WTM #1165 Travel Memory 05.09.13

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 13.28.33
wReck thiS meSS ~ Amsterdam – Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies – 06.26.13
Botanical Dimensions > Shpongle
Mr. Clean Upstate NY > CB Kings
Funk #49 > James Gang
Salmiana > Marc Sloan
Come To NY State > ILNY Propaganda Division
400 Coups Generique > Jean Constantin
Driving Is Easy > µ-Ziq 
Sunny Road (Dub Mix) > Emiliana Torrini vs Manasseh 
Highway > Twilight Circus
Dialogue: Jersey’s Where It’s At > Belle & Sebastian
Woke Up This Morning [The Sopranos] > Alabama 3
State Trooper > Bruce Springsteen vs Trentemøller
Distant Lights > Burial
Morristown > Civic Pride Legion
Bitchin’ Camaro > The Dead Milkmen
Waiting for Amtrak, Penn Station jan 2000 1 > b/art
Radio Attack > Prefuse73
I Like Jersey Best > John Pizzarelli 
Honey Melon > Mammoth Nuts 
Pennsylvania: Keystone State of the Nation > Mighty Industrial Tourist Bureau
Beautiful Lancaster County > Womenno Inc.
Big Rock Candy Mountain [Lititz] > Eastside Dave Kline
Mosfell (Pathless) > Ametsub
Between the Hours > Rapoon
Yodel in Wisconsin August 2, 2013 > WPR vs b/art
Bird > Dead Can Dance
Trust Pennsylvania Song > Keystone Bell Ringers
God Radio Prostitute > Wreck ID
Reed Warbler > Hans Taber
Cricket Sounds > Underground Bug
Naughty > Christina P.
Amtrak Keystone Corridor > Trainspotter
Amazing Cicadas > R. Eatenboro
Exurb > Nonplace Urban Field 
Cicada 4AA > If, Bwana + Trio Scordatura
Ionisation LES > Hungry Marching Band
WallStreet End Title Theme [Stewart Copeland] > Elbtonalpercussion
New York Herald Tribune > Martial Solal & Jean-Luc Godard
nat hist4loud > b/art
Lower East Side: An Endangered Place > 2 Bridges Neighborhood Council
The New York Editor > Amon Tobin
Black City > The Troublemakers 
Seeking the Cause > Miguel Piñero
5 NYC goof 01 > b/art
Summer in the City > Andrew Pekler
Across 110th Street > Bobby Womack vs Groove Corporation
Muleskinner Live > Spiff Wiegand
Split > Rauelsson
A System to Rival Writing Itself > Hakim Bey
Duel > Steven Spielberg
One Hand On The Night > Marc Farre 
Summer Days > Subforms
The Moon And The Yew Tree > Sylvia Plath 
Forest Road (Deep Dub Mix) > Atmo Paritosh
unwanted wreck > b/art
Nature > Stress Assassin 
Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues > Bob Dylan
Dark Eyes > Passero
Firefly > DeepChord presents Echospace 
Swingin’ Cicadas > Mikhail Horowitz
Watercolors [Charles Burchfield] > Nell Shaw Cohen
Fear, Hope, & the Sublime in Burchfield’s Painting > Nancy Weekly 
On The Road Again Remix > Canned Heat vs Wade Nichols  
Whale Ululations > Fishrec
Take Off Noise > PlaneSpotAir
Bean Streets > Movie Loft & Company
Pushing The Clouds Away > Rod McKuen 
Twilight In Boston >  Jonathan Richman 
California Blues [J. Rodgers] Live > Alan Kaufman
Yodel Your Troubles Away Live > Jewel Clark
In Sleepy Town > Audiokonstrukte 
The Boston Subway Lines > Subway Stalkar
MTA > The Kingston Trio 
Taranta Sanlucar > Marc Sloan
On Nature [Thoreau] > Dick Walton & John Huehnergard
Yodeling Yippie > The Fugs
Aan de Amsterdamse Grachten > Wim Sonneveld

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