wReck The Appeal of Emma Peel 1143

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 17.54.58
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
23.01.12 // 17.00-18.30
Wreck Emmapeel > B/art
Emma intro > B/art + Avengers
Emma Peel Cat Suit > Bibian Harmsen & Klaas ten Holt
The Paralax > Emma Peel
Meet the Dead Motherfuckers > Bibian & Klaas
Dead of Night > Emma Peel
Hoofddorp a Wonderful Place to Leave [Precious] > Bibian & Klaas
Driving [2] > Emma Peel
Emma Played Bass + Driving bass > Bibian Harmsen & Klaas ten Holt
Driving [1] > Emma Peel
Rain > Emma Peel
Escape from Hoofddorp [Circle > Edie Brickell] > Bibian Harmsen & Klaas ten Holt
Sort of by Chance [Avenger bullet] > Bibian Harmsen & Klaas ten Holt
UFO Song > Emma Peel
Power Rock Trio [Something So Wild > Bettie Serveert] [I Feel Fine > Beatles] > Bibian & Klaas
Candlelight > Emma Peel
Instant Karma > Plastic Emma Band
AT5 Journaal Theme (intro) > Klaas ten Holt
Klaas Write for Strings [True instro] > Bibian & Klaas
True > Emma Peel
Not Good Promoting Ourselves [Americana > Calefax + Klaas] > Bibian & Klaas
Wreck Emmapeel > B/art
Zerotonine > Junkie XL
That’s Why > Emma Peel
Studied with Theo Loevendie [Track 02 Makbeth] > Klaas ten Holt
Track 21-2 Makbeth > Klaas ten Holt 
I Would Play Guitar [Legion sample Junkie]> Bibian & Klaas
Art is a Continuing Dialogue > Klaas ten Holt
Hibernation > Emma Peel
Melancholy Harmony & Melody [What Can You Do] > Bibian & Klaas
The Music is so Musical [Devil had a hold of my Banjo > Gillian Welch] > Bibian & Klaas
American Dream > Emma Peel
So Used to Improvising [Today] > Bibian & Klaas
Come Listen > Martin van Duynhoven + Bibian & Klaas
Strong Intuition [Americana] [Hibernation] > Bibian & Klaas
Today > Emma Peel
Big Huge Sadness Inside of Me [From Me to You > Beatles] > Bibian & Klaas
Till There Was You > Fab Bibian One + Guest Moptoppers
Peel WTM outro > b/art
AT5 Journaal (outro) > Klaas ten Holt
This was a show of interviews done with Bibian and Klaas who had a son in Paloma’s class and they had this interesting pop band, the Emma Peel Band . The interviews were brilliant and warm and we did not want to think or talk about the fact she was dying of an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. they gave her a few months to live and she stuck it out for nearly a year and wrote a wonderful book in that time. And then she died in July of 2012 but left behind this audio monument, the Emma Peel recordings, an ode to joy and expression of which this radio show is just a small glimmer and respectful nod.
Bibian Harmsen – bas, zang
Klaas ten Holt – gitaren, zang, hammond,
Finn Kruyning on drums, harmonium, mini-moog, zang

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