WTM #1167 Aud*YO*metric 22.11.13


wReck thiS meSS ~ Amsterdam – Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies – 22.11.13


Sobre Saltos [exc] > Fatima Miranda
Yodeler (Extended Mix) > Jaybee
Yodel Selector > Edelweiss
iMUC (The Jodler) > Munich House Mafia
Yo-Yo-Yodlei-Woblei >Yodel Step vs Stimmhorn
Alm Jodler (Remix) > DJ Braining Renschy
Kuahmelcher > Hubert von Goisern
I Dreamt I Yodeled I Remixed project > Alvin Curran
Travelling [exc] > Meredith Monk
der Sunderport [exc] > Yodel Tech
Yodel Echo [exc] > Hi-5
Hollala Hu [exc] > Doreen Kutzke vs Myriam van Imschoot
Yodel Paloma Hooo > b/art
La Tyrolienne [exc] > Constantin
Les Canards Tyroliens [exc] > Bergeret
Petit Pâtre du Tyrol [exc] > Madame Rollini
Le patre des Montagnes ou Ma Bergere [exc] > Andreanny
L’Hôtesse De L’Air yodel > Jacques Dutronc
Wandering Buckaroo Yodel > Rex Allen and Slim Pickens
My Name Is Jesus > Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger

Nicolas et Ségolène (électro mix) > Les Muscles
Yodeling [exc] > Manon Bedard & Yodel Inc.
Fuhrleut > Christina Zurbrügg
Guat Liabn > Zabine
Jaga Ode (Dubtronik) > Alpendub vs. The Man Cable
Beim Grasen [Glattalp, Muotathal] [exc] > Cyrill Schlapfer

She Wolf > Shakira
Touareg > Le Duc
Bim Josef > Christine Lauterburg
Da Juchitzer > Hubert von Goisern, Zabine & Die Alpinkatzen
Bedwood > Doug Wimbish
Durga’s Belt Of Skulls (Into The Light) > Kalahari Surfers vs Lesego Rampolokeng
Straight Jacketed > Lee Scratch Perry vs Bullion
Excerpt John Cage’s Mesostics [exc] > Phil Minton
Yodeling, Laughter and Love > The Spoofems
No Dog Barks > Dub Syndicate
Echoes [exc] > Leon Thomas
Akazahe Yodel > Deux Jeunes Filles
Jewoi > Edelschwarz
Teaching James Bond & an Alien To Yodel > Heidi Klum
Yodellee Yodelloo > Igor Dvorkin
Yodeling Cows > Kerry Christensen
Dominique > Soeur Plus
Yodel Hop Yodel Groove > Dewey Dellay
The Yodel Anthem > DJ Da Rick
Jodl Mix > Electro D
Ho Yodel Hey Hey [exc] > Line Rider
Range in the Sky (Jesus Yodel) > Disco Saints
Youpi Yop [exc] > Jerome Braque
Lullaby [exc] > Kutzkelina
Aud*YO* Outro

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