Warface > D Minds vs Urban Knights
Reason > Full Metal Dubstep
Universal Soldier > Eugene Chadbourne
Passing Through > Bob Holroyd + American Soldiers
Repulsion of the Great Dictator > Craig Vear + Chaplin + b/art
Verdom de Oorlog, Verdien de Vrede [Damn the War, Earn Your Freedom] > Simon Vinkenoog
Ban the Bomb > Ed Sanders
Dj2 outro trail > B/ART
Dark Details [KillKill] > Andy Stott
Speech White Amplitude + Freedom of Bullet, Freedom of Speech > Pitch Black vs International Observer vs RT News
Fight The Power > Public Enemy
Severe Beating > Fedayi Paycha
Camouflage Ninjas > Killarmy/Wu
Foot Soldier > Bjork
Sweaty Psalms + Iraq Soldiers Against the War > Klive
Soldier > Dj Vadim vs. 5Nizza
Fighting Line > John Mayall
How To Kill > Joseph Nechvatal
Why marines don’t re-enlist in okinawa > Disgruntled Grunts
Valley of DJ Outro > b/art vs Warp tech
Thinking/writing about wars fought by major powers & how to represent them in music as theme, manifesto and ambiance: featured Dub, dubstep, ambient, minimal, and actual samples of resisting soldiers + Charlie Chaplin. The impoverishment, brainwashing, brutal recruitment tactics, the discarding of soldiers upon return, the fake ribbon-on-tree patriotism, nationalism as a cover for capital profit, frightening numbers of soldier suicides, hopeful numbers of returning soldiers becoming activists against war. Having not had educations stateside, they only learn the empty, hollow appeals to patriotic fervor in the field. Music sometimes offers a way-around and an alternative to the constant pride-shame brainwashing the government does in the name of nationalism.
Did this show after seeing the film Beer is Cheaper than Therapy and writing about it at Beer Mystic Burp #15:

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