Wreck This Un-Sleep 1161

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 13.00.29
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 
Amsterdam ~ Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies
We can all use more sleep & as we move thru life, the contented sleep of childhood falls far into neglect & we forget we ever had deep, delightful sleep. It is a major dysfunction in our world & may be a related cause to many crimes, accidents, poor performance, misjudgements, break-ups, arguments, physical violence, murder & more. We refer to sleep in terms of what is no longer available to us without a struggle, a workshop, a trainer. Not a good sign in the world we live in today. When our reality & our routines within that reality ruin the very renewable & renewing resource known as sleep there is something fundamentally wrong with society & acknowledging this fact only exacerbates this situation. Sleepy, drowsy sleeplessness, a hypnagogic corollary to the waking state, blocks entry into delightful other worlds out of paranoia & vengeance …
Wildlife > Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Icefall > Evelyn Glennie
History of dreams > Warp Technique
Cure For Insomnia > Alfred Hitchcock
Comatose Drift > Sulphuric Saliva
Insomnia > Fight Club
La Nuit n’a dormi que d’un oeil > Helene Sage
It’s Name is Secret Road > Jan Garbarek
Hypnosis Theme (w/ Marina Quaisse) > Wax Tailor
WWII Bombing Raids > Historical Recording
Everyone In This World Is Doing Something > Future Sound Of London
Snoring by a Drunk Girl > Anonymous
Who Dream Waltz > The Caretaker (aka vvm)
The 3 Stooges Go To Bed > Three Stooges
Sleeping Tiger & The Gods Unknown > The Orb
My Dreams Collapse in the orange Landscape > La Sonorite Jaune
Ocean Groove Ocean Grave: Coma [exc] > b/art plantenga
Sur Le Fil > EZ3kiel
I Dream, You Dream > Trip Tech / Kyron
Dreams > Harold Norse
Below The Surface Of Things – Part 3 > Zreen Toyz
I Can’t Sleep > Above & Beyond
You Awake from Sleep > SeaFar
Sonata of Sleep (Sound Pavilion In His Utopian Green City) > Konstantin Melnikov
Silent Dream > Lemongrass
Sleep Sweepers > Flying Lotus
Steppe Ouverte > Sevval Sam
3 Minutes avant le Grand Saut > T2’n
Shadows > The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
Two Sleepy People > Julie London
Quiet Letter > Bliss
Sleepy Lagoon > Fantastic Sound
Sleepy Whisper > Mesmerizing Miranda
My Angel Rocks Back and Forth > Four Tet
Another Silent Wave > Marineville
Intros > Duoud
Lisa Barnard Redux > Noah Creshevsky
Hypnosis to Deep Breathing > Isochron
Sleepy Time > Raymond Scott
Cerebral > The Future Sound Of London
Dream Tiger > Monster Island
Dream Theory > Jon Hassell
Love and Sleep > Algernon Charles Swinburne
We Are All Dreaming [For Brion Gysin] > Wayne Mason
Wind Thief > Zoviet France
Go To Sleepy > Mike & Peggy Seeger
Sleep > Imogen Heap
sleep lab  > Minimal
Thousand Year Dreaming  > Annea Lockwood, Art Baron, Charles Wood
Health Warning > EMT >  > Lucid Dreams
Emotion Trakker > Stress Assassin
Why You Cannot Sleep > FixYourSleep.com
The Dream > The Orb
Lotus Position > The Irresistible Force
It’s, Oh, So Quiet  > Björk
Sleep Walk > Chet Atkins
Uluru > The Magic Carpathians Project
Analpos > Akio Suzuki
Do You Ever Remember Your Dreams > Pleq
Like Dreamers Do > The Beatles
I’m So Sleepy > Cat Stevens
Lullaby > Sawos / Papua New Guinea
She Who Sleeps With A Small Blanket > Kevin Volans by Marinissen
Eternal Dance > Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors
Dreams > Langston Hughes
Waterbed > Laurent Pernice, Jacques Barberi
Count Your Blessings > Bing Crosby
Rough Sleeper > Burial
To Sleep [John Keats] > Rajshiri
Insomnia [exc.] > Daft Punk vs Faithless
Hypnotize you to Sleep > Amber
The Best Way to Fall Asleep Fast and Easily Every Time > Kamil
Hypnosis For Sleep_ Hypnotherapy For Insomnia
Delicate Passage (Minilogue Remix) > Ooze

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