wReck Birds Vs Motor Transport WTM 1149

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 14.08.33
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
16.04.12 // 16.55-18.30
Beim Grasen [Glattalp] > Cyril Schläpfer [‘s Geiss Glüüt /CSR]
Onlusten Amsterdam> Roel van Duyn [Onze Jaren 45-70 / Omnia]
Dream Therapy > Jon Hassell [Dream Therapy in Malaya / Editions EG]
Waldviertal + X-Brnx-Xpressway Interference > Gabriele Proy + b/art
Chill Samples > KLF
Golden birdies > Captain Beefheart
Adagio Indugiando > Taxonomy [10 Taxonomical Movements / Empreintes Digitales]
Marl, Germany > Jonas Braasch [Global Reflections / Deep Listening]
Like Others Mystic > Mystic Moods Orchestra
The Hitch Hiker > Unknown
City Wrap Itself Mystic > Mystic Moods Orchestra
 IJburg  IJsvogel – stil observeren > Blauwe Huis
Agálas Johtin Wolf Calls > Wimme
IJburg  Merel – ik rust even uit > Blauwe Huis
 SIMBIOSIS 1 Preludio > Manuel Obregon
X Bronx Xpressway + highway + motorcycle + roundabout sounds
Lisa Barnard Redux > Noah Creshevsky [Rounded with a Sleep / Pogus]
Transit Apparitions > Kyron / Persistence of Secrets / Black Note]
Love Song of the Waterfall > Slim Whitman
Installation for 300 Speakers, Pianoloa & Vacuum Cleaner  [exc] > John Wynne [Installation / Wynne]
Out of the Trees > Trip Tech [Silent Apocalypse / Black Note]
For Birds, Planes & Cello [exc.] > Miya Masaoka / Joan Jean Renaud [For Birds / Solitary]
Cecom  > Baba  Zula & Mad Professor
Belgrave > Jonas Braasch [Global Reflections / Deep Listening]
Connecting With the Beloved > Radio Free Clear Light
Ijburg 4 > Blauwe Huis
Peter & the Wolf > David Bowie
Whistling Bird > Lottie Kimbrough & Winston Holmes
Par L’ame du Tibet > Nino Korta feat Rj & Chaotic
Cho Oyu Base Camp: Morning > Geir Jenssen
The Time Of The Singing Of The Birds > Merv and Merla [Sounds of Fresh Waters / Sacred]
Microtraffic > Audiokonstrukte
Pal Wreck Martians Radio > Pal + Sesame Martian + b/art
BIRDS represent nature – fast, elusive, allusive … and threatened by the forces of unconscious progress. So amorphous and dead to itself that it is unaware of the irony
Other Bird shows

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