wReck Old vs New Amsterdam 1144

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 18.55.48wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
06.02.12 // 17.00-18.30
Radio  is a world that has to be believed to be seen
• Twilight Zone
Hey Policeman > Intrinsic Trance [Philips]
Onze Jaren 45-70 > Omnia
+ Beauty [exc] > Willem Breuker
B-52 Pilot > Rondos [Destroy the Entertainment / King Kong-Red Wig]
Wreck Antendex Radio DJ > B/art
Power Of Big Slacks > Junkie XL
Kraft Punk > Radium
Popcorn > Revolution System
Loudboxer (Mix) – 4 Sonof > Speedy J
Improvisation > Misha Mengelberg & Han Bennink Duo
Hi Hello, Hi Hello > Anouk
Viles A 1-2 > Jealousy
Louis Lehman Suite > Spinvis vs Simon Vinkenoog
Pal Wreck Martians Radio > Pal + Sesame Martian + b/art
Red Shift [exc] > Speedy J
X > X-Ray Eyeballs
Listen to the Painters > The Ex [Turn / Ex Rec]
Blood Sugar > Stacian
Yoho > Triple Nipples
Power to the People > Dj Mad Dog & D-Passion
Sound Gardens > Lightning Bolt
Let the Bass Boom > Dj Promo
Loose as a Goose > Menya
Reality > Angerfist
Chase the Tears > Doldrum
She Blew Like Trumpets > Kyteman vs GMB [Hermit Sessions / JAMM]
Sea of Light > Knyfe Hyts
Quasi (Ruff Dub) > Juju & Jordash
Ceiling Off > Icky Doom
Red Shift [exc] > Speedy J
Sisters in the Struggle > Lesbians in Ecstasy
Maurice Narcisse [exc] > Eula
Song for Electricity [Bogiye by Abonesh Adenew] > Zea + The Ex
Hi Hello, Hi Hello [exc] > Anouk
I’m So Cool [Psychic Genocide] > Radium
Levitation > Melted Men [Spit Cup / De Player]
Friends Crush > Friends
DJ WTM Radio Home Outro > B/art
DJ Keilie from New Amsterdam’s WFMU invades Patapoe’s Old Amsterdam studios & upsets the natural order of things, creating max havoc by insisting on a cut-by-cutthroat competition to establish who truly rules the waves of radio cool. A classic tale of old vs new, david vs goliath, 99% vs 1%, experience vs naiveté, hi vs lo-tech, ego vs id, Lp vs USB, age vs youth – as youthful DJ upstart Keilie gets in over her head & allows presumption to lead, assuming ALL great music comes from Brooklyn, unaware that its roots lie in old world Breukelen! Meanwhile WTM obviously assumed experience + survival deserves respect but nothing could be further from the truth because DJ Keilie came not only to win but forever redesign the Old World as NO World cuz there’s only room for 1 Brooklyn.

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