WTM #1164: Wreck Wrevolt Wresist

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 13.19.45
wReck thiS meSS ~ Amsterdam – Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies – 06.26.13


Driftwork > Rich Oddie
Codex Dub > Mark Stewart
Long Road [Marge Piercy] > Staceyann Chin
Rino’s Prayer > Leftfield
Revolution (Live @ Recombinary ’96) > Sub Dub
Revolutionary Letter 49 [edit] > Diane DiPrima
Time > Stress Assassin
Margaret Thatcher Made Me A Socialist > Billy Bragg
Rob You Ekkodelux > bart plantenga
Explaining the Blues > Howlin’ Wolf
Chant of a Poor Man > Leftfield vs Cheshire Cat
Andy Fairley
Dub Down Babylon > Los Undergods Mexicanos
Business of War ( remix) > Pupajim vs Jangle Machine
Tough Love for the Poor > Noam Chomsky
Rob You Big Swirl > bart plantenga
Prologue, August 29, 1968 > Chicago Transit Authority
The World Went Down [bonus song] > Fatboy Slim
Yippie Tactics [Banana Peel] – 1968 > Abbie Hoffman
Light Bulb [exc] > Bob’s
The Whole World Is Watching > Morning Glory
This Is Not A Riot > IDC
Killa > Cee-Mix
Precinct Of System > Andy Fairley
Black Panther Party’s 10 Point Program: 1-3 > Bobby Seale
Broken Levee Blues > DJ Shadow
What Keeps Mankind Alive [Brecht] > William Burroughs
Thatcherites > Billy Bragg
London Police Sirens > London
Attack Dogs > Mark Stewart vs Primal Scream
Sound of da Police > KRS-One
End of America > Lee Scratch Perry
Object 05 > Wyatt Keusch
In McDonald’s > Burial
Pseudo Public Spaces > Naomi Klein
Rob You Dream > bart plantenga
Brand Work Camps > Naomi Klein
Sheep to the Slaughter > Paris
Abu Ghraib > Deadbeat
Most Heinous Demonstration of Thatcherism > Glenda Jackson
Brand-Based Movement > Naomi Klein
Govt Surveillance Yodel > The Fugs
It’s Time To Testify (Mc5 Mix) > Steinski
Vanity Kills > Mark Stewart
Disconnection > On-U
Throw It Back >  Biz Markie
SpendSpendSpend > The Slits
Rob You Deep > bart plantenga
Tracksuit Vendetta > Band Of Holy Joy
People Will Vote For Whoever Gives Them Food [edit] > Eugene Chadbourne
Macklemore Thrift Shop > Pot Shop
Cocaine > The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
Necessary Shelter > Mark McCawley
Stuff > Myra Davies
A Wee Fortune (Bonus Mystery Track) > Peter Stampfel vs The Worm All-Stars
Finite State Machine Dub > Bill Laswell & Crooklyn Dub Outernational
Reaganomic Blues > Leslie Isaiah Gaines
Where Did The Night Go > Gil Scott-Heron
People United > Paris
Politik Kills > Manu Chao vs Dennis Bovell vs Linton Kwesi Johnson
Darling [exc] > Crass
All the Old Powers > Mouse on Mars
Aux Armes Et Caetera > Serge Gainsbourg
Rob You Ambient > bart plantenga
Bombart > Mark Stewart vs Leo Ferré
Emergency Supply Kit > Weace & Black Sifichi
Tags + Smoke > Stress Assassin
CIA Man > The Fugs
Mouth Full of Shit > Chumbawumba
Forgive Us For Not Believing Rant on Floor of Congress > Tim Ryan
I Think I’m Emma Goldman > Sole & DJ Pain
Your Revolution > Dj Vadim vs Sarah Jones
Outsider Intro > DJ Shadow
Revolution Action (Banned Version) > Atari Teenage Riot
Radio Freedom [exc] Africa > Mark Stewart
Hello Horrors > Annie Anxiety Bandez
State of Schock > The Ex vs Tom Cora
Talking About a Revolution > Tracy Chapman
Pretty Boy Floyd > Woody Guthrie
Rob You Extended > bart plantenga

“Some will rob you with a six gun, some with a fountain pen.” Those great lines from Woody Guthrie’s “Pretty Boy floyd” sum up the current crisis in 13 words. Acerbic & seemingly simplistic, it is these kind of lyrics that took the wealth & elite by surprise… Like Walker Evans, Guthrie captured the dignity in time of crisis & it is these lines that haunt or inform this entire Crisis.

Brecht-Weill’s “What Keeps Mankind Alive” [recited by William Burroughs] also acerbically captures the dilemma of knowing what the rich think of the rest of us & how we continue to survive: “Mankind can keep alive thanks to its brilliance / In keeping its humanity repressed.”

This show reveals the growing frustration & anger demonstrated through gloriously robust & joyously angry songs that address global issues that take place locally, spiritually, economically & affect us in every aspect of our lives as, despite an inherent moral compass reading that says it is not right for the few to accumulate obscene wealth off the backs of the rest, especially the tragically impoverished… & yet, many of the world’s people continue to believe that capitalism is THE natural order of the world & any hindrance or contrivance in its operations will cause pain & suffering & yet, the 1% keep getting richer despite cumulative & articulate outrage from so many corners. It is as if the world is on auto-pilot or something. So many have interpreted compassion as wimpy or as complacent or naive. However, the fundamental flaw in [our] outrage is the belief that conventional measures will work – such as depending on the humane benevolence of the rich but we should by now have realized that unless they can get max publicity or tax benefits or a becalmed conscience out of the deal, they’re not in it. So the divide between rich & poor, us & them, the powerful & powerless continues to grow at an alarming rate…. This means a collision course, at least until its derailed by the next Hollywood blockbuster or the next gaming hype…

What keeps mankind alive?
The fact that millions are daily tortured
Stifled, punished, silenced and oppressed
Mankind can keep alive thanks to its brilliance
In keeping its humanity repressed
And for once you must try not to shriek the facts
Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts

The Brecht-Eisler song “Abortion is Illegal” (Ballad of Paragraph 218) is probably the world’s first pro-choice song.  The doctor, to discourage the girl choosing abortion, sings to an expectant mother, “You’re going to make a lovely little mother/You’re going to make a hunk of cannon fodder/That’s what your belly’s for.” It is this kind of lyric that so fantastically sharp, pointed & effective that these kinds of lines continue to awe me. But lyrics are not enough: there has to be something else going on. I find Phil Ochs great as I do many of the protest singers from the 60s but there is something not sonic enough & the music also has to have an equally subversive component, destabilizing honed presumptions of taste with noise, sampling, unexpected brilliance in a feral cacaphony of new relationships between lyrics and musical sounds – beyond the established dogmas of Stravinsky & he like.

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