Wreck Bike-Fiets-Vélo 1158

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WTM #1158: Bike-Fiets-Vélo-Fahrrad
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
Wreck This Fiets > b/art
Modulation exc. > Antendex
Biking Through the Beatrix Park to Watergraafsmeer 16.10 > B/art
Queen’s Bells > Queen
Bicycle Race exc > Queen vs Liquid Lines
Bike > Mal Webb
Bike > Pink Floyd
Bike > Autechre
Minneapolis Know the Road > Bike Lanes
I Rode My Bicycle Past Your Window [remix] > Melanie
Rear Ends of Cars Dirtier Than Bare Bums > World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco
Biking Through Zuid, Paloma has an Appointment 17.10 > B/art
World Naked Bike Protest NYC, 2011 > Troy Maruzak
Woman Laughs About Killing Bicyclist > True Story
Fall > Two Bicycles
Paris Transformed by the Velib > Bikes Belong
The Desperate Bicycles > Cars
Waiting at MLA for Paloma with Her White Bike 17.10 > B/art
Bicycle exc > Memory Tapes
Bicycle Cycling Through the Rain in Utrecht > Anonymous Fietser
Bicycle exc > Memory Tapes vs Horror Cosmic Dub
Bicycle Samba > John Hendicott & Sophie Clements
Bike in Head > the Nits
One Got Fat exc [1963] > Bicycle Safety Film
Slow Bicycle > Múm
Requiem for a Cyclist exc > Ben Hargreaves
Bicycles > Lemongrass – Blue Balloon-Tire Bike > B/art
Slow it Down > Flying Lotus
The Purple Rail > B/art
Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners > Greg Johnston
Vintage Bicycle Ambience > Anonymous Tour Fan
I’ll Cycle My Bike > Gerry Dempsey
Jour de fête [Chasing the Vélo] > Jacques Tati
Tour de France Commentary > Alan Partridge
Tour de France Remix > Kraftwerk
Hulot A Vélo [Jour De Fête] > Jacques Tati
Shoulda Got Myself Some Bicycle Wheels [exc] > Ugly Kid Joe
Biking to Buy Dough and energy-saving light bulbs 18.10 > B/art
Take my bike I can glide [edit] > Saturday Lo-fi
Biking Behind the Olympic Stadium 19.10 > B/art
Bicycle (Original Mix) > Jssst
Tour de France > Senor Coconut
Bicycle Day [edit] > Claviq
Bicycle > Fabian Argomedo
Biking to Buy Glue at Praxis 18.10
Happy Cycling > Boards Of Canada [Peel Session, 1999]
Amsterdam, City of Bikes > Rapportage
My White Bicycle > Tomorrow (1967)
Pedal Power Interview > Luud Schimmelpennink
Dr. Hofmann’s Bicycle > Dotexe
Biking Home with Glue, Whistling Tati Theme > B/art
Riding a Bicycle Powered Violin in Olympic Stadium > Jon Rose
Busted Bicycle > Leo Kottke
Can You Forgive Her (M.K. Bicycle Dub) exc > Pet Shop Boys
Bicicleta > Toquinho
Playing music on a Bicycle [1963 Steve Allen Show] > Frank Zappa
Biking Past the Rietveld Art Academy 18.10 > B/art
Music from my Bicycle > AEOP
Bike Ambiance: Fietsen through the Ouderkerk Nature
Biking in the Sun > Jay Ilagan [Happy Hippie Holiday, 1970]
Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners exc Greg Johnston
Bicycle training in the Netherlands
Bicycle Seat [Jango Edwards] > Max Splodge
Riding on my Bike > Madness
Bike Rush Hour Amsterdam > Anonymous Burgher
Bicycle [edit] > Bruce Lee
Bicycle Music Festival 2008 > Gabe Dominguez
Cycling is Fun > Shonen Knife
De Fiets > Sensicane
Motherfucking Bike > Sons of Science
Biker Meth > Format B
Adrift > Tycho
Don’t Let The Oil Cartels Dominate > World Naked Bike Ride, San Francisco
A Poem to Cyclists > David Byrne
Broken Bicycles > Tom Waits
Rush Hour with Bikes in Utrecht > Utrechtian Documentist
The bicycle is old but remains revolutionary as it challenges conventional modes of gray transport like cars. It is a political symbol fofr environmentally conscious choices. The bicycles combines environmentally sound getting around, healthy exercise, the motion of poetics, freedom in mobility, an urban solution. That there has been an increase in bike activism in a period of economic and environmental crisis is logical. That the bike as alternative has been denounced in the US Congress and that bicyclists continue to have to fight for their right to safe passage makes it all the more cutting edge. This show again tries to combine the aesthetic with entertainment & political activist aspects of the bike with many songs expressing the joy and importance of the bike as a perfect mode of contemporary transport.
I remember 2 near-death experiences involving bikes in Wisconsin. I had just assembled my Trek bike and took it for a spin outside Richland Center for a test drive. I headed down the hill from my parents’ pre-fab house built in a farmer’s field. I misjudged the steepness and ended up on the highway before I could stop, narrowly being missed by a passing car. Several weeks later, me and my brother are riding through the Wisconsin rolling hills when we are approached by a carload of total f*&^ing asshole guys who may have been drinking bad beer. In any case, they slowed to swerve close to use trying to cut us off and on the downhill coast they would ride in front of us and then slam on the brakes. Near-death experience number 2. That these guys would have howled with great joy had our faces hit pavement or back window is something that disturbs and confuses me to this very day about the human spirit. That I now ride safely on Amsterdam’s bike paths, I only periodically – annually? – think about briefly but it always forces a list of ALL of my near-death experiences [about a dozen] and I resolve to protect my daughter from these kinds of encounters. I was stupid and she is much smarter. But smart does not always protect you from another person’s stupidity, negligence, asocial behavior or mendacity.
Listen to selected shows at wreckthismixcloud

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