wReck Yodelin Jumpin Kenny Roberts 1150

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wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
30.04.12 // 16.55-18.30
DJ YO KR intro > B/art
Ernest Tubb’s Midnight Jamboree hosted by Kenny Roberts
You’re My Kind of People > Kenny Roberts
Just A Yodel For Me > Kenny Roberts
If I’m Blue > Kenny Roberts
Jimmy the Kid > Kenny Roberts
Muleskinner Blues > Kenny Roberts
Frankie and Johnny > Kenny Roberts
Train Whistle Blues > Kenny Roberts
Banter in the Barn Intro > Kenny Roberts
Yodelaine [Another You] > Kenny Roberts
Go and Leave Me if You Wish To > Kenny Roberts
Alpine Milkman > Kenny Roberts
Alpine Milkman > Kenny Roberts & Elton Britt
Train YO Max Intro > B/art
Cannonball Yodel > Kenny Roberts
Cannonball Yodel > Kenny Roberts & Elton Britt
They’re Burning Down the House I Was Brought Up In > Kenny Roberts
Oklahoma Hills > Kenny Roberts
Boogie Woogie Yodel > Kenny Roberts
Yodel Your Blues Away > Bill Haley
Nashville Country Legends: Kenny Roberts Introduced > Eddie Stubbs Show
I Never See Maggie Alone > Kenny Roberts
Blue > LeAnn Rimes
Blue > Kenny Roberts
And If I Ever Cry You’ll Never Know > Kenny Roberts
Mean Bed Bug > Ernest Tubb
The Man Called ET > Kenny Roberts
Indian Love Call > Kenny Roberts
Ding Dong Bells > Kenny Roberts
Yodel Polka > Kenny Roberts
Maybe I’ll Cry Over You > Kenny Roberts
Choo Choo Ch’Boogie > Kenny Roberts
Honky Tonk Sweetheart > Kenny Roberts
Hillbilly Fever > Kenny Roberts
She Taught Me To Yodel [Live] > Kenny Roberts Closing Remarks to Horace > Kenny Roberts
Train yo freedom britt-ken > B/art
Kenny Roberts just died and it was my intention to present a copy of my new book YODEL IN HIFI to him personally. But now I will just end up dedicating it to him like I did my first one YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO. What was it about him that fascinated: his yodeling – yes, certainly, but it was also that he was light, gracious, grateful despite never quite reaching the level of acclaim he probably deserved and in his last years still performing, still attempting his jumping yodel, which required leaping, yodeling and strumming guitar simultaneously or his galloping yodel that went frenetic into the realm of drum-n-bass but then with the voice, the epiglottis. I met him a few years back and he lived up to his reputation and he seemed to embody the very joyous feelings that yodeling often drags out of the world-weary human soul. He lacked the troubled-angst-ridden soul music of the Louvin or Delmore brothers, seemingly having triumphed over suffering. This surprised me, someone who has always gone for the darker, deeper, profounder, more cynical exponents of song and music. That the yodeling has a profound effect on the human condition was evidenced in his approach to life, it was as if by yodeling he was engaging in a type of chanting meditation that soothed the soul so that it would align bio rhythm with those of the world just under the surface. So, yes, a certain perspective, a certain resignation, a certain Buddhism almost and all that from a New England hillbilly who taught Bill Haley how to yodel and once sold out Madison Square Garden and had a few Top 10 hits.
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