wReck Albatross Reupholstered 1153

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 08.57.00
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
18.06.12 // 16.50-18.30
Albatross (Rare long version) > Fleetwood Mac
Albatross > Paul PMAR09
Soldier In The Rain > Mystic Moods Orchestra [Emotions / Philips]
Albatross > Chris Coco [12-in / Dinstint’ive]
Intertidal Pool > Craig Vear [Summerhouses / Cluster]
Ebb Tide > Fantastic Sound [The Shadow of Your Smile / JVC]
There Were Milkmen Every Mornin [exc] > Coachmen [Ten Compositions / Ecstatic Peace]
Albatross > Fleetwood Mac [The Pious Bird Of Good Omen / Blue Horizon]
3AM Somewhere Out Of Beaumont > The KLF [The Jams / KLF]
Room Tone > Coachmen [Ten Compositions / Ecstatic Peace]
Albatross > Colin Goss
Paradise Circus > Massive Attack vs Burial [12-in / Vinyl Factory]
Nova > Burial & Four Tet [12-in / Text]
Albatross (Harp Ukulele Cover) > Woodshed
Albatross > Peter Green & Friends
Mbube > Solomon Linda & The Evening [Secret history of Mankind / Yazoo]
Albatross > B-Tribe [Suave Suave / Atlantic]
Night Bus > Burial [Burial / Hyperdub]
Botanical Dimensions > Shpongle [Nothing Lasts / Twisted]
Turkey Yodel [exc] > Stew Clayton
Sleepy Lagoon > Fantastic Sound [The Shadow of Your Smile / JVC]
Albatross > David Gilmour
In Echospace* > DeepChord presents Echospace [Vibrational Studies / Echospace]
John Cage 62 Mesostics Merce Cunningham 1971 > Demetrio Stratos
Albatross > The Shadows [guitar Tango / Pure Gold]
Nuclear Race [exc] > Beat Pharmacy [Wikkid Times / Deep Space Media]
Kindred [exc] > Burial [EP / Hyperdub]
Lover’s Lullaby > Mystic Moods Orchestra [Stormy Weekend / Philips]
Finding a relationship between Burial, Massive Attack, early Fleetwood Mac, KLF & the Mystic Moods Orchestra just came out of some inherent shared sonic ideal I think. An appreciation for an ambience that fascinates in its inclusiveness & generosity. I don’t know why but I suddenly heard this relationship [indebtedness?] between Burial/Massive Attack & early Fleetwood Mac [still then fronted by Peter Green] as well as the oft weirdly engaging – I’m not sure for what reason – Mystic Moods Orchestra & a similar outfit called Fantastic Sounds, who created engaging ambient tales & paintings in the 60s-70s. & Burial is absolutely right on the mark in the heart of dub, ambience & darker, more speculative, stuff. I chose “Albatross” because it was 1 of the first ambient rock compositions before “I’m Your Captain” by Grand Funk, ah there are others but I’ll keep it to my fascination & enchantment induced by this song when I was still young. I wore out the grooves on this song on the only FM album I own. It has a certain glorious melancholy as if there is indeed a positive side to melancholy bordering on reflection or something. & what came through in ALL of the cover versions was the integrity of this melody & the way known & unknown musicians seemed totally enthralled while playing it themselves. & then came the inclusion of the Coachmen [JD King unit, Thurston Moore’s earlier band] a kind of freeform couch surf post-jazz ambience &, of course, KLF, which generously samples “Albatross.”
Listen to selected shows at wreckthismixcloud

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