Wreck WFMU Wet 1159

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06.12.12 ~ Radio Patapoe ~
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
What made Occupy Sandy so effective was that its relationship with victims was based on the very characteristic that saw criticism leveled at it throughout the occupation of Zucotti Park – horizontalism. At lightning-quick orientations, organizers drilled into volunteers’ heads that they must remain cognizant of victims’ needs – you don’t know what they need more than they do, they said, unless you can provide an expert opinion they are clearly lacking. 
Sea Soundscape Mathew Adkins
Bart’s in the Area > Annie Anxiety & Leila
WFMU Swiss Radio International > Bob Zanotti
Atlantic City Hit > Youtube Anonymous
Radio Spot take > Linda Kucharski
Glenn Jones post hurricane sandy edition
Chris t. Power. Electricity. Water. Food.
Her Ghost > Punkt
Bill’s Teenage Wasteland 18.11.12 Death by Ungabunga
Hell on Earth > Big Stick
Frank O’Toole Archive Shows: 3421 & 2985
Vibrating Soundless Hum > Organ of Qwerty
Interzone Radio [Naked Lunch Project] > Gary R. Weisberg
Lord Pulling Me > Radio Emits Itself [REI]
Be a Radio DJ > Edarem
Page132 [Naked Lunch Project] > Dimentagon
Giant Man > James Last
Fabio: A return and a Failure Fall 2012
W–F–M–U > English Teacher Melaniedotcom
Prayer Helps > REI
Bloop Bleep Damian Lazarus
House of Horrors > Merv Griffin
Bill’s Teenage Wasteland 28.10.12 Frankenstorm
The Bird > Charly Lownoise vs Mental Theo
Nothing Wrong With Your Radio > b/art vs Bean
Snake Oil Symphony [exc] > Daniel Stephen Crafts
I Am A Cloud > Monster Island
Hypnosis > Wax Tailor vs Marina Quaisse
Gateway to Joy with Donna  October 25 2012
Drowned World Excerpt > JG Ballard
Bad Trip > Bell System Youth Radio
Spinnin > Damian Lazarus
Accidentasia [exc] > REI
The Proprietor Sensations > REI
Hello There > Anonymous
Mickey Mantra Intro with RSM, Price > Vanilla Bean
Bean Introduces RSM, Berger, TKF, Jim Price, Irwin…
Let Me Be Your Radio > Red Dragon Band
Rant #57 Feb. 1986 > Krys O
Hookers & Eels in Amsterdam > Subgenius
Just An Average Guy [censored] > Jon LaJoie
Song of Unsuccessful Hunt > NE Congo Pygmies
Doug’s Give the Drummer Some
Ghettoblaster Theme > SoCalled
End of Ulysses > Anonymous
Making Pink [Naked Lunch Project] > Craque
Rix: June 25 2006 Interviewing Ginsberg
Fake Kaddish > BDR Ginsberg
All Of Those Dirty Swine > Lonely Organist
What a Mess > 7 Second Delay / Andy Breckmann & Ken Freedman
Mr. Hole-in-One > Liana Flu Winks
Laura Cantrell: Radio Thrift Shop vs Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo May 2005
WFMU, Perfect for Puttering > Crazy Tina & Wild Bill
Princess Lea  > Sugar B vs Zenzile
Rockin Groove late 1983
Tilki Dansi > Baba Zula vs Mad Professor
Rob’s Love Battle Non-Record Fair Support WFMU In the Wake of the Flood
Comic Strip (Gainsbourg) > Shelley Hirsch
Stripsody (1969) > Cathy Berberian
Toeteriks Boogie > Toby Rix
Truckers Blues > Bennie Hess
Checkerboard Time: Ralston Purina > Cackle Sisters
The Hound March 29, 1986: Hasil Adkins Live
Daddy Wants A Cold Beer > A-Bones [Norton]
Bean Creates Radio Mayhem with RSM & Jim Price
Laurie Es Killdozer In
Live Echo > Susumu Yokota
Dave n bart 1987 Blindfold Record Test
It Hertz > REI
Picket Fences > Punkt
Object 05 > Wyatt Keusch
What is in the Mind > Anonymous
French Italian German > Danny Kaye
One ‘o’ One > Me & Mrs Bee
Trafficante Onosphere [exc] > REI
Eau et Gas a Tous les Etages > Serge Gainsbourg
Pounding System with Clay – November 23, 2009
Total Destruction > DJ Scud
Meditation [exc] > Guru Anonieme
Bean Falling Apart on Groundhog Day
Thunder and Lightning > Bloodshot Bill [Norton]
Nightmare Lounge Drink Fill Up 1987
Minibar > Blurt
Animal > Tokens
Gaylord: 7.22.12 Toot Whistle Plunk
Time-Life Set of Ass-Wupp > Arizona DJ
Irwin: February 2, 2011 Ronald Reagan Tribute
Laughing Record > Karl Valentin & Liesl Karlstadt
Ladybug Cake > Vanilla Bean
Terre T Live/Hurricane Rebroadcast Appeal with the Damned
ME Smith Writing Day 3 > B/art vs Mark E. Smith
Recomposed Ravel Movement 1 > Carl Craig & Moritz von Oswald
Save the Sauce > Edarem
Val Sebastiano 1986
John Schnall Midnight Matinee: I Fall to Pieces
Accidentasia [exc] > REI
Radio Dial > George Carlin
Cool Noises > RadioMentale
Something Supernatural > Orb
Billy Holiday announces Wreck This Mess
Wildgirl on Mike Shelley Show 2008
Mosfell (pathless) > Ametsub
Hearing Aid Danger > REI
Bleep > REI
God Lied! The last time we spoke, he reassured me that he would leave WFMU alone – “high & dry” were his very words, although I did sense a hint of sarcasm. My old alma mater, where I learned to listen, to DJ & to file records alphabetically in the mid-80s got hit hard by Hurricane Sandy to the tune of $250,000 worth of damage. WFMU made me realize that audio art & dyslexia were actually compatible. Wreck WFMU Wet, my soundscape tribute to the station was put together using archival tapes from my own collection, real ocean & hurricane sounds, snippets borrowed from the FMU archives, other sound bits & bites & music that fits the spirit of the station. I lean heavily on the people that my ears grew up on but also scavenged thru some newer material.

WFMU Hell & High Water Donation Info: https://www.wfmu.org/marathon/

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