Wreck Popcorn Popping 1142

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 13.50.30
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
09.01.12 // 17.00-18.30


WTM ID Popcorn + TIC Woodstock Popcorn > B/art
Popcorn > Gershon Kingsley
Pop Corn (1972) > Jean Michel Jarre & Popcorn Orchestra
Popcorn > The Popcorn Makers [Japan]
Carmen Brasilia [The New Popcorn] > Anarchic System
Popcorn > Aphex Twin
Popcorn > Muse
Popcorn > Apollo 100
Popcorn (Spartaque Remix) > Adam K
Popcorn > Shadmehr Aghili
Popcorn > Crazy Frog
Popcorn > The Rezidents
Popcorn 1972 > La Strana Societa
Kingsley Inter Popped Remix > DwDD Top 2000 Interview
Popcorn > Tokio Kosei Wind Orchestra
Popcorn Groovebox > Gershon Kingsley
Pop Corn (1972) > Antoine
Popcorn ID > B/art
Popcorn > Hot Butter
Popcorn > Bim Skala Bim
Popcorn > Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
Popcorn > Lee Scratch Perry & The Upsetters
Popcorn > Ronnie Aldrich
Popcorn (Dub Version) (1983) > Magic Men
Popcorn > Revolution System
Popcorn > James Last
Palomitas de Maiz > El Grande Del Real
Popcorn > The Muppets
Popcorn [Hasheeda] > The Treble Spankers
Popcorn (Woodstock Remix) > T.I.C.
Popcorn > Omar Khorshid
DJ WTM Popcorn Outro [2x] > B/art

The song sounds a lot like the snack tastes: fluffy, yummy, light, airy, insubstantial, annoying when made badly, needs real butter, has a tendency to be both ignored and touted as people’s favorite food, ubiquitous, easy to make, no known dramatic after effects. Most lists seem to miss some great versions. I like devoting big chunks of radio time to versions of the same song because this is where we meet, in our own interpretations of givens, of the presumed and our fascination is aroused in how we as individuals interpret songs so differently.

WFMU page devoted to the song. Although flawed by accepting posts at face value, meaning that a large number of the labeled uploads are incorrect [Prodigy].

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