wReck Human Spring 1147

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 15.56.51
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
19.03.12 // 16.40-18.30
Ober Schwyalp, Klöntal > Cyril Schläpfer [’s Fahr Glüüt / CSR]
The Visitation > The White Noise [An Electric Storm / Island]
Plan du Mont > Cyril Schläpfer [Les Sonnailles / CSR]
Minibar > Blurt [Cut It! / LTM]
DJ echo intro > B/art
Ledoj Express > Christine Lauterburg
Alpstein b/art remix > B/art vs Christine Lauterburg
Freight Train DJ2 Outro Trail > B/art
Walden Pond Henry D. Thoreau 1-5 [exc.] > Robert J. Lurtsema
Wolf Talk 1 > Global Journey [Wolf Talk / Global Journey]
Chimes Again > Philip Jeck
Water Pump > Dallas Simpson [Em:t]
Aviformes 1-3 > Anna Maria Kieffer + Leo Kupper [Digital Voices / Pogus]
Firebird > The White Noise [An Electric Storm / Island]
Central Park > Charlie Morrow [Toot! / XI]
Passing Through [exc.] > Bob Holyroyd
Breath Chant > Charlie Morrow [Toot! / XI]
Thais > This Mortal Coil
Le Petit Chevalier > Nico [Desert Shore / Reprise]
II Outro > Alinoe
Moped > Edarem
Fungal Meteor [exc.] > Gawk
Quiet Bird [exc.] > Silent Poets
Chant d’Hommes, Dshambukware > Papua New Guinea Abelam
La Vie [exc.] > Silent Poets
Izducz [exc.] > Thilges
Windsong > Charlie Morrow [Toot! / XI]
Reflets dans l’Eau [Debussy] > Hsia-Jung Chang [Debussy / Mandala Studio]
Hoodoos_20_4824 > David Berezan
Snack & Fritegeluiden > Paul van Vliet [Een Avond Aan Zee / Philips]
Klein Mannetje op een Heel Groot Strand > Paul van Vliet [Een Avond Aan Zee / Philips]
Vandaag is Vandaag > Paul van Vliet [Een Avond Aan Zee / Philips]
Springtime > Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers [Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers / Berserkley]
A Walk Through the City > Hildegard Westerkamp [Transformations / Empreintes Digitales]
Chime, Chime (Re-rung) > Philip Jeck
Kits Beach Soundwalk > Hildegard Westerkamp [Transformations / Empreintes Digitales]
A Little Pond > Bob Ross
Valley of DJ Outro b/art Warp Tech > b/art vs Warp Tech
Constructed live in the basement studio of Radio patapoe on failing equipment that shorts out or has been recabled and so part of the charm is a kind of messy unpredictability that gives this search for an artificial nature that allows one to wander and dream and lose your way without leaving the comfort of your couch a certain serendipitous charm.

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