WTM #1162: Wreck Yodel in HiFi in Extremis

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 09.11.50

wReck thiS meSS ~ Amsterdam – Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies – 05.04.13

Originally broadcast on ResonanceFM in London


In conjunction with the publication of Yodel in HiFi: From Kitsch Folk to Contemporary Electronica [UWP, 2013], bart plantenga decided to present mostly artists featured in the book, concentrating on the reinventors, retoolers, rediscoverers & renovators. The yodel takes the voice sonically & not necessarily unmelodically to the edge of where noise meets music, where roots reach into the cosmos & pop music can sound both evocative & edgy. The show features Phil Minton & Kutzkelina, who will be among the highlights of this year’s Rotterdam Opera Days & will perform on May 30.

1960s Yodel Commercial > Drake’s Cakes
Kenny Roberts Yodel Hyperextended: Intro > b/art
Live Yodel Loops > Raionbashi & Kutzkelina
I Dreamt I Yodeled I Remixed > Alvin Curran 
Junglefire > Tim Buckley
Seven Deadly Finns (snippet) > Brian Eno
Philomene / Cowgirl Prayer > Erika Stucky & Young Gods
Coverin’ Y on Sesame Street > Norah Jones & Elmo
Song in High Grasses > Charlotte Regni & Eleanor Hovda
Vessel: An Opera Epic: Mill > Meredith Monk 
Handel With Care + > Christine Lauterburg
Dobratsch Yodelling > Christina Zurbrügg
Chingolingo Yodel > Malawi [Mang’anja]
Kariitti > Leena Joutsenlahti
Slo Mad Yodelin’ Slim Clark > b/art
Balkanization > Neil B. Rolnick
Yodel > Yab Yum
Seven Deadly Finns  > Brian Eno
Voice: Common Loon > Greg Budney 
Der Rosegarten > Kristina Fuchs 
Lettre au Directeur des Messageries Maritimes [Rimbaud] > Hector Zazou & Richard Bohringer & David Sylvain
Unfolding > TR Kelley & the Raventones
Seattle Yodel > Gorillaz & the Yodeling Pickle
Making Sago > Ulahi & the People of Bosavi
Where Were You (Final Mix1) > Shelley Hirsch
Yodel Bomber [extended] > People Like Us
Cannonball Yodel > Kenny Roberts
One Yoddelling [longer] > Phil Minton
Yodeling Robot > Ed Sanders 
Lullaby > Ba-Benzélé Pygmies
Echo Lullaby Yodel > Tex Cochrane
Lullaby Yodel > Mary Schneider
Desert Lullaby Yodel of Dreams > Kim Hong Chul
Lullaby [full] > Kutzkelina
3 Stooges Sleep Under a Truck > 3 Stooges
Lullaby Redux > Kutzkelina


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